PTI government holds a sectarian moot

PTI government holds a sectarian moot

Islamabad; November 21, 2018:  The daily The News International in its issue of November 8, 2018 published a news in the following headline:

Govt to hold two-day Khatme Nabuwwat moot

Its correspondent reported that this Conference would be held in Islamabad and high ranking ulama from abroad would be invited to attend. The decision was reportedly taken in a meeting between Minister for Religious Affairs Noorul Haq Qadri and Prime Minister Imran Khan at the PM office.

Mr. Imran Khan presiding over the moot

It is a common practice in the Sub-continent that at the occasion of the birthday of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) conferences are held to highlight different aspects (Seerat) of his life. This was also mentioned in the above report, however to call it a Khatme Nabuwwat conference was unusual, because in recent years the mullas in Pakistan have used the term Khatme Nabuwwat (KN) as a code-word for anti-Ahmadiyya activism. It seems that the high command was aware of this aspect. They found a reprehensible solution.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony published a sizeable ad in national newspapers regarding this moot of November 20 – 21, 2018. Therein the moot was called ‘Rahmat ulil Alameen Conference’, however the topic was mentioned as “Khatme Nabuwwat and Muslims’ Responsibilities – in the light of the Prophet’s teachings (Khatme Nabuwwat aur Musalmanon ki zimmadarian …)”. The daily Jang; November 16, 2018 (See Annex)

So, the government either arranged or agreed with the mulla to assure that this Seerat Conference, although held in the name of Rahmat ulil Alameen (Mercy for the Universe), would focus on the end of prophethood (anti-Ahmadiyya, as understood by the mulla). The proceedings of the conference proved that this apprehension was not mere imagination.

On the day of the moot, mulla Ahmad Ali Siraj, of Pakistan origin, reportedly now a lecturer at the Madina University in Saudi Arabia came to the rostrum and harangued the large crowd assembled in the Jinnah Convention Centre. Mr. Imran Khan, the Prime Minister was seated only a few feet away in the presidential chair when this mulla stated the following at this auspicious and blessed occasion, (extracts):

“PM Imran Khan, you deserve plaudits that you claim following the Islamic State of Madina, and in that state the first consensus was to launch an armed operation from Madina against one who claimed to be a prophet … . In this campaign 1200 Companions were martyred in the name of Khatme Nabuwwat and the honour of Prophethood. I am making you register that in a single action in support of the end of prophethood, fought against Musailmah the liar, 1200 Companions were martyred to destroy him, as per decision of the State. In these words, Mr. Prime Minister, our responsibilities are to make the people conscious (sha’ur) of Khatme Nabuwwat… . With these words I request the Prime Minister that the country is descending into chaos; we need to make the population aware (sha’ur).

“In this (drive for) awareness my foremost demand is that whatever restrictions are imposed on Qadianis in our Constitution should be implemented by the Prime Minister; also he should implement the penalty (of death) imposed on blasphemers as per the law of 295-C. We are with him; our prayers are with him…”

This mulla, in a huge public conference, with the Prime Minister seated only a few feet away, directly and indirectly demanded and exhorted him to launch an armed operation against a small peaceful group of citizens and nationals of Pakistan and to shed blood. Mulla Siraj told him of the high priority merited by this issue if he was sincere about his aim of following the Riasat Madina. The mulla assured him total support in this.

When this mulla moved away from the podium, nobody, neither the Prime Minister nor his minister of religious affairs told this mulla and the audience that he had quoted the campaign against Musailmah out of context and with no relevance. Musailmah had risen in armed rebellion against the nascent State of Madina. His claim to prophethood was only ancillary in nature. That situation was not even remotely the case in Pakistan.

Thereafter, another notorious mulla, Tahir Ashrafi, disputed chairman of Pakistan Ulama Council took the stage and fed the audience with unadulterated falsehood and fabrication. He authoritatively told the audience that Ahmadis while reciting the Kalima (Islamic creed) consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani to be the Muhammad of the wording “Muhammad ur Rasul ullah”. He asserted that the Mirza, in all his books, had told his disciples to always bear that in mind. This was a news to Ahmadis, as no Ahmadi goes by this fabrication attributed to Ahmadis and their founder. This mulla availing this expensive state function and celebration misguided a vast crowd and millions who were watching the PTV, to believe his assertion that was false, fabricated, sectarian and hateful.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the leading mullas attending this conference, while Aasia Bibi’s acquittal is a hot issue, asserted that it was the duty of the state to put blasphemers to death. Nobody suggested that a judicial verdict on the guilt of such an accused should be respected. Also, nobody in this ‘Mercy for the Universe Conference’ had the courage to suggest that the country’s Blasphemy law should be revisited by this Islamic state in the light of the Holy Quran and the Sunnat of the ‘Mercy for the Universe’.

The PTI cabinet would be well-advised to carefully examine in future in depth all proposals for religious programs and policies, as the harm the mulla inflicts on this country is difficult to undo.

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