Assaults and Attempts (2005 – 2010)



Religious extremism in Islamabad

Mr. Waleed Ahmad, an Ahmadi student of engineering at COMSATS Islamabad escaped an attempt on his life in the university premises. He became the target of sectarian hatred. A student who belonged to Jamiat (the student wing of Jamaat Islami) obtained an edict from a mulla, announced that Waleed is Wajib-ul-qatl (must be killed), and attempted an assault on him. He escaped the attempt with help from some other students.

It is note-worthy that such extremism is flourishing right under the nose of the government, in the capital, in a well-known university.


Hostility in Lahore

Johar Town is as affected by anti-Ahmadiyya agitation in Lahore as other middle class localities of the city. Mr. Arshad Ahmad, an Ahmadi lives in 178-A, Punjab Government Employees Housing Society of this township. He faced a very hard time from his neighbors on account of his faith. His house was used as a center of worship for the few Ahmadis who live in the locality. His neighbors pasted provocative and hateful stickers in front of his house and distributed anti-Ahmadiyya literature in the area. They also did wall-chalking in the area. They reported to the police that a decorative plate, carrying the traditional Arabic inscription ‘Mashallah’ (Whatever God wills) was placed in the front wall of the house. The police visited the site and ordered the removal of this plate. This was done with the aid of a hammer in the presence of the police while a hostile gang raised slogans against the Ahmadiyya community, Kafir, Kafir, (infidels) and Khatme Nabuwwat – Zindabad. The incident was most hurtful and provocative for the victimized family whose fundamental rights were violated at the orders and in the presence of state officials. The opponents celebrated this event as if they had achieved a great victory. They continuously played an audio cassette at high volume against the founder of the Ahmadiyya community, during the shameful proceedings. Ahmadis were made to close down their prayer centre under these circumstances. The fundamental right of freedom of worship had been denied to the Ahmadis of this area. All this happened in Lahore where the Chief Minister remarked: “We do not have the right to rule if we can not protect and provide justice to the minorities.”

In Faisal Town, Lahore, Mr. Iqbal Nasir, Ahmadi faced an attempt on his life by two unknown motorcyclists on April 14, 2010. He is 50 and an employee in WAPDA. Two motorcyclists fired at him twice, as he arrived home from work. One bullet injured the upper part of his leg. He was taken to Jinnah Hospital. A great deal of bleeding caused him extreme weakness. He survived by the grace of God.

Such anti-Ahmadiyya attacks are on the rise in the capital city of the Punjab. Authorities have been requested repeatedly to take effective action, but in vain.


An attack in Lahore

Model Town, Lahore; November 24, 2010: Mr. Masud Ahmad Malik, Ahmadi, was attacked by pinion riders after dark. He was injured. The attackers called him a ‘Mirzai dog’, and fled the scene of the hate crime.

Mr. Malik is manager of the Faisal Bank, Model Town Branch, Lahore. On November 24, he was driving homeward after work, when he was approached by two men on a motor cycle, who fired at him when he slowed down at a speed-breaker. One of the bullets hit the window by the driver’s side and broke it to pieces. The glass pieces hit Mr. Malik on hand and caused deep injuries. He got out of the car to attend to his wound. The attackers thought that he would shoot at them, so they fired a shot and fled. The shot missed him.

Mr. Malik went to a friend’s house that was nearby, who took him to a hospital. They applied eight stitches to his wound. On account of loss of blood, his clothes and the car seat got soiled. However, he was lucky to escape greater harm.

The police were informed.


Communal violence and resulting tension

Tehal, District Gujrat: There is sizable Ahmadi presence in village Tehal. The community has faced religious prejudice and opposition. At times the tensions rises (for example, in 1974 the opponents set fire to the residence of a local Ahmadi elder), while at other times the situation is fairly calm and peaceful. For the last few months, the situation is tense, and the Ahmadiyya community had to report it to the police and seek help.

