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Words as weapons

WORDS can kill as surely as bullets. Ask those mourning the death of Luqman Ahmed Shahzad, an Ahmadi gunned down a few days ago, just how deadly words can be…..Read more

PRESS RELEASE – ‘Hate Speech’ Against Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Broadcast on GEO TV in Pakistan

LONDON, 26 December 2014   PRESS RELEASE   ‘HATE SPEECH’ AGAINST AHMADIYYA MUSLIM COMMUNITY BROADCAST ON GEO TV IN PAKISTAN   Ahmadiyya Muslim Community condemns inflammatory and false statements made….Read more

Press release about murder of an Ahmadi Luqman Ahmad sb off Gujranwala

Ahmadis in Gujranwalla once again target of hate mongers, Ahmadi youth becomes latest victim A conference held few days ago instigated participants to take actions against Ahmadis. On 22 December….Read more

Press Release about Peshwar School Attack

The Peshawar attack is one of the greatest tragedies in the history of Pakistan. Thecountry requires action from its rulers not condemnation. In this hour of national grief the thoughts….Read more

Save minorities, save Pakistan

Punishment against those involved in vigilantism and mob behaviour against minorities has to be in place. Today, if minorities are being targeted, tomorrow there will be targeting based on political….Read more

Press Release An Ahmadi Killed in Kamra District Attock due to his faith

On 15 October, 2014, Latif Aalam Butt Sahib, a well-known Ahmadi was killed outside his house in Kamra District Attock. He was returning home from his stationary store, when unknown….Read more

THE SOUTH ASIA CHANNEL Pakistan’s Original Sin

ForeignPolicy The fields of Hampshire are usually associated with blazing crops of rapeseed and fragrant lavender. But on the final weekend of August, over 30,000 Ahmadi Muslims from all over….Read more

Pain of Pakistan’s outcast Ahmadis

Gravestone of Nobel prize winner Abdus Salam in Rabwah’s main cemetery defaced to remove the word Muslim Continue reading the main story Related Stories Who are the Ahmadi? Lahore Ahmadi….Read more

Press Release about murder of an Ahmadi in Mir Pur Khas Sindh

Dear Media Friends Yesterday, 22 September 2014, Mubashar Ahmad Khosa Sahib, a well-known Ahmadi medical practitioner was killed by two unknown assailants in Mirpur Khas, Sindh. He was attending to….Read more

The Ahmedis of Pakistan

While the mind remains boggled with religious onslaughts and vigilante mob tyranny, it gets even harder to understand what drove our society to excommunicate an entire community The seeds of….Read more

Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan still waiting for the annulment of the 2nd amendment Forty years ago in the month of September the government of a country played God and snatched away the rights of a group of citizens with the stroke of….Read more

“There is no scope for a counter response from Ahmadis”

TheNewsOnSunday On September 7, 1974, exactly 40 years ago, the Second Amendment to the Constitution that declared Ahmadis as non-Muslims was passed. It was a kind of culmination of their….Read more

Ahmedis burned to death

Just when we thought we had seen every kind of apathy and savagery in Pakistan, we reach new lows and demonstrate, once again, just how inhumane we can be. A….Read more

PPP’s human rights cell condemns attack on Ahmedis

The PPP’s human rights cell has strongly condemned the mob attack on an Ahmedi’s home, killing innocent women and children in Gujranwala and called upon the government to make special….Read more

Of Ahmedis, sects and blasphemy

When university educated Pakistanis who are social media savvy have this need to kill in order to homogenise and fit everyone into their personally preferred lifestyle, religion or sect, it….Read more

On defining a Muslim

The News on Sunday Ali Usman Qasmi’s prolificacy as a historian surprises me. His second book The Ahmadis and the Politics of Religious Exclusion in Pakistan has been published just a few….Read more

Ahmadis on the run: Fearing death in People’s Colony

GUJRANWALA: A pall of fear hangs thick over Gujranwala’s now eerily silent People’s Colony. It has been weeks since an enraged mob set fire to five homes belonging to members….Read more

Pakistan’s Wretched of the Earth

The recent act of violence against Ahmadis in Gujranwala is part of a series of such events, which have been taking place in Pakistan for many decades now. While all….Read more

So what if she is 8-months old? She is Ahmadi, kill her!

As Pakistanis prepare for the end of Ramazan and the arrival of Eid, we come across the news that an Ahmadi residence was set on fire by a mob, killing a mother….Read more

The Taliban within

As the nation takes on terrorists, religious extremism is still on the rise     ‘Pity the nation that is full of beliefs and empty of religion. Pity the nation….Read more

Silence of ‘good men’: A week on, Gujranwala mob attack victims await justice

LAHORE: Last week an elderly woman and her two minor grand daughters were burnt alive in Gujranwala by a charged mob. A week of silence has passed since then. No suo….Read more

کائنات، حرا اور گھٹن

قاصد کی عمر ابھی ایک سال بھی نہیں مگر وہ اپنے والد کی گود میں آنکھیں بند کیے دنیا مافیہا سے بے خبر لیٹا ہوا تکلیف سے ہولے ہولے کراہ….Read more

Tenu Kaafir Kaafir Aakhday

Let me start with a profound apology for covering, what many might deem an “unimportant” issue this week. With all my sympathies with the innocent children and civilians being killed….Read more

Stepping into the past

For a country that has tattooed the name of God everywhere, there is no fear of God in the hearts of those who live in it Step into the future…..Read more

Religious doublespeak

Given that religious scholars are nothing but shopkeepers of religiosity whose livelihood depends on such hatemongering, it is hardly surprising that Ashrafi resorts to such incitement to violence The deadly….Read more