Ahmadi boy brutally killed by neighbors

Ahmadi boy brutally killed by neighbors

Shahdara, Lahore; February 27, 2020:  An eleven-year old Ahmadi boy Tanzeel Ahmad Butt son of Aqeel Ahmad Butt was killed by neighbors on February 27, 2020 in Shahdara, Lahore. The victim’s corpse was found in a steel trunk in the neighbor’s apartment.

Tanzeel’s mother sent him to the neighbors to get back his sister’s doll which she had forgotten there. After a long wait, his mother went herself to neighbor’s house. At first, they did not open the door, but after repeated calls they opened it. When the mother asked about her son, the neighbor woman expressed no knowledge. At this they exchanged harsh words. This neighboring tenant family lives on the first floor while the landlady lives with her son on the ground floor. The tenant woman called her husband from the job.

Some Ahmadis and Tanzeel’s relatives also arrived at the site. They checked CCTV footage and found no sign of Tanzeel coming out of that house. This increased their suspicion. The police were informed. The police came over and after interrogation recovered the child’s dead body from a trunk. The child appeared to be brutally tortured to death. A cloth was stuffed in his mouth, and his head was bleeding. Before the police arrived, the tenant woman had tried to shift the trunk from the first floor to the ground floor so that the deceased could be later shifted elsewhere, but this could not be done due to people gathered outside.

The killer’s husband in his initial statement to the police alleged that the boy had sexually harassed his daughter about one and half year ago. This is absurd, as the victim was only nine and half year then.

The police arrested the woman and her husband.

After the incident when the locals visited the deceased’s family for sympathy the landlady repeatedly told the locals that these people (the deceased’s family) were atheists.

The incident reminds us of the mulla who on December 12, 2013 told his audience in Wara, District Larkana, “Ahmadis are Wajib–ul-qatl. I shall bear all the expenses of any Muslim who kills them, and assure him release within a month.”

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