Most recently, the opponents affixed hate-promoting stickers to Ahmadis’ front doors. The same night they wrote on the front door of the local Ahmadi leader: Munkare Khatme Nabuwwat wajabul qatl hai (He denies End of Prophethood; must be killed).

A few days earlier Subedar Bashir Ahmad, a local Ahmadi received an anonymous threatening letter. In mid-December some unknown person came daily after dark to knock at the door of another Ahmadi, Mr. Jamil Ahmad. The caller(s) did not identify himself when asked. There is evidence that the local mulla supports these moves.

The local president of the Ahmadi community, Mr. Mubashir Ahmad is the primary target of the bullies. Soon after the attack on Lahore mosques, he was delivered a message on a chit: Whosoever is friend of a Mirzai, is a traitor to the cause of Islam. (Translation) Three days later a note was dropped in his verandah: Qadianis are infidels; they are dogs. It is forbidden to share food and have social relations with them. (Translation) After the festival of Eid ul Fitr, he received the following in a letter: “We know, previously your father was the leader of the local (Ahmadiyya) Jamaat; now it is you and your son. We give you a grace period. Think about it and convert to Islam – or be prepared to die. And do not be unmindful of your home and business.” Only a few days ago, he received another reminder: “Quit Ahmadiyyat and join Islam; otherwise we shall put your house to torch and kill your wife and children.” At about midnight on 21/22 September some miscreants fired shots outside his house. He conveyed all this in writing to the police and sought protection.

In view of the threats and the possibility of attack Mr. Mobashir Ahmad and his family started sleeping at the ground floor which is a safer location than the first floor. On December 23, at about 3 a.m. Mr. Ahmad heard some movement on the first floor. Thereafter he heard firing of shots. Someone fired five shots. Mr. Ahmad used his discretion and did not pursue the attacker. In the morning he went up, and noticed that two shots had pierced the door of his bedroom. One of these had hit his pillow while the other made a hole in the wall. Two other shots had been fired in the other bedroom and these had hit the side-table of the bed. Mr. Ahmad informed the police who saw the location and the evidence. The police did not follow it up with registration of a case, instead advised him to see the district police chief along with his community’s district Amir and request further action.  Amazing!

The situation remains tense in Tehal.


An attempt to murder

Tatle Aali, District Gujranwala; November 30, 2010: Mr. Rafi Ahmad Butt, Ahmadi, was severely wounded when two armed assailants, riding a motor cycle fired shots at him. He was operated upon twice in a hospital, and four bullets were removed from his arm. He is recovering.

In the recent past, there is increase in anti-Ahmadiyya activities in that area. Hate literature has been distributed, and Ahmadis have received threats.


Two Ahmadis beaten up

Larkana, Sindh; August 5, 2010:        The Ahmadis of Larkana faced severe hostility at the hands of extremists. Mr. Yasir Butt Abro, a vicious opponent of the community, lives next door to the house of Ahmadi missionary. He runs a cinema too. He misses no opportunity to create trouble for the community. He is following the foot-steps of his late father, Muhammad Ishaq Abro, who annexed the Ahmadiyya missionary’s house forcibly in 1988 by demolishing its wall. It was recovered with great difficulty in 2001. Now, his son is very active against the Ahmadiyya community.

On August 5, 2010, water accumulated in front of his house due to heavy rains. His house is at a lower level than the missionary’s. He started abusing the Ahmadiyya community over this, and fired gun shots in the air to harass the Ahmadis. Later he called some members of the community to his house under the pretence of wanting to settle the argument. Mr. Raees Ahmad Butt went to his house. When he reached there he was beaten up by Mr. Abro. Mr. Butt had to flee in order to save his life. The incident was reported to the police. Mr. Abro went into hiding when the police came to inquire.

Mr. Raees Ahmad Butt along with his son, Mr. Nasir Ahmad Butt were returning home after informing the police when Abro and his gang attacked them. They used sticks and iron bars to beat them. The victims received injuries on their heads. They again appeared at the police station and had an FIR registered. Later they went to the hospital for treatment. Luckily they survived the violent attack.


