A provocative conference in Rabwah by sectarian mullas

A major provocative conference in Rabwah by anti-Ahmadiyya sectarian mullas

Rabwah; October 14 and 15, 2010:    Mullas of the Alami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat, Multan held their two days annual conference in the Ahmadiyya headquarters Rabwah, 260 kilometers away from their center in Multan.

This sectarian conference is now permitted regularly despite the declared state policy and assessment that intensive sectarian activities breed extremism which leads to terrorism. The mulla undertakes all the trouble and expense to hold this conference in Rabwah as a token of supremacy over and provocation against the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan. It also shows defiance and clout against the liberal content of the society. In a religious garb, this occasion provides the mulla an opportunity to air his views on national and international politics. The speakers freely speak against the accepted norms of human rights and freedom of faith and make demands which would put one to shame if made in international forums. It is relevant to mention here that the real difference in the belief of End of Prophethood between Ahmadis and non-Ahmadis is only in detail and nuance, but it is blown out of all proportions by the mulla for reasons outside the realm of pure religion.

This conference at Rabwah has great potential for mischief. It is a threat to law and order, and the authorities know it. This year also the Ahmadiyya central office wrote a letter to all the concerned local, provincial and federal authorities urging them to disallow this conference in Rabwah by outsiders. However, the rulers have adopted the policy of ‘business as usual’, and thus they found it convenient to allow the mulla the indiscretion which he now claims as a right.

The organizers of the conference invited leaders of political parties that are religion-based. This year Munawwar Hasan, the Jamaat Islami chief participated. They invited other well-known clerics who thrive on sectarian politics. Mostly Deobandi and Wahabi mullas and a few Brelvis participated. Maulvi Muhammad Hussain, Mohibullah, Azizur Rahman Jalandhri, Allah Wasaya, Zahid ur Rashdi, Shahabuddin, Hanif Jalandhry, Salimullah, Alam Tariq etc were among the participants; most of them are forbidden to leave their districts during Muharram when the governments shows zero tolerance to any threat to law and order.

As always, the speakers indulged in abusive and foul rhetoric against the founder and leaders of the Ahmadiyya community. The language they use is not fit for mention in this report. According to press reports, they raised piercing (falak shigaf) slogans: Long live the Sovereign of End of Prophethood; Death to Qadianiat. They even spoke against Dr Abdus Salam, the only Nobel Laureate from Pakistan, who was a scientist. How he was relevant to the end of prophethood, only the eloquent mulla could tell.

The participating mullas, despite their assurances to authorities, did not desist from attempts to provoke the local Ahmadi population. On October 15, a few dozen of them climbed up the hills of Darul Yuman, an Ahmadiyya neighbourhood, and shouted bad words. In groups, they made sorties after the morning service, to head for the Ahmadiyya graveyard and the bazaar, but were told by the police to go back. In the past, such people vandalized the graves and tombstones in Bahishti Maqbarah, a graveyard of special reverence for Ahmadis.

At about 21:30 on October 14, a group of clerics took to slogan raisings and headed for the junior Ahmadiyya seminary and the city centre. The police had to be firm with them to force them to retreat. The next morning they assembled at the Bahishti Maqbara, and had to be driven away by the Elite Force. At about mid-day some of the mullas went to Ahmad Nagar, a suburb of Rabwah, and urged the shopkeepers to remove Ahmadiyya products from their shops. They demanded from Ahmadi traders to display notices outside their business locations that they were Qadianis so that Muslim clients know their identity. These miscreants were reportedly from Sargodha, but they were in contact with the conference management in the Muslim Colony in Rabwah. Ahmadis reported the mischief to the police who effectively persuaded the intruders to leave. The police did a good job in preventing an ugly incident, but the question remains, why a Multan-based sectarian outfit is allowed to hold a conference in Rabwah where it has almost zero following.

In these conferences, the mulla is free to say what he likes, regardless of facts. Later, the press-release by the publicity men repeats the rhetoric for public consumption in the country. For example, following statements were fed to the vernacular press and published:

  • The mischief of the denial of end of prophethood is the handiwork of imperialist powers against the universality and truth of Islam.
  • The Qadiani evil, in order to cover up its disbelief, having succeeded in precipitating a Shia-Sunni bloody rift, intends now to open the door for poisonous winds of murderous violence and sectarian strife in the country through Deobandi-Barelvi rift.
  • Qadiani Dr Abdus Salam declared Pakistan to be a cursed state and disclosed national nuclear secrets to confirm his loyalty to the British. All Qadianis should therefore be removed from the nuclear establishment.
  • Dr Allama Iqbal stated that Qadianis were traitors both to Islam and the country. Qadianiat is only a copy (charbah) of Zionism and Judaism.


