A new order?


The only difference is that extremists actually kill and persecute members of the Ahmedi community, and the rest of the people make sure that members of this community are socially excluded in every possible manner

I rub my eyes and read again. And again, then sniff my morning tea, thinking the Pathan has mixed something not so kosher in it. Read again. Yes, apparently it is what it is. A roundtable was held at the ministry of planning, development and reforms this week, presided over by the honourable minister himself. If the ‘traitor’ media report is to believed, the ministry, at least for that one meeting, really became the centre of development and reforms. I am not sure about the planning part just yet.
So, what happened, you ask. A meeting to discuss inter-faith harmony was organised. ‘Yawn’ — that would be your first reaction but do not skip my rambling just yet. There were the usual suspects but what is baffling to me, a Zia generation product, is the presence of an Ahmedi member there. Not only that, but also one representative “highlighted the plight of the Ahmedi community” in Pakistan. In all my years of reading newspapers and reporting on sarkari (government) meetings, this is the first time that I have read that Ahmedis were considered, not only discussed, at the official ministerial level, and that too with sympathy. The Pakistani Ahmedi community — whatever is left of it — is either ignored or lamented for its lack of faith. At the governmental level, I have never experienced a discussion that focuses on their difficulties as a community and, moreover, their institutionalised persecution in the state of Pakistan. Even at the societal level, there seems to be so much ingrained hatred for them that it is difficult to digest. Just this week, I had lunch with a gentleman who remarked that he does not like his wife’s new tailor because he is an Ahmedi. If the food were not as good as it was, I would have walked away.

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