Ahmadi escapes a deadly attack

Qila Kallarwala, District Sialkot; October 12, 2010:  Rana Manzoor Ahmad s/o Mr. Muhammad Tufail was entering his home after the dawn prayers in the mosque when two armed men attacked him. One of them fired at him, but the bullet got jammed in his pistol. So, Ahmad survived the attack. The attackers fled, but they had been recognized. They were locals. The local police were informed of the incident.


Attempt to kill Ahmadi accused in police custody

Mirpur Khas, Sindh; August 13, 2010: Rana Khalil Ahmad and Mr. Rashid Iqbal of Kunri were falsely charged under PPC 295-C, 295-A and 9-ATA with FIR no. 86 at the Police Station Kunri on September 22, 2008. They were arrested and subjected to torture by security personnel. A more detailed account is available in our annual report for 2009 in Chapter 2C: A heart-rending story.

Bail was granted to them eventually by the High Court on June 3, 2009 after being rejected by the lower courts. Their case is now under trial in the Anti-terrorism court, Mirpur Khas. They had to relocate from Kunri in the face of threats. They appear regularly before the court in Mirpur Khas.

There was a heavy police presence at the court on August 13, 2010 for a regular hearing. The police told them to remain inside the court premises for their security. The police had recently taken in custody two suspects who disclosed that their aim was to kill these Ahmadis. They also divulged that their colleagues would accomplish this task, if necessary. In view of this the court gave August 23 as the new date of hearing. The police then escorted these two Ahmadis to the district boundary. The Ahmadiyya community then tried to move their case to Karachi because of safety concerns.

The police arrested another member of a Jihadi group. One of the detained was involved in the murder of Dr. Abdul Manan Siddiqui in 2008 who was the district president of Ahmadiyya community in Mirpur Khas. He had been identified by the driver of Dr. Siddiqui, who fortunately survived that attack.

This incident was reminiscent of the murder of two Christian brothers in Faisalabad who were killed outside a courthouse by fanatics belonging to an outlawed Islamic terrorist group. This case caused international uproar about Pakistan’s continuous failure to protect its minorities.

In one of its reports a few years ago, Amnesty International pointed out that most of the blasphemy cases registered are “motivated not by the blasphemous actions of the accused, but by hostility towards members of minority communities, compounded by personal enmity, professional jealousy or economic rivalry”


Ahmadis escape another attack!

Lahore; July 15, 2010: A man came to the Shalamar Town in a rickshaw and got off near the Ahmadiyya mosque. Reportedly he walked away without paying the fare. When the driver asked for the fare he ran away. The driver told the constable standing nearby that the man was wearing a jacket under his clothes. The policeman ran after him, but could not catch him. A loaded magazine fell from the suspect’s pocket while running; the police took it under possession. The police raided the whole area but could not find him.


Ahmadi escapes a death plot

Mirpur Khas, Sindh; August 16, 2010: Mr. Nasir Ahmad Wahla received a phone call at 9:25 p.m. from an unknown person telling him that a grenade had been placed by the main gate of his residence. The caller threatened to blow his house by rocket fire if he would not arrange two million rupees within a week. Mr. Wahla informed the police also who isolated the grenade in custody, and a bomb disposal team defused it.

The Frontier Post of August 18, 2010 reported the story in some detail.


Attempts in provincial capitals

Lahore, May 2010: Two motorcyclists came to the clinic of an Ahmadi doctor, Mr. Dawood Ahmad, pretending to be patients. They took out their pistols and Mr. Dawood tried to grab them with the help of his dispenser. One pistol fell down and they fled on their motor-bike.

Karachi; April 2010: Unknown men came to the house of an Ahmadi, Mr Riaz Mahmood in Drigh Road in the dark hours of the night. They told him to open the door. They fired at the door when he did not open. The family was spared a major blow.


