Assaults and Attempts (2011 – 2012)


A murderous attack in Faisalabad, Punjab

Faisalabad; February 2012:  A brutal attack that was primarily intended on the Amir Jamaat Ahmadiyya of Faisalabad resulted in grievous injuries to two Ahmadis on duty at his residence in broad daylight at about 10:00 on February 20, 2012.

Mr. Tanveer Ahmad and Mr. Atiq Arshad attend to the Amir and escort him to and from his office in view of the declared serious threat posed to Ahmadis of Faisalabad. The authorities have been repeatedly informed of the prevailing threat.

On the day of the incident, these two Ahmadis were at the Amir’s residence. They noticed two suspicious looking pillion-riders doing a reconnaissance of the residence. They came out of the gate and beckoned the strangers to stop. Rather than stopping, the riders opened fire on the guards and fled after the attack.

Mr. Tanveer Ahmad was hit on the left side of his stomach while Mr. Atiq Arshad was hit on the right side of his chest. They were rushed to the Civil Hospital.

Mr. Tanveer Ahmad was taken to the operation theatre. Mr. Atiq Arshad was provided a tube in his chest to contain the injury and was given blood transfusion.

Mr. Atiq Arshad’s right lung was found damaged. The inserted tube was expected to help him recover. As for Mr. Tanveer Ahmad, the doctors found his entrails badly injured. They succeeded in removing the bullet from his interior in an operation that lasted three hours.

Authorities in Faisalabad and Lahore know the origin of this attack, as threats for the same were boldly published a few months earlier in a pamphlet and a letter. The addresses were given as below:

The pamphlet

  • Department of Publicity and Publications

Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat Shafa’at Muhammadi

  • All Pakistan Students Khatme Nabuwwat Federation

Phones:           0321-7611895



The letter

Amir Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat

22-Co-operative Bank Building Inside Circular Road Faisalabad: Phone 2633522

The provincial and city authorities owe it to the people of Pakistan and to the world community of which Pakistan is an important member, to explain what effective action they took to counter these open and known threats to peaceful Ahmadi citizens of Faisalabad.

It seems as if the authorities in Faisalabad and the politicians in power in the Punjab have washed their hands of their responsibility to provide security to the Ahmadis in Faisalabad (and elsewhere in the province). It was in Faisalabad where in the near past the mullas of the Aalami Majlis Khatme Nabuwwat issued and distributed a pamphlet calling for the murder of Ahmadis and provided a list of approximately 50 prominent Ahmadis of this city along with their addresses. It was here where earlier the Amir of the same organization had issued a threat letter under his signature on his letter-head and had conveyed in writing to his addressees that: “You have our open permission to show this letter to any Agency or police authority, and do what you like to ensure your security, but you have no option to escape except conversion to Islam.” The authorities in Faisalabad and Lahore have copies of the above-referred pamphlet and the letter.


Target-attacking in Karachi

Karachi; June 24, 2012:        Mr. Muhammad Aslam Bhatti of Baldia Town was attacked by unknown persons at about 11:30 at his computer shop in Saeedabad. He was hit with four bullets.

Mr. Bhatti had just opened his shop on the fateful day when two motor-cycle riders came. One of them entered the shop and started firing. Two bullets hit Mr. Bhatti on his hands, the third hit him in the shoulder, while the fourth hit him above his jaw and was stopped by his teeth which were shattered. His neighbour shop-keeper transported him to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital in Nazimabad where he was operated upon and bullets removed. He was then shifted to the ICU ward.

Mr. Bhatti is 34. He is married and has three daughters; the youngest is one-year old. He is a practicing Ahmadi and has no personal vendetta with anyone.



An assault

Sadullah Pur, Mandi Bahauddin; February 3, 2012:          Mr. Muhammad Yusuf Dhillon survived an attack on his family on February 3. Four armed men knocked at his door at about 8 p.m. His son opened the door. Upon seeing the armed men he ran outside and raised the alarm. The assailants opened fire. One shot hit in the shoulder of Mr. Dhillon’s sister. They also injured Mr. Dhillon and his wife by hitting them with the butt of their rifles. They fled after the attack.

Sadullah Pur has suffered from sectarian conflict since long. A large number of Ahmadis there have suffered prosecution for years at the hand of the mullas and the police. Mr. Dhillon is an active member of the Ahmadiyya community, and its former finance secretary.


