Ahmadis are forced to declare non-Muslim status

Ahmadis are forced to declare non-Muslim status

December 2018: National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has implemented a policy after the decision of Justice Shaukat Saddiqi (now disgraced) in which he told the Government to ensure recording the religious identity of all applicants of CNICs. NADRA got this policy approved by the Federal Ministry of Interior.

According to this policy now there are two declarations, one for Muslims and other for non-Muslims. Previously there was only one declaration for Muslims in which all who declared themselves Muslims had to sign a declaration in which rebuttal of the founder of the Ahmadiyya community was essential. Now, one who opts not to sign the declaration for Muslims has to sign the affidavit in which he declares himself to be non-Muslim in addition to stating his faith or denomination. To state what an individual is not, is superfluous and bizarre. It is a malicious move to severely hurt Ahmadis.

This creates a major problem for Ahmadis who consider themselves to be Muslims but now have to declare themselves to be non-Muslims for obtaining or renewal of national identity card and other legal documents.

NADRA has introduced a clause no. 38 on Form for obtaining a CNIC; it requires certification:

“I declare on oath that I am not Muslim and I belong to Qadiani/Ahmadi religion.”

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