Ahmadi threatened and badly treated by WAPDA employee

Faisalabad; September 16, 2020:   Mr. Muhammad Zafar, an Ahmadi resident of Faisalabad, went to the WAPDA office with his nephew on September 16, 2020 over electricity/meter bill of the Ahmadiyya mosque at Chak No. 646, Thatta Kalu. After getting his application signed by the SDO, he went to the registration clerk’s office. There an employee named Farooq objected to his Assalaamo Alaikum (Islamic greetings), called him a Kafir (infidel) and Mirzai. He also objected to the clerk’s acceptance of the complaint and scolded him for letting in the Mirzai. He used harsh words for Mr. Zafar and his nephew. He told another clerk to call the police at 15 to arrest the Qadiani. “This is a public office and every one can come here for his work”, Mr. Zafar replied. Yet, the man tried to quarrel with them and started throwing chairs at the visitors. However, Mr. Zafar stayed calm and went to the SDO’s room. The man followed them and demanded their arrest. The SDO remained silent in this situation; the meter-inspector took the application from Mr. Zafar and told him to leave.

Mr. Zafar and his nephew returned home stunned.

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