Ahmadis arrested on fake grounds in Lahore, and TORTURED by FIA

Lahore; September 30, 2020:   Three Ahmadis were arrested on fabricated charges in Lahore, in addition to two others who were booked earlier wrongfully.

It would be recalled that FIA (Cyber Crimes Wing) had registered a police case against Mr. Rohan Ahmad, an Ahmadi religious teacher, on May 26, 2020 for alleged involvement in a case of promotion of Quranic knowledge. In addition to him, six very senior and middle level Ahmadi community officials were also named spuriously in the case. The case was initiated and agitated by notorious mulla Hasan Muawiyah who is brother of Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi, now Special Representative of the Prime Minister on Religious Harmony. Mr. Rohan Ahmad was arrested as he was in Lahore, visiting his parents at the occasion of Eid festival.

Two other accused Malik Usman Ahmad and Hafiz Tariq Shehzad had obtained ‘bail before arrest’ on May 29, 2020. Later, at the occasion of confirmation of the bail on July 16, 2020, the opponents created a very hostile situation outside and inside the courtroom, so these two gentlemen decided not to attend the court proceeding. So, the judge dismissed their plea for confirmation of bail.

As these two accused were liable to be arrested, they decided to present themselves to the investigating officer. To ensure smooth procedure they took along two Ahmadis Mr. Imran Ahmad Virk and Mr. Mudassar Ahmad of Lahore as guarantors and a third Malik Zaheer Ahmad as friend.

The investigating officer, rather than investigating facts, was more interested in arrests, as influential mulla Hasan Muawiyah was actively involved. So, not only the two accused but also the two guarantors and one ‘friend’ were arrested by the police. The two guarantors were charged falsely for offering bribe. The friend was neither an accused, nor was he involved in the case under investigation; his arrest is entirely unexplained — an act of plain tyranny.

It is reliably learnt that on the first night of arrest the detained individuals were tortured. Mulla Muawiyah was around. A complaint was therefore made through Pakistan Citizen Portal.

This case and these arrests are indicative of the ruthless ‘tyranny’ of the duo of the mulla and the state, to which Ahmadis are exposed — particularly in the Punjab.

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