Attack on an Ahmadi

Faisalabad; February 11, 2012:        Mr. Naveed Ahmad S/O Mr. Munir Ahmad of Ghokhowal, district Faisalabad was injured, when two unknown motorcyclists fired at him at his shop. Three shots hit him on his legs causing a fracture in his right leg. He was shifted to the Allied Hospital, where bullets were removed in a major surgical operation.

Mr. Ahmad is married, has two children and runs a medical store. He is 28 years old.


Assault on an Ahmadi

Shahdadpur, Sanghar; March 9, 2012:        An Ahmadi, Mr. Basharat Ahmad was riding to his home when he was pursued by two motorcyclists. They were approximately 22 years old. They asked him, who he was? He replied that he was a Punjabi, Arian, (which he was, but he hid his Ahmadi identitiy). The intruders left but intercepted him again and told him that he hid, he was a Qadiani. They beat him up. Although he was roughed up severely, no long term injury occurred and his life was saved.


Ahmadi shot and injured

Chak 93/TDA, District Layyah; April 28, 2012:       Mr. Mujeeb Ahmad S/O Mr. Hanif Ahmad, 25, was shot at by two unknown motor-cyclists, while he was returning home after duty in a local franchise company. The bullet hit his left shoulder.

Mr. Mujeeb was rushed to a hospital, from where after first-aid he was referred and shifted to Nishtar Hospital in Multan, where he survived.

For years, Mr. Mujeeb and his family has had no vendetta against anyone. He is reputed to be a quiet and hardworking young man. Three weeks later, one of his cousins, Mr. Tariq Ahmad, was tortured to death allegedly by members of a banned jihadi outfit also known for its anti-Ahmadiyya posture.


Attempt on life

Nawabshah; September 06, 2012:     Mr. Zaheer Ahmad Alvi S/O Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Alvi, aged 55 was injured but lived after an attempt on his life. He went to the market for some shopping when two unknown motorcyclists opened fire at him. Two bullets hit him in the abdomen. These injured his liver and intestines. He was rushed to the Civil Hospital where he was operated upon and his condition became stable.

Several Ahmadis have been killed in Nawabshah. The police have failed to provide security to Ahmadis.



Lack of security in District Sialkot

Mirajke, District Sialkot; September 2012:                The opponents attacked Mr. Faizan Ahmad, an Ahmadi retailer. They beat him up severely.  The police were no help as the local police inspector is very biased against Ahmadis. He thinks it is ‘pious’ to be so.


Ahmadis attacked in Karachi

September 24, 2012:   Mr. Munawwar Ahmad S/O Mr. Basharat Ahmad, aged 35, was attacked by unknown men. Mr. Ahmad sustained injuries.

Mr. Ahmad was working in his bakery at 15:00 when four men on two motorcycles stopped in front of his shop. One man came inside the shop and fired several shots at Mr. Ahmad and his helper. They both got injured. They were taken to a hospital, where they became stable after two days.

October 19, 2012:       An Ahmadi family was driving back home after Friday prayers in the local mosque when some unknown motor-cycle riders approached them from behind and first shot dead Mr. Saad Farooq, a 26-year old young man. Immediately afterwards his assailants fired at the car in which three passengers, Mr. Farooq Kahlon, Mr. Ammad Farooq and Chaudhri Nusrat Mahmud were grievously injured.

Mr. Farooq Kahlon, father of Mr. Saad Farooq was hit four times, Mr. Ammad Farooq was hit in the temple, while Chaudhri Nusrat Mahmud, who had come from the United States to attend the marriage of his daughter with the targeted Saad Farooq, was hit in the neck and chest. All three were rushed to a hospital where doctors assessed their condition very serious. Mr. Farooq Kahlon is the president of the Ahmadiyya community in Baldia Town. Sometime ago, another president was target-killed here.

Mr. Nusrat Mahmud’s newly-wed daughter became a widow three days after her wedding. Mr. Mahmood died of the injuries five weeks later.


Assault in Lahore

Baghbanpura; June 26, 2012:          A youth named Chand tried to kill Mr. Rizwan Ahmad S/O Mr. Gulzar Ahmad on religious grounds. Mr. Rizwan luckily survived this attack.

