An open hateful banner in the capital of Punjab incites mass murder of Ahmadis

An open hateful banner in the capital of Punjab incites massacre of Ahmadis

Lahore, August 2019:  Universal Traders, traders of Akbari Mandi, Lahore have openly committed a heinous crime by producing a hateful banner calling for death to the entire Ahmadiyya community at Rabwah. We produce its picture below and provide translation of some of the vernacular text:


“The belief in Khatm e Nabuwwat (pbuh): If there is an attempt to make changes to the 1973 Constitution, Chenab Nagar will be colored red with the blood of Qadianis and the world will forget even Tamerlane. (Emphasis provided in original)


“… (Urdu stanza)

“I accept Qadianis to be infidels, without any argument. Qadianis must be put to death. (In the light of Holy Quran and Hadith)

“Universal Traders, traders of Akbari Mandi”

Will the authorities not take due notice of this outrage and bring the perpetrators to justice (PPCs 153A, 295A and 298 refer).

Also is relevant an earlier statement: We’ve to show Narendar Modi how to treat minorities: Imran Khan

    (The daily Jang; Lahore, December 23, 2018)

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