A ‘convert’ faces criminal charges for his faith and is put behind bars

A ‘convert’ faces criminal charges for his faith

Basti Punjab, District Rajan Pur; October 2018:     Mr. Arfat Qadir s/o Mr. Qadir Baksh, aged 20, recently embraced Ahmadiyyat. He is a government employee in a local office. After his switch over to Ahmadiyyat his opponents started victimizing him. They reported him to his boss. They also started a hate campaign against him on social media. Mr. Arfat remained steadfast. As last resort they complained to the DPO that Mr. Arfat was a Qadiani but acted like Muslims. The DPO inaptly told the DSP to attend to the issue. The DSP sent for Mr. Arfat and said, “You are a non-Muslim according to the constitution of Pakistan, and you can’t use Sha’air Islam (Islamic practices).” The police thereafter registered a case against him under PPC 298-C, the anti-Ahmadiyya law and sent him to a lock up. The opponents accused him of “preaching Ahmadiyyat, denying the Khatme Nabuwwat which amounts blasphemy and posing as Muslim when applying for the job.”

Poor Mr. Arfat was locked up only for his faith.

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