Another Ahmadiyya mosque locked by police unlawfully

Another Ahmadiyya mosque locked by police unlawfully

Goth Qamaruddin, District Noshehro Firoz (Sindh); September/October 2018: The local mulla Saeed Chandio targeted the village Ahmadiyya mosque and succeeded in getting it locked unlawfully by the police.

Mulla Chandio had been agitating the local population against Ahmadis for weeks in his Friday sermons. The situation was getting sensitive so Ahmadis met a senior police officer at the district level and made a written complaint. The officer directed the DSP who in turn told the SHO to investigate and report.

The mulla came to know of this and he agitated the issue still further on Facebook. He met mullas of other denominations and sought help. He also approached the Bar Association and obtained assurance from lawyers.

The mulla’s activism scared the local police into compliance. The SHO was seen accompanied by the mulla’s father when the former visited the mosque and its approaches.

The SHO was informed by Ahmadis that the mosque is an old construction and was built before the anti-Ahmadi ordinance was promulgated. In any case, the mosque had been wrongfully locked from outside, but an internal entry was available to enter the mosque for worship.

The police were informed that Mulla Chandio is in fact interested in the mosque’s plot as property. He is a distant relative of an Ahmadi elder and is keen on taking over this plot, although neither per law nor per Sharia he is entitled to it.

The police were, however, unduly concerned with unrest over the issue. They locked the interior entry to the mosque as well. On what authority and on whose orders, Ahmadis do not know.

It is relevant to mention that the Constitution and the law do not forbid Ahmadis to have minarets on their places of worship.

It appears that the authorities govern this ungovernable state on the writ of the mulla, and not of the Constitution and law.

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