A hateful, even idiotic leaflet

June 2020:      A leaflet has been circulated in social media by Khatme Nabuwwat Youth Force Pakistan (copy at Annex). They have given their phone numbers but we are not aware of any action taken by the authorities against the producers of this pamphlet which is a mixture of hate, bigotry, ignorance and pure lies — quite an achievement in the limited space.

Translation of the leaflet:

  • When Qadianis went to the Supreme Court for the protection of their rights, the Court gave verdict in historic words; “No rights for a deceiver.” (SCMR 1993)
  • The portrait of a traitor to the country and Islam, the accursed Abdul Salam Qadiani, should be removed from the reception hall of the Ministry of Science and Technology and severe action should be taken against those involved in this conspiracy (of putting up the portrait).
  • The fresh quota for jobs in Pakistan Ordinance Factory Wah Cantt should be abolished for Qadianis and their induction be stopped.
  • It should be remembered that Qadiani organisations Khuddamul Ahmadiyya and Furqan Force are spreading terrorism in Pakistan on payment of large amounts of money from foreign countries. (The idiots do not know that Furqan Force was disbanded 70 years ago.)

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