Ahmedis stopped from offering qurbani

Saturday, October 19, 2013

LAHORE: The members of the Ahmedi community were stopped by police in different areas of the city from offering qurbani (sacrifice) on Tuesday night.

In some areas the police asked them to offer qurbani indoors and not publicly due to “threats from madressas”. According to details, two Ahmedis, one in Awan Town and the other in Islampura, were stopped from offering qurbani. On the complaint of a person named Hassan Muawiya, Hanjarwal Police Station SHO raided house of an Ahmedi, arrested him and brought him to the police station where, after several hours, police took a written agreement from him to not perform qurbani. He was released after signing the agreement.

In another incident in Islampura, police pressurised an Ahmedi against performing qurbani, telling him that he could not do so because he was not Muslim. However, he was not arrested or brought to the police station. Meanwhile, Iqbal Town Police visited an Ahmedi place of worship and appealed to its management to perform qurbani indoors. The police warned that if they performed qurabni in the open it could lead to violence in the area.

The Ahmedi community has been facing problems for the last several years in the performance of their religious duties, especially in Lahore. Recently, some people removed plaques from the graves of Ahmedis in the Model Town graveyard. In 2010, more than 80 Ahmedis were killed in an attack on their place of worship in Garhi Shahu, Lahore.

Punjab Police had demolished domes of Ahmedi places of worship and removed verses of the holy Quran from there in September. The Information Cell of Jamaat-e-Ahmediyah told Daily Times that like the previous year, the practice of stopping Ahmedis from performing qurbani continued, however, this year no Ahmedi was arrested. It further said that some people from a madrassa approached police in different areas and pointed out the Ahmedis who were going to perform qurbani. Police raided the houses of those people and brought them to the police station, but later released after securing an assurance from them that they would not offer qurbani, sources confirmed.

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