Assault on an Ahmadi in Lahore

Gulshan Park, Lahore; November 16, 2010: Mr. Maqbul Ahmad Dogar arrived home at about 8:30 p.m. after work. While he was about to enter, an unknown person put a pistol’s muzzle on his temple. At this, Mr. Dogar grabbed him. One of his two accomplices opened fire at Mr. Dogar who was shot in the leg, but he did not let go the attacker he was holding. Hearing the shots, the inmates rushed out to inquire. The two accomplices fled, while the captured man was handed over to the police.

Mr. Dogar had a fracture in the leg due to the gun shot; he had to be admitted in a hospital for operation and treatment.

Mr. Dogar is a well-known, practicing Ahmadi.


Attack on Ahmadis in District Sheikhupura

Chak UCC, Sheikhupura; July 13, 2010: Four men equipped with firearms arrived in the village on foot. They went to the Ahmadiyya guest house, took their positions and started firing. Automatic rifles were used and the firing was intense. They targeted the residence of Mr. Mubashir Ahmad, president of the local Ahmadiyya community. They fired a rocket into his house but fortunately it did not explode. They retreated in response to the firing undertaken in defense. They left the village under cover of intensive firing. A loud explosion also rocked the village.

Fortunately no one was killed. There were bullet holes on the gate and on the walls of Mr. Mubashir’s house and the guest house. Empty cartridges were found from various locations, and the police took these away.





Murder attempt on Ahmadi religious teacher

Chak 543, district Vehari; February 25, 2009: Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Abid, an Ahmadi religious teacher was fired at by unknown masked men, when he was waiting for a bus at Adda Faujian Wala in the forenoon of February 25. He received four bullet wounds, but luckily survived.

Mr. Abid went to Chak 543 to participate in a community program. He stayed there for the night. The next morning they escorted him to the bus stop, 3 kilometers away from the village. There the attack took place. The locals were of the opinion that this group could be the same who shot dead an Ahmadi official Mr. Chattha three months earlier in the same district. The police inactivity encouraged them to continue with their deadly attacks.

Mr. Abid was taken to the hospital immediately. He made the statement to the police for the FIR. Later, the community friends moved him to Burewala for further medical care and treatment.


Bid to slaughter an Ahmadi

Chakwal, May 21, 2009: Two madrassah students carried out a murderous attack on Mr. Mubashir Ahmad Tahir, an Ahmadi college lecturer. They tried to cut his throat and stabbed him in his chest and arm injuring him grievously.

According to a press report two Pathan students of the local madrassah at Imdadiya Masjid, Rawalpindi Road, Chakwal entered the residence of Professor Mubashir Ahmad Tahir of the Government Post-graduate College and attempted to cut his throat (the daily Jang, May 22, 2009). As they entered the house they told him: “You are a Qadiani, therefore we have come to kill you”. One of them shot at him with a pistol but missed. Then they took out knives and attacked him. This resulted in serious injuries to his neck, chest and arm. Hearing the noise his neighbors arrived at the scene. The assailants came out and declared that the professor had beaten them, and then they fled. One of the neighbours followed them on his motor cycle and apprehended one of them, while the other escaped. The one who was caught is reportedly from Malakand. However, according to the daily Jang, he is from Khyber Agency of FATA. Mr. Tahir was taken to a local hospital, thereafter he was referred to the GHQ Hospital in Rawalpindi. They used five bottles of blood for transfusion. An FIR was later registered with the police.

The professor had been residing in Chakwal for 10 years. He had been receiving threats on his cell-phone for sometime, so he changed his phone number. That provided him some relief. However the religious extremists then decided to act. The man under arrest confirmed that they intended to kill the professor for his faith.

The daily Jang reported: “This attempt to cut the victim’s throat has caused fear and alarm in the population of the entire area.”