An opponent of Ahmadiyyat, Pervez of Madhu Lal neighbourhood devised a plan for the murder of Rizwan. He told Chand, a dull-witted fellow, that killing Rizwan, a Qadiani would bring him great reward in the Hereafter. At this, Chand intercepted Rizwan on his way home, abused him and pulled out a knife to attack him. A few shopkeepers intervened and stopped Chand in his attempt. One of Rizwan’s friends also arrived at the scene and got hold of the attacker. Chand told them upon inquiry that he was instigated to kill Rizwan for his Ahmadiyyat.

Later Rizwan’s elder brother approached Chand’s brother and informed him of the frightful incident. He apologized.


An assault in Sahiwal

Sahiwal; October 12, 2012:   Mr. Majeed Ahmad became victim of numerous outrages of his neighbour for a year and a half, for his faith. He indulged in a scuffle with Mr. Ahmad on two occasions.

Mr. Ahmad was returning home on October 12, 2012 when his neighbour intercepted him and beat him up. Mr. Ahmad did not respond in kind. The police and the administration were informed of his problem. Mr. Ahmad has been advised greater caution.


Life-threatening visits in the provincial capital

Gulshan Iqbal; December 20, 2011: Someone tried to open the main gate of Ch. Nasir Ahmad’s house at 11 p.m. When he asked the visitor his identity, he did not disclose it and drove back on his motorcycle. Again at about midnight someone knocked at the door vigorously with a stone. Ahmad did not attend to the caller.

A few days earlier, on December 17, 2011 someone fired four shots in the air in front of his house to harass him.

Mr. Nasir Ahmad was advised to take all possible security precautions.


Another murder attack in Rachna Town, Lahore

Rachna Town, Ferozwala, District Lahore; September 7, 2011:  Khatme Nabuwwat organization considers 7 September an important date and celebrates it every year, because in 1974 on this date Ahmadis were declared a non-Muslim minority by the state. This year, religious bigots chose this day to make a murder attempt in Rachna Town where last year they had murdered Professor Muhammad Yusuf and got away with it – thanks to intervention of a local political heavy-weight of PML (N).

Unknown pillion-riders fired pistol shots at Mr. Basheer Ahmad the local secretary of public affairs of the Ahmadi community, at about 11 a.m. He was hit by four bullets in the neck, shoulder and stomach. Three of these remained embedded while the fourth shot to the shoulder came out at the other end. Mr. Ahmad was rushed to Mayo Hospital where he was attended by a competent surgical team in the ‘emergency’ room. They took out the bullets from the stomach and the neck. His vertebrates and entrails were damaged. They had to undertake a colostomy. It took them many hours of surgical operation, and they had to use four bottles to replenish his lost blood. His state was precarious for hours, and they shifted him to the Intensive Care Unit after the operation. Fortunately he survived.

Days later he was shifted to another hospital for medical care and recovery. He had to be provided an armed guard to ensure that he was protected against a repeat attempt.

As the local Khatme Nabuwwat chapter of TAKN (Tajdar Anjuman Khatme Nabuwwat) is intensely involved in anti-Ahmadi activities, a number of activists reportedly fled from the area to avoid arrest.

Ten days after this incident the local leaders of the TAKN in Ferozwala filed a larceny complaint with the police against unnamed accused, reportedly as ‘FIR insurance’ against an accusation of involvement in the murder attempt on the Ahmadi. Humayun Akhtar, younger brother of TAKN Ferozwala president Afzal Tahir, was the complainant of the dacoity case. The Express Tribune reported the following on September 20, 2011, ‘Sources in the police said that Tahir, Qari Muhamamd Ahmad Faridi and two other prominent TAKN members contacted the police and asked them not to allow TAKN people to be named in the FIR. They said that PML (Nawaz) MPA Ashraf  Rasool, who is also a member of TAKN, had also approached the (police) station house officer on this matter.’

The same newspaper quoted a local as, “The TAKN is very strong here. They have renamed the crossing where Chaudhry Basheer was attacked and are calling it Khatme Nabuwwat Chowk. The bazaar is being called Khatme Nabuwwat Bazaar.”

