UK doctors remove bullet from Pakistani Ahmadi shot in the eye: Report

Published: November 6, 2012


Ummad Farooqi was shot during an ambush at his brother’s wedding in Karachi. PHOTO: DAILY MAIL

Doctors at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in UK successfully removed a bullet from the nose of a 22-year-old Pakistani Ahmadi who was shot in the eye earlier during an ambush at his brother’s wedding, reported Daily Mail on Tuesday.

Leading ear, nose and throat consultant Shahzada Ahmed removed the  bullet from Ummad Farooq on Sunday using a Cyclops – a new instrument that enables surgeon to see better and carry out operations quicker. The one-hour long operation saved Farooq’s eyesight.

Thanking the doctor who performed the surgery, Farooq said that doctors in Pakistan had said that the surgery was too risky so he came to the UK for treatment. “When I came here the bullet was still lodged just under my right eye causing double vision. But after surgery on Sunday I am seeing things much clearer now,” he told Daily Mail.

Farooq was studying finance at Sunderland University and flew back to Karachi for his brother Saad’s wedding. An ambush on family members at the wedding on October 19 left Saad dead while their father was hit by six bullets but survived.

Explaining the reason behind the ambush, Farooq said that his father was the president of the Ahmadi community in Karachi.

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