Assassin acquitted by anti-terrorism court

Assassin acquitted by anti-terrorism court

Nankana Sahib; January 21, 2019:  Advocate Saleem Lateef community president of the district Nankana Sahib was target-killed on his way to courts on March 30, 2017 by a religious extremist Rashid. The killer has been acquitted by judge Abdul Qayyum.

Mr. Lateef was going to the court on a motor cycle with his son Muhammad Farhan when the assassin, already present on the way, opened fire as the motor cycle slowed down at the spot. Mr. Lateef died on the spot. After this the attacker tried to kill his son but luckily failed. This family was facing threats for some time.

After the incident the assassin was arrested. He worked as a guard at Ali Jewellers in Nankana Sahib, and the weapon he used was also registered in the name of the proprietor of the shop. After his arrest the case was heard in an anti-terrorism court at Lahore.

On January 21, 2019 the judge acquitted the accused.

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