A few days earlier mulla Muhammad Ahmad Faridi, the Khatib of the local Khatme Nabuwwat mosque issued a poster titled: “Khatme Nabuwwat doctrine is the foundation of Islam,” Its contents include, inter alia, “These people (Ahmadis) call Mirza Qadiani a Prophet (Nabi), and a Messenger (Rasul); they consider his diabolic inspirations holy revelations and call his nonsense ‘Hadees Rasul’. They call his cursed colleagues Companions of the Messenger, and call the corrupt family of the cursed Mirza ‘Ahle Bai‘at’. Hence Mirzais are not only Kafir (infidels), they are also guilty of blasphemy against the Prophet, the Quran, the Companions and the Holy Family. Mirzais call themselves Muslims despite all their nonsense, trash and bull. … They are traitors to Islam and the country.”

From: Muhammad Ahmad Faridi, Khatib Jame Masjid Khatme Nabuwwat, Rachna Town, Ferozwala, Street No. 26

Contact # 0322 48 67977

Such propaganda can only lead to incidents of murder and assault, as those in Rachna Town. If the authorities do not take notice of the criminals who give their addresses and phone numbers on posters, it only shows that they support such crimes and lawlessness against Ahmadis.

Mr. Riaz Ahmad of Rachna Town, a friend of Mr. Basheer Ahmad the victim of the attack, has received serious threats from unknown men. He has little option except moving elsewhere – a painful choice.


Assault on an another Ahmadi

Chak 70 M-L, District Bhakar; December 30, 2010:            Mr. Qamar Ahmad runs a small clinic in his village. He is head of the local Ahmadiyya Youth Organisation. Five armed men stopped him on his way home, beat him up and remarked that a Mirzai (Ahmadi) was in no position to do them any harm in return. He was very upset.


Attempt at target killing in Mardan

Mardan KP; January 6, 2011:          Mr. Wajih Ahmad Noman was injured in shoulder by a bullet when he was returning home at about 8 p.m. in company of his three relatives. The assailant fled after firing the shots and escaped taking a ride with a motorcyclist who waited for him around the corner. Mr. Noman was rushed to the hospital where he became stable.

In the preceding few weeks, the Ahmadiyya community in Mardan had suffered a terrorist attack on their mosque followed by a series of targeted attacks.

At Mardan, religious extremists killed Sh. Aamir Raza last year on September 3, 2010, Sh. Mahmud Ahmad on November 8 and Sh. Umar Javed on December 23.

Perhaps they aim at driving Ahmadis out of Mardan by these series killings.


A narrow escape

Manzoor Colony, Karachi; November 13, 2011:      Five shots were fired at Mr. Saleem Ahmad S/O Mr. Muhammad Shaban as he was returning home after prayers. One shot hit him. He was taken to a hospital.

He is a practicing Ahmadi and is active in the community in various ways, including security duties.

Manzoor Colony has a history of anti-Ahmadiyya agitation. Several Ahmadis have been killed in this locality in the past few years.


An Ahmadi looted and shot

Hyderabad, Sindh; January 27, 2011:          Mr. Masood Ahmad while he was going to his work at 9:20 a.m. was intercepted by two motorcyclists. They demanded his motor bike. He gave his bike to them. They took the bike, but still shot him in the leg before leaving. He was taken to the Bhitai Hospital.

Mr. Ahmad is a devoted and active worker of the Ahmadiyya community. There is reason to believe that he was targeted.


Attack on life

Rawalpindi; February 2, 2011:         Mr. Abdul Rauf is a well-known businessman in Gojar Khan, district Rawalpindi. He received a letter at his shop that threatened him with death if he did not change his religion. A few days later while returning home, two men on a motorbike intercepted him and said to him in Punjabi, “You are a Mirzai, stop your antics.” Later, on February 2, as he entered his house, he heard a shot that pierced the gate and hit the wall in front of him. Luckily, he was unhurt. He lodged a report with the police.

He is in a constant danger. His family is living in fear.


A narrow escape

Goth Jam Khan Chandio, Distt Larkana, Sindh; February 21, 2011:        Mr. Anees Ahmad Chandio, Ahmadi faced sectarian hostility in his village. Mullas held an anti-Ahmadiyya conference there and provoked people against Ahmadis by using obscene language. Some of his non-Ahmadi relatives made hostile moves against him after this conference.

Some miscreants forced entry in his house on February 21. The brave response of Chandio’s wife saved the family from harm against these rascals who took to firing. Other people woke up on hearing the shots, and the attackers fled.


