Ahmadi arrested by Cyber Crimes Wing

First drop of the poisonous rain

Ahmadi arrested by Cyber Crimes Wing

Lahore; June 20, 2019:  FIA Cyber Crimes Wing arrested Mr. Mahmud Hashmi, an Ahmadi, and booked him under PPC 295A and Ahmadi-specific PPC 298-C in FIR Nr. 88/2019 dated 20.6.2019 at Police Station FIA Cyber Crimes Wing, Lahore. His crime is not promotion of terrorism or violence or sexual obscenity or anything of that nature; he is accused of sharing with others translation of the Holy Quran by Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, according to some scholars a high quality Urdu translation of the Arabic original.

The complaint was made by one Muhammad Irafan, a friend of Mulla Hassan Muawiyah an anti-Ahmadi activist and religious thug registered in the 4th Schedule by the authorities.

                The accused Ahmadi is a 53-year old respected businessman from Lahore. He along with three others was reportedly ‘admin’ of a social media group on which this translation of the Holy Quran was shared.

It deserves special mention at this occasion that while the state of Pakistan promulgates laws apparently well-justified against evils and threats to the society and the state, the mulla demands that anti-Ahmadi laws should be specifically mentioned therein as actionable in the new law. The authorities readily agree to that, and the mulla gets still another tool in his hand to persecute Ahmadis and bring bad name to the country and its people. It was under such circumstances that on behest of mullas the authorities arrested octogenarians Abdul Shakoor for selling Ahmadiyya publications (that promote peace and harmony) and took him to an Anti-terrorism court for speedy trial and award of 5+3 years imprisonment. Now while the Cyber Crimes law may have its valid rationale and justification, the mulla and unscrupulous authorities agitate it in corrupt ways to harm citizens who indulge in innocent intellectual and doctrinal pursuits.

It is unfortunate that the state of Pakistan allows itself to be manipulated, exploited and harmed by mullas who otherwise belong to the Schedule IV category.

Mr. Hashmi is a patient of lungs disease. His plea for bail was rejected by Magistrate Aamar Raza; so he remains behind bars for sharing translation of the Holy Quran, in the Islamic Republic.

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