Ahmadis’ graves desecrated by police

Ahmadis’ graves desecrated by police

Chak 2/TDA, District Khushab; 27-28 February, 2020:     On 27/28 February night the police demolished three gravestones in the Ahmadiyya cemetery of Chak 2 TDA, District Khushab.

According to details, Syed Ali Ather Bukhari president Anjuman Tahaffuze Namus Risalat submitted an application against Mr. Sultan Mahmood (President of the local Ahmadiyya community), Rana Rafiq Ahmad (an official of the local Ahmadiyya community) and some other anonymous Ahmadis, to the Deputy Commissioner of Khushab stating that Ahmadis have committed blasphemy by writing Islamic epithets ‘Bismillah’, Sahabi, Ya Allah (O Allah), Ya Muhammad (O Muhammad pbuh) on their gravestones. The DC referred the matter to the SHO Mitha Tiwana. The SHO sent for Ahmadis on February 19, 2020 to explain. Ahmadis told him that these are very old gravestones. The SHO sent his report to the DC accordingly. The SHO again sent for Ahmadis on February 28. On their way to the police station they learnt that the police had already demolished the gravestones of three Ahmadis the night before. The SHO told Ahmadis that he had done it with the help of the local chief.

The gravestones of Rana Saifur Rahman, Mrs. Mussarat Bano and Rana Anayatullah were desecrated. There are six Ahmadi families in this village. There are fifteen graves of Ahmadis in the Ahmadiyya cemetery. A while ago the local administration handed over the Ahmadiyya mosque to non-Ahmadis despite the fact that the case was already in process in a court.

The SHO also informed that a similar application has also been received against the Ahmadiyya cemetery of Rodah. More than 100 graves of Ahmadis are found there.

It is worth mentioning that the applicant is son of mulla Athar Hussain Shah, a staunch anti-Ahmadiyya opponent who was the main perpetrator of anti-Ahmadiyya riots in Takht Hazara in which five Ahmadis were killed. He also remained very active against Ahmadis in District Khushab till his death.

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