The spokesman of the Ahmadiyya Community stated in a press release: “It is becoming almost normal to attack the lives and properties of Ahmadis in the name of religion. A violent anti-Ahmadiyya movement is surging throughout the country. … Anti-Ahmadiyya conferences have been held at various locations in the Punjab where death edicts are passed against Ahmadis and a message of hatred and malice is propagated openly. … This has resulted in murders of Ahmadi doctors, notables and social workers… .” He urged the government to take serious notice of this incident and punish the guilty persons in accordance with law. He asked the authorities to take appropriate steps to put a stop to the mischief of extremists.


Ahmadi escapes a murder attempt

Karachi; September 12, 2009: Twenty-nine years old Mr. Luqman Ahmad Gondal s/o Mr. Nasir Ahmad Gondal (president of the local Ahmadiyya community) closely escaped an attempt on his life. He departed from his house in the morning for his job. The bus of Abbot Laboratories picks him up daily at a short distance from his home. As he made his way up to his regular pick up point, two men on a motorcycle approached him from behind and fired at him. The bullet pierced his hip. He was taken to a government hospital where the doctors simply administered the wound and bandaged it. However, afterwards he was taken to a private hospital where eleven stitches were required to seal his wound. The police registered an FIR. Mr. Luqman had no personal quarrel with anyone. He was targeted only for his faith.


Attack on Ahmadi lawyer

Gujranwala; May 04, 2009: Mr. Riasat Ali Bajwa, advocate was fired at by unknown attackers when he arrived at his office in the morning. He was hit in his legs and back. He got stable after an extensive surgical operation. He was threatened on phone for some days and pursued before this attack.


Narrow escape from a lethal attempt

Kunri, Sindh; August 12, 2009: Mr. Javed Ahmad had a narrow escape from an attempt on his life. He received a phone call from 0302-3666975. The caller posed himself as an Ahmadi and asked to meet him. Javed told him that he was about to depart for Talhi, a nearby town. The caller said that he would shortly arrive at his residence.

On hearing the sound of motor-bike Javed opened the door assuming that the caller had come. That visitor however surprised him and fired a shot at his door. It missed Javed who immediately took cover. The assailants fled the scene. They could not be identified. The murder attempt was reported to the police who could have easily caught the culprits by tracing the telephone number, but they didn’t.


Attack in Peshawar

Peshawar; February 7, 2009: Mr. Muhammad Ayaz, a 20-years old son of a former President of the district Ahmadiyya community became the target of an attack by unknown attackers. They shot him in the legs but he survived this attack after proper medication.


Murderous attack on an Ahmadi doctor

Lahore; November 25, 2009: Dr Pervaiz Zareef of Bhati Gate, Lahore escaped an attempt on his life on 25th November, 2009. He was preparing to close his clinic at about 11:00 p.m. when two motorcyclists approached his clinic. One of them entered the clinic and fired three bullets at him. The doctor took shelter behind a table. The first bullet broke the glass of the table and two others pierced through it and scraped him. Fortunately, he received a mild injury. A broken piece of glass hit his nose. The assailant also fired at his brother Mr. Amjad, who was at the pharmacy counter. It missed him and hit the wall. People gathered there on hearing the noise. Dr Zareef telephoned the emergency police. The police arrived at the scene and registered an FIR.

Doctor Zareef has a good reputation in the area. The mulla of the local mosque had spoken provocatively against him in his sermons. This could be the result of his instigation.


A savage attempt on an Ahmadi doctor

Peshawar; January 19, 2009: A gang of armed men tried to abduct an Ahmadi doctor Mr. Mansoor Ahmad at Bazid Khail, Peshawar on January 19, 2009. He was at his clinic when they arrived. They came in three vehicles. All of them were wearing long shalwar kameez and were wrapped in sheets. They had long hair and beards and looked like the Taliban of the Afridi clan. They grabbed the doctor and dragged him to their car. In the scuffle they injured him by hitting him on his head with a Kalashnikov butt. The doctor’s brother heard of this and fired on the attackers from his house that is adjacent to the clinic. The ensuing firefight injured two of them. One of them fell down on the ground. The abductors let go Mr. Mansoor Ahmad and helped their colleague. They succeeded in making good their escape along with their injured companions.

