Ahmadi loses job for his faith

Ahmadi loses job for his faith

Mardan; October/November 2018:    Mr. Nasim Ahmad was working as Secretary in the Industries Association Small Industrial Estate, Mardan for the past 15 months. He was good at his job, but he lost the job for being an Ahmadi.

There are two groups in this company; one is that of its president and his team while the second is that of the opposition. The opposition accused the president of having a ‘Qadiani’ as the secretary. It went on for a few months, however the president assured Mr. Ahmad of his support.

On October 28, a member of the opposition group telephoned Mr. Ahmad and told him, “You are an Ahmadi, and you preach the same in the Estate.” The next day Mr. Ahmad spoke to the president in his office and informed him of the incident. The president intimated him that for the last one week the management was under great pressure as the opposition has acquired the support of mullas and Khatme Nabuwwat activists.

In reply to Mr. Ahmad’s question regarding the follow-up, the president said, “In view of your good work, we do not ask you to leave, but we would not like you to come to harm.” This obviously meant that he would like Mr. Ahmad to resign. And Mr. Ahmad handed over the office keys and the company’s mobile phone.

Later, the president released a message to his WhatsApp group that Mr. Nasim Ahmad had left for personal reasons. In response, the opposition held a protest rally and recounted president’s failures. The president rebutted with a count of his achievements; one of these he mentioned was the removal of Mr. Nasim Ahmad.

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