Ahmadi survives deadly attack in Lahore

Ahmadi survives a deadly attack

Shahdara Town, Lahore; May 26, 2018:  Mr. Sajjad Ahmad S/O Mr. Masood Ahmad was attacked on May 26, 2018 in Shahdara Town, Lahore at his house. Two shots hit Mr. Ahmad; one pierced his belly and the other hit his left leg.

According to the details, two youths aged early 20s came to Mr. Ahmad’s house at 9:30 p.m. and knocked at his door. Mr. Ahmad opened the door and they asked about Sagheer. Ahmad told them that no Sagheer lived there, and closed the door. They again knocked at the door. When Mr. Ahmad opened the door, they opened fire at him. As a result one shot hit his belly and the second hit the upper part of his left leg. Mr. Ahmad was rushed to Mayo Hospital, Lahore where he was operated upon. The shot that hit his belly pierced through it but fortunately no surgery was needed. Only stitches were applied.  His leg was operated upon and the bullet removed.

Mr. Ahmad is a salesman in Unilever. He is forty-five years old. The police registered an FIR. No reason was found behind this attack other than religion. The assailants were not identified. They identified Mr. Ahmad at their first knocking, and opened fire at the second. Religious hatred and extremism are at peak in this area; and Tehrik Labbaik and Khatme Nabuwwat organizations are active here.


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