Dr. Mansoor Ahmad had six stitches in his head, and was discharged from the hospital. His cousin who works in the clinic received a bullet injury in his back and was hospitalized.

Mr. Farhan Khan, who owns a plumbing shop next to the clinic tried to help the doctor during the raid. He was shot dead by the attackers. He was 35 years old and had 6 children.

Mr. Mansoor Ahmad’s is the only influential Ahmadi family in Bazid Khail. The attack could not destabilize them, and their morale is still high. The local authorities provided some security to the family by posting a few policemen who built a bunker in front of Mr. Mansoor’s house.

The locals also protested against this attempt.


Grave threat to another Ahmadi doctor

Nabisar Road; March 4, 2009: Mr. Naseer Ahmad Zahid is a homeopathic doctor (DHMS), who is a resident of Nabisar Road. He has a clinic close to his house, where he serves the locals. He received threats on his cell-phone that told him to quit Qadianiat or leave the area.

His two sons were studying in a public school in Mirpur Khas and lived in the hostel. They also received letters that threatened them with serious harm. A letter to the doctor is translated below:

Doctor Naseer Ahmad

Take this small note seriously; do not take it as a hollow threat. We know everything about you. Your two sons are studying in Public School Mir Pur Khas. Cooperate with us otherwise we’ll abduct your children. Your house is in Scheme 2, and you have a show room. If you don’t agree then leave Nabisar Road.

Hurry to cooperate with us.

Don’t take it as a hollow threat.

Two suspects came to his clinic two days after the martyrdom of Mr. Abdul Mannan Siddiqi of Mirpur Khas in September 2008. Dr. Zahid had gone to attend Dr Mannan’s funeral ceremony. On the third day they visited again, but he was away at Nawab Shah to condole the martyrdom of another prominent Ahmadi, Saith Muhammad Yousuf. Dr Zahid uses a spare air-conditioned room as a clinic. On both occasions, the potential felons came straight to this room without asking permission, and not finding him there returned in haste. The staff tried to ask them the purpose of their visit but they did not reply.

On the night of March 1, 2009 a man approached the door of his clinic at about 00:40. He demanded loudly that the door be opened, posing that he wanted to get his blood pressure checked. The staff, not recognizing him, told him that the doctor was not available. Dr. Zahid had a heart by-pass operation a few months earlier. The visitor hit the door and forcibly opened it. He intruded inside and was harsh with the staff, used invectives, and insisted that the doctor be called. He pulled the assistant outside and took out a pistol. Luckily a woman patient was admitted that night and her relatives were also present in the clinic. They came out hearing the loud voices. Outside, they saw a black Toyota 2-OD car. The visitor addressed the persons in the car in Pushto language, and they came out carrying Kalashnikov rifles, while one remained in the driving seat. After a brief exchange in Sindhi the three intruders departed hurriedly.

It is reasonable to assume that Dr. Zahid is lucky to have survived these attempts; otherwise there is high probability that he would have been on the list of Ahmadi martyrs.


Assault on two Ahmadis for their faith

Nankana, August 7, 2009: Mr. Ghulam Mujtaba, an accountant at the Nusrat Jehan Academy, Rabwah, went to see his aunt in Nankana Sahib. The next day he went out to buy some food with his cousin, Nadeem. Some of the shops displayed plastic plates with the inscription: “Admission of Qadianis is forbidden” etc.

