Ahmadi educationist in line of fire. Writ-petition against 14, mostly Ahmadis, and the SHO police

Ahmadi educationist in line of fire. Writ-petition against 14, mostly Ahmadis, and the SHO police

Dera Ghulab Khel Rodah, District Khushab; December 2019:       Mr. Muhammad Yunus, Ahmadi is running here a private school, Shad Academy since 2012. Approximately 170 students are studying in it. In September Lashkar-e-Taiba Khatme Nabuwwat wrote a letter to the authorities conveying, “A Qadiani is managing the school, lot of students are studying here, children are sexually abused here, it should be closed forthwith. In case of non-compliance the whole responsibility will be that of the SHO and the civil administration if it is attacked or any child is abducted or any teacher or student comes to harm.” The authorities took notice and took some follow-up action. Then the emboldened mullas spread a wider net. They took numerous steps to harass the Ahmadiyya Community.

More recently on December 4, 2019 an anti-Ahmadi mulla Hafiz Aziz ur Rehman made a writ-petition to the sessions court against 14 persons, mostly Ahmadis, and the SHO police station Mitha Tawana. The 12-page petition is noteworthy for its contents.

The petition papers show that:

  1. The Principal of the academy is a ‘Muslim’.
  2. Two teachers are Ahmadi while five are Muslim.
  3. Among the students 83% students are Muslim while 17% are Ahmadi.
  4. The Principal has made written statement that Ahmadi teachers have never talked of Ahmadiyyat in the class. Teachers teach only the prescribed syllabus. Ahmadis do not offer their prayers in the Academy.

Despite the above, mullas and the complainant demanded closure of the academy and complained, inter alia:

  • Quranic and Islamic inscriptions are displayed in the building.
  • Respondent Ahmadis have built mosques for worship at their farms. It is in violation of law (sic).
  • Two of the respondents are Ahmadi religious teachers appointed from Rabwah. (Note: These two do not teach at Shad Academy. Ed.)
  • SHO was requested to register an FIR against the respondents, but he refused to do that; hence this petition.

It should be mentioned that the complainant’s petition and his earlier request to the SHO contain lies, fabrications and unsupportable assertions. For example he wrote that words Ya Allah and Ya Muhammad are written on latrines; people are extremely angry with the Academy; etc.

It is relevant to mention that despite the above facts, the Assistant Commissioner Khushab sent a report to the DC that; “Based on a report of the revenue officer, I, undersigned am of the view that under the given circumstances, the situation can deteriorate at any time and an unfortunate incident can occur. In my opinion it will be appropriate to order CEO (DEO) Khushab to cancel the registration of this Academy forthwith, so as to avoid any sectarian situation.”

This AC reminds one of Ms. Jannat Hussain, AC Attock. One may ask him that if marginalized communities’ human rights are to be denied on every complaint of a few mullas of the majority community and the administration and the police are unable to maintain law and order, then what is the point of having ‘writ of the state’ as opposed to the ‘writ of religious bigots from the majority community’?

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