Anti-Ahmadiyya activism in schools

Anti-Ahmadiyya activism in schools

Mughalpura, Lahore; November 28, 2018: An Ahmadi’s daughter in class V of Iqbal High School Muslim Abad, Mughalpura reported that her teacher taught the students that, “Qadiani are not good people … they call themselves Muslims but are very bad. You should not meet them.” The teacher also badmouthed against the founder of the Ahmadiyya community and spewed hate against the Ahmadiyya community for two consecutive days.

An Ahmadi was going to his office on November 28, when he saw approximately 50 students of a school picketing against the Ahmadiyya community near the Lal Pul. Their teacher was with them. They were carrying placards with inscription: “Qadianis are Non-Muslim according to the Constitution of Pakistan.”

Similarly a Khatme Nabuwwat walk was organized in The Arqam School on November 28. Students participated in it. Different charts and digital flexes were displayed regarding Khatme Nabuwwat.

Tahrike Labbaik Pakistan organized a protest against the Ahmadiyya community on Shalamar Link Road. Approximately 60 men participated in it, including students from different schools.

It is apparent that hatred against the Ahmadiyya community is taught in Mughalpura schools thus polluting young minds with sectarian hatred.

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