They entered a shop which also displayed this notice, but they did not see it. A boy there recognized Nadeem and cried out, “A Mirzai has come. Do not sell him anything.” Nadeem reacted, “Who are you to interfere when the shopkeeper has no objection?” The boy called his friends on a cell phone and shortly thereafter a number of them arrived at the scene. They beat up and injured the two Ahmadi youth. Some decent people present there interfered, so that they could get away from the location. Nadeem received stitches to his head. Ahmadi elders decided not to report the incident to the police, so as to let the situation cool down. It was learnt, however, that the other party approached the police for further support.

Nankana is a hotbed of anti-Ahmadiyya violence. Ahmadis’ homes were set on fire there a few years ago.





The state of Muhammad Arif’s health

Mirpur Khas:               During the fatal attack in September this year on Dr Abdul Mannan Siddiqui, President of the District Ahmadiyya Community, Mirpur Khas, his guard Muhammad Arif was also hit. As the next day, another Ahmadi Amir was also assassinated in Nawabshah, the press and publicity highlighted the two assassinations, and Muhammad Arif’s wounds received little mention. At the time of rendering this report, it is learnt that:

  1. Muhammad Arif received numerous hits in the belly. The bullets damaged his intestines.
  2. He was moved to Karachi immediately for surgery. He received treatment first in the Civil Hospital, and then in the Aga Khan Hospital.
  3. At present he is receiving physiotherapy treatment in the Aga Khan Hospital. He can move his hands but is not able to walk.
  4. The lower part of his body is not functioning yet.

It is noteworthy that none of the prominent Sindhi mullas who are on record to have fanned the fire of violence and hatred against Ahmadis, has been detained or even interrogated.




A deadly attack in Rahim Yar Khan

Rahim Yar Khan; March 16, 2006:     Sheikh Abdul Quddoos Wasim, Ahmadi was attacked by two assailants in his electric store at about 7:30 P.M. The bullet hit him on the back and damaged his entrails, stomach, lungs and liver. He was rushed to the hospital.

The evil duet arrived on a motor cycle. They were in their early thirties, wearing shalwar-qameez. At the shop, they examined some fans and went into the deep interior of the store. On return they asked Sheikh Quddoos to show them the fan in the interior. They were told that it was not for sale. At this, one of the two opened fire at Mr. Quddoos. The assailants fled from the scene thereafter. According to the medical report, the bullet injured his intestines and stopped inside.

Mr. Abdul Quddoos is the son of Mr. Abdus Salaam, a brother of Sheikh Abdul Qadir known well as Muhaqqiq (research scholar). His wife is the local president of Ahmadi women’s association. Mr. Quddoos, a well-known Ahmadi, is an ex-Secretary of the community.


Narrow escape from murder

Dera Ghazi Khan;       September 29, 2006: Professor Abdul Basit, Ahmadi, a former member of the district Ahmadiyya community’s executive committee missed getting killed by a margin of hair’s breadth.

At about 11:00 when he entered his home, a bearded man wearing a red scarf forced entry along with him and fired at him pistol shots. Miraculously, none of these hit the professor. The attacker fled, and Mr. Basit chased him. The assailant fired another two shots at him, and the professor saved himself by taking cover behind the bend of the street. The assailant then managed to escape.

The incident was reported to the police. No arrest has been made. The incident caused great concern to the small Ahmadiyya community of D.G. Khan.


A murder attempt at Chawinda

Chawinda, district Sialkot; October 16, 2006: The Imam of the local Ahmadiyya mosque at Chawinda escaped attack on life, on the night of 15/16 October, through his sensible action. He lives in his apartment at the first floor of the mosque complex. At about 00:30 someone knocked at the window, to which he did not respond. When the intruder knocked again, the Imam shouted, “Who is there?  Get me the gun”, and telephoned his friends. At this, the intruder jumped out of the building and fired a few shots. A few minutes later, some Ahmadis arrived at the scene. The police also came, subsequent to the call to them.

The community decided to raise the outer walls of the mosque complex by another five feet. It was decided to lodge a formal complaint with the police.


