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Persecution In Pakistan

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Press Release:

Three Ahmadi females, including 8 month old infant die in arson attack in Gujranwala Eight homes and four shops looted and gutted by mob in police presence. Download Press Release:

PRESS RELEASE – Statement of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) following Gujranwala Attack

In the Name of Allah, The Gracious, Ever Merciful AHMADIYYA MUSLIM COMMUNITY PRESS & MEDIA OFFICE 22 Deer Park Road, London, SW19 3TL, UK Tel: 0208 544 7678 Email: media@pressahmadiyya.com Web: pressahmadiyya.com ….Read more

گوجرانوالا واقعہ: چھ افراد کے خلاف دہشت گردی اور قتل کا مقدمہ درج

صوبہ پنجاب کے شہر گوجرانوالا میں اتوار کی رات احمدی فرقے سے تعلق رکھنے افراد کے پانچ مکانات کو نذر آتش کیے جانے کے واقعے کا مقدمہ دہشت گردی اور….Read more

Ahmadi woman, two minor children killed in Gujranwala over alleged blasphemy

A woman and two children belonging to the minority Ahmadi community were killed while several others were injured when a mob torched five houses in Gujranwala over alleged blasphemy. According….Read more

Ahmadi woman and children killed after Pakistani mob torches homes

Death of sect member and her young granddaughters is latest attack on minorities and was sparked by blasphemy claims A Pakistani mob killed a member of a religious sect and….Read more

Persecution In Other Countries

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Breach of Faith Persecution of the Ahmadiyya Community in Bangladesh

NOTE: This report is published long ago but can’t publish on time. Now it is being published here for information. An unprecedented climate of fear now pervades Bangladesh’s minority Ahmadiyya….Read more

Pakistan Elections and Ahmadiyya Muslim Community – Chali Hai Rasm (Program 3)

Pakistan Elections and Ahmadiyya Muslim Community – Chali Hai Rasm (Program 3) from Ahmadiyya Muslim Community on Vimeo.

Mob ransacks Ahmadiyah village

The Muslim Times According to the spokesman, 29 buildings were damaged in the attack, including a mosque, a mushola (small mosque) and an elementary school. The Jakarta Post: ….. Unknown….Read more

E-Newsletter February 2012

February 2013

Bangladesh mob torches Ahmadi festival site

DHAKA: Bangladeshi Ahmadis on Thursday shifted the site for their centenary celebrations after thousands of religious rivals torched the original venue. A mob, which witnesses said numbered around 20,000, attacked….Read more

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