This report is based mostly on stories published in the vernacular pres, in particular from the daily Jang of October 15, the Khabrain of October 16 and the Ausaf of October 15 and 16. The mulla made the following demands, inter alia:

  • All Qadianis should be dismissed from the armed forces.
  • All literature published in Chenab Nagar should be confiscated forthwith.
  • Qadianis should be forbidden to use the Islamic creed (Kalima) and other Islamic epithets.
  • Qadianis should be removed without delay from government services like CBR (Revenue), embassies and education.
  • Minarets and niches in Qadiani places of worship should be demolished.
  • The national identity cards of Qadianis should be of a different colour.
  • The Islamists (Islamian) of Pakistan will powerfully resist any change to the blasphemy laws and the constitutional amendment regarding the Qadiani mischief (fitna).
  • A list of all confirmed Qadiani officials in the civil and military departments should be published by the government.
  • An approved plan should be made public that is designed to eliminate Qadiani influence over the media.
  • Shariah penalty for apostasy (death, according to the mulla) should be implemented.

Note:    In all, there were 20 such resolutions. This will give some idea of the so-called ‘implementation of Islam and Shariah’ proposed and demanded by mullas, who are quite unmindful of Muslim minorities that inhabit more than 100 countries of the world.

Apart from the above, the speakers indulged in other issues in this End of the Prophethood conference, for example:

  • Dr Aafia’s sentence and drone attacks negate national honour and sovereignty.
  • A Jewish doctor has acknowledged professional contribution of 600 Qadianis in the Israeli Defence Forces, in his book ‘Israel – a profile’.
  • Qadiani lobby is very effective with media and has succeeded in devaluing the Ulama Karam and madrassahs, thereby generating dissatisfaction over Islam in the new generation. The TV anchors and newspaper editors should play their role in exposing  anti-Islam Qadiani conspiracies and perfidies.
  • If Qadianis remain content with their rights as non-Muslims and stop opposing the anti-Qadiani Ordinance, no-one will deny them being part of Pakistan’s fair society (umdah society).
  • Qadiani community of Chenab Nagar had disintegrated into numerous factions.
  • The re-advent of Jesus (Hadrat Isa alaihissalam, the prophet) and the dogma of his (future) descent from the sky, is surely not inconsistent with End of Prophethood.
  • Asma Jahangir is a Qadiani. If she participates in (SCBA) elections a campaign will be launched against her.
  • On hearing the stories of Qadiani brutality and savagery against Muslims, the audience were in tears.
  • The martyrs of End of Prophethood offered their holy blood to boldly confront Qadiani feudal and cruel lords (zalim waderai) who tore apart this country in their drive to safeguard the honour of Prophethood.

The attendance varied from session to session, the largest was on Friday – approximately 7000. The audience had been transported from out of Rabwah in buses, wagons, cars and rickshaws. The press reported that ‘the organizers had requisitioned services of competent teams to provide meals that were lavishly served in Binori Park’. All this must have cost money, in millions. Who provides the funds?

Syed Munawwar Hasan of Jamaat Islami volunteered to attend and speak. He said, “Imperialists are threatening the people, the army, the geographical frontiers of Pakistan through drone attacks under the excuse of Taliban and militants. The Qadiani Fitna is creation of anti-jihad and imperialist forces. Hidden forces are destabilizing Pakistan in the manner of Afghanistan on behest of Qadianis to meet nefarious foreign objectives.” He also talked of American defeat in Afghanistan, Blackwater, drone attacks and Dr Aafia. The JI chief did not stay back for Friday congregation, and went back after midnight with his supporting and security squad of 12 vehicles and 35 motor-cyclists.

This and other such conferences cause a great deal of concern to Ahmadis of Rabwah. As precautionary measures the schools were closed, women were advised to restrict their outings, the bazaar was shut down, and hundreds of citizens remained alert to defend the town and its people against a possible attack by these unwelcome visitors. The authorities also had to remain vigilant. The state and society were exposed to great risk by allowing the mulla to unnecessarily congregate at Rabwah where they have no rational claim to assemble.

Following mullas also participated:

Akram Toofani, Yaqoob Rabbani, Ismail Shujaabadi, Aziz ur Rehman Thani, Sattar Taunsavi, Sattar Gurmani, Muhammad Irshad , Rauf Chishti, Masud Ahmad, Abdul Haq Bashir, Khalil Ahmad Bandialvi, Kafayat ullah, Ehsanullah, Haq Nawaz, Zubair Zaheer, Shabbir Usmani, Mufti Muhammad, Saeed Ludhianwi, Ilyas Ghuman, Manzur Rajput, Rashad, Fazal Darkhawsti, Kafayatullah, Majid Siddiqui, Ashraf Ali, Ahmad Hamadi, Hamid Haqqani, Khadim Dhilon, Muhammad Yusuf, Haq Bashir, Ghulam Mustafa, Ishaq Saqi, Faqir Akhtar, Naeem Rahmani, Rashid Sial, Hussain Nasir, and Nazar Usmani.



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