A murder attempt in Azad Kashmir

Mira Bharka, Mirpur; August 1, 2006: Mr. Etzaz Ahmad, an Ahmadi youth who is an apprentice at a computers shop became a target of a bigot’s blade, and escaped death by a very narrow margin.

At about 5 p.m. a bearded man entered the shop and attacked Mr. Etzaz with a cutter. The assailant went for his victim’s throat and, in the hassle, made three cuts. The cry of the victim attracted help, and he escaped further harm. The intruder declared that he was only trying to dispatch in infidel. He fled, but the helpers recognized him.

A helper took Mr. Etzaz to a doctor. His wounds needed 12 stitches.

Subsequently, the helper, who was the owner of the shop, contacted Etzaz’s father and asked for three days’ interval to deal with the incident. He sent for the attacker and arranged an unequal settlement. The attacker apologized and promised never to come to the premises again.

Etzaz has recovered from his injures, however the scars remain.


An incident of assault at Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur; October 25, 2006: Mr. Shabbir Hussain Bhatti, the head of the District’s Ahmadi elders’ association, suffered an assault from two persons on 25.10.2006. He was returning from his morning walk, when at about 06:00 two men intercepted him. They had covered their faces and one of them carried a big knife. During the brief encounter the man wielding the knife made two attempts that missed. However, the other tried to hold the victim by the collar of his shirt; as a result Mr. Bhatti’s shirt got torn in the front. Mr. Bhatti ran for cover and reached a security guard in the next street. The guard accompanied him to the site of the attack. The attackers had left by then. The guard then accompanied Mr. Bhatti to his house.

Mr. Bhatti lost his NID card, some documents and three hundred rupees, in the incident. He reported the case in writing to the local police. Mr. Bhatti has also reported that he is being followed at times. On November 12, 2006, his son was attacked at about 2 pm. The identity of the miscreants is still to be confirmed.


Violence and tension in District Khanewal

Bagar Sargana, District Khanewal; November 2006: Two Ahmadis, Messrs Muhammad Ahmad Fahim and Toqir Ahmad were subjected to physical attack by Ahmadi bashers, and had to be admitted in the hospital. The religious thugs continued with their chauvinistic behavior subsequently and maintained sectarian tension for the rest of the month.

The two Ahmadis were on their way home after the evening prayers on November 3, 2006, when they were surprised by a gang of lunatics. They beat up the Ahmadis severely. The fracas attracted attention of other persons, on whose intervention Ahmadis were rescued and taken to the hospital for treatment.

A few days earlier, Mr. Mazhar Abbas, a non-Ahmadi had joined the Ahmadiyya community. This apparently was the cause of the attack. The attackers subsequently tried to force Mr. Abbas to recant, and simultaneously were aggressive against other Ahmadis.

Ahmadi elders reported the matter to the police who reacted unsympathetically. The SHO and the DSP were hostile to Ahmadis, and polite to the other party. This encouraged the latter further and they fired gun shots at night and attempted to bang open some Ahmadis’ doors. They even used loudspeaker to muster the Mussulman Bhai (Muslim brothers).

Under the circumstances, Ahmadi leadership at the district level approached the District Police Officer (DPO). He sent for Mr. Abbas who told him that he had decided to join Ahmadiyyat at his own free will, and nobody had compelled him to do so. This statement and the incident of firing and the use of loudspeakers convinced the DPO as to who were the guilty party. He ordered the DSP and the SHO to ensure peace and act fairly. The DSP sent for both the parties and having heard them, told the aggressive agitators to apologize and refrain from mischief. They asked for couple of days to think it over. The DSP told them to report to his office on November 13. On that day they refused to put a stop to their unlawful activism and failed to explain their firing. The DSP ordered that a case be registered against them under PPC 148/149 and 341/506. These clauses are rather light for the attack they undertook and the violence they are fomenting. So, undeterred, these sectarian fanatics took out a procession at about 11 a.m. on November 15 at Bagar Sargana Pul. Approximately 200 participated. The tension continues.


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