Ahmadis face difficulties at their worship place

Tench Bhata, Rawalpindi; June 11, 2020: Miscreants pelted stones on the main-gate of Baitul Khursheed, Ahmadiyya worship place here at 11:30 p.m. causing damage to the gate. Ahmadis reported the incident to the police and informed the office of CCPO. Police inspected the site several times. This caused concern to the culprits. They, in league with the administration of Bilal Mosque, lodged an application against the Ahmadiyya place of worship, in the police station of R.A. Bazar. They put the same application on the Facebook and started hateful propaganda against local Ahmadis. They took the stance that this building was previously used for residential purposes, but now Ahmadis have converted it into a worship place and have not got it registered in any government office. Moreover, according to the Khatme Nabuwwat Act (sic) Qadianis are not allowed to build a place of worship. The locals are harassed through CCTV cameras and barbed wires; children are lured and preached Ahmadiyyat; Muslims’ religious sentiments are thus hurt, they claimed in their fabrication.

Meanwhile Ahmadis received a message from the administration that their application has been filed, and called the Ahmadiyya delegation in the presence of the Khatme Nabuwwat activists. Ahmadis declined to meet in the presence of the opponent party. So, Ahmadis met the SSP at the police station where the DSP was also present.

SSP told Ahmadis not to annoy non-Ahmadis while their own situation is not good. Ahamdis asked him to elaborate. He said, “You have constructed a place of worship.” Ahmadis replied that they had not constructed but had done some repair work, the DSP had seen this renovation himself. The DSP confirmed it. The SSP observed, “You carry out preaching activities, groups come to the place and you distribute money among them.” Ahmadis explained that it was not true. No money had been given to anyone there. This can be verified through the CCTV camera’s records. The SSP then wanted to visit the place. Ahmadis welcomed him to undertake the visit. The SSP asked if a man of the opponent party could accompany him. Ahmadis showed reluctance. So, he refused the other party to accompany him. The SHO said that he had obtained a statement from the other party. So, Ahmadis also have to sign the statement. Ahmadis replied that they have to consult their seniors before signing any undertaking. Ahmadis later signed the following statement:

“It is stated that according to the instructions of the Police no religious congregations of Eid and Friday have been held here for the last year and half, and no such congregations will be held in future without permission. No preaching activity has been held here in past nor will it be held in future. Moreover Ahmadiyya community has always abided by the law and never acted any wrong. We do not intend to extend this building nor shall do so in future.”

It is obvious that the above undertaking curtails Ahmadis’ freedom of worship; it is imposed by the police on demand of religious extremists. Of course, no action was taken to locate and interrogate those who had pelted stones at the Ahmadiyya mosque.

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