Ahmadiyya mosques targeted in District Bahawalpur

Ahmadiyya mosques targeted in District Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur: Ahmadiyya mosques are facing risk of defiling in district Bahawalpur, as a local anti-Ahmadi activist Muhammad Ishaq has returned after staying away for a while in Multan.

Muhammad Ishaq is now residing near the Ahmadiyya mosque located in Ghalla Mandi, Bahalwalpur. As a first step in his hate campaign he approached the Deputy Commissioner with complaint that Ahmadis have provided a niche in their place of worship in Chak 161 Murad, which is forbidden by law. He is wrong as the law makes no mention of forbidding niches or minarets in Ahmadiyya mosques.

After this the DC sent for the president of the Ahmadiyya Community. A delegation of local representatives met him, where they were told to cover the niche. Similarly, presidents of other Ahmadiyya local communities are being told to remove similarities between Ahmadiyya places of worship and mosques, or hide them.

The DC’s orders are entirely contradictory to the Prime Minister’s vision of Riasat Madinah stated by him in New York in UN General Assembly before the world leaders: “In Islam, it was a sacred duty to protect places of worship of all religions”.

The PTI’s government of Punjab should immediately get in step with the Prime Minister, before someone points out that Pakistan acts different than its proclamations.

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