Ahmadiyya mosque sealed by authorities in District Narowal

Another Ahmadiyya mosque sealed by authorities

Deryan Wala, Narowal; May 28, 2018:   The authorities sealed an Ahmadiyya mosque on May 28, 2018 on demand of some mischief mongers, without talking to Ahmadis. This has a background.

Mr Nizam ud Din was one of the first among residents of Deryan Wala to join Ahmadiyyat. He had built a mosque on his land and bore all the expenses. He was the guardian and caretaker of the mosque. After his death, an Ahmadi lady Ms. Ghulab Bibi donated her 4-acre land to this mosque for its expenses. This continues to-date.

All the children of Mr Nizam ud Din are Ahmadi except one son. This defector made some attempts in the past to take over the mosque and its annexed land but did not succeed.

The other day, two neighbouring families of the mosque requested the Ahmadi caretaker of the mosque for its keys to offer their prayers. He gave them keys in courtesy.

Next morning, when Ahmadis came to the mosque for prayer they saw some non-Ahmadis assembled there for congregational prayers. This was over-stepping the courtesy. Ahmadis carefully handled the situation, and non-Ahmadis left the mosque after their prayer. However, a little later a heavy police contingent arrived at the mosque and sealed it without asking any questions. The two parties were told to report to the district police office. Obviously the entire event was a product of conspiracy in league with the police.

The opponents enjoy full support of mulla Khadim Hussain Rizvi of Faizabad sit-in notoriety.

The grabbers are apparently more interested in the 4-acre agricultural annexed land than the small mosque itself.


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