An assault in Rabwah

Rabwah; March 12, 2011:     Mr. Muhammad Yar Langa, Ahmadi, was returning home with his herd of goats when he was intercepted by son of a mulla, who used foul language against Mr. Langa and told him to stop going by that route. In the meantime the mulla, Muhammad Anwar arrived at the scene and attacked Mr. Langa with an axe, injuring him severely in the head.

Mr. Langa was taken to the Ahmad Nagar Hospital for first aid and a medical report. Based on the report the police registered criminal case No. 117 against the accused.


A failed attack

Quetta; March 6, 2011:          Four men came in a vehicle which had no registration plate to the house of Mr. Muhiyyuddin. They did not find him at home. They tried to get some information about him, and threatened the house-keeper when he refused to give it. A few days later a threatening letter was dropped at his house. It conveyed a threat to his life.

Mr. Muhiyyudin was advised to leave the place under these circumstances. An attack took place at his house after his shifting. Assailants forced into his house and fired more than ten shots in his bedroom.

Another assault

Sahiwal; April 2011:  Malik Majeed Ahmad Khan is the General Secretary of the Ahmadiyya community at the district level. His neighbor, a former student of a madrassah, came to his shop and used profanities against him. Mr. Majeed kept his calm.

The next day, he came over again and physically attacked Mr. Majeed Khan who was injured. The police arrived at the scene and booked the attacker.


Ahmadi’s land occupied illegally

Khewe Wali, Gujranwala: May 20, 2011:     Akhtar Islam, a religious extremist occupied the farm land of an Ahmadi, Muhammad Sharif S/O Nazir Ahmad. This was reported to the police, who got the land released from the occupiers. The rivals retaliated by firing indiscriminately at the house of Mr. Ghulam Sarwar, a relative of Mr. Sharif, and occupied the land again the very next day. Akhtar Islam is rabidly anti-Ahmadiyya; he kidnapped Mr. Ghulam Sarwar a few years ago.


An attack in Mardan (KP)

Mardan; June 15, 2011:        Dr Rafiq Ahmad and his brother, Ataul Khabir arrived outside their home from his clinic at about 8 A.M. when two persons on a motor cycle approached them and fired a burst at them. Fortunately, both escaped unhurt, and managed to fire back at the attackers who were hit. They fled. The brothers informed the police of the attack.

The police response was prompt and fruitful. A few hours later the police arrested both the attackers in an injured state from a house. They were admitted in Hospital Complex in Mardan. They were residents of villages Nawan Kali and Mohibb Banda, close to Mardan. The attackers were arrested by the police from the residence of a mulla who had provided them protection. This arrest was significant, as terrorists have undertaken numerous attacks in Mardan on different targets in the past.

On June 29, a judge released these criminals on bail, on grounds best known to him. A delegation of the Ahmadiyya community called on a senior police official and conveyed to him their deep concern over the release of the two men. The police had other reasons also to ensure that these terrorists would not get away.

The next day when the accused had filed in the necessary documents for the bail and were departing from the jail, the police arrested them in another case in which some policemen had been killed a few months earlier in attack on the Takht Bai police station.

            It was learnt later that the two had been released again by a court. This is ominous. The two had attempted a murder, and were facing charges. Their targets are the prosecution witnesses. The accused are now free, and it would surprise no one if they try to dispose of the witnesses.


Attack on Ahmadi community worker

Faisalabad; June 2011:         Some unknown armed persons entered the residence of Rana Nasim Ahmad after midnight on June 1. Mr. Ahmad fired a few shots in the air. The intruders jumped over the wall and fled. It is relevant to mention that a few months earlier the Shoba Nashar-o-Ashaat Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat had issued a pamphlet that urged people to murder Ahmadis in the open and mentioned Rana Nasim Ahmad by name as one of the two prominent Ahmadis.

This leaves no doubt about the identity of the criminal elements who plan and sponsor violence that was attempted on June 1 against Rana Nasim Ahmad.


Still another assault

Chak No. 11/FW, district Bahawal Nagar; June 6, 2011:   Mr. Waqas Ahmad was overtaken by a few miscreants on June 6, 2011 and was beaten up badly. The assault resulted in fracture of his arm. He had to be hospitalized.

Earlier, the president of the Ahmadiyya community of this village was prosecuted for constructing a place of worship. He was indicted and punished. Later, the locals picked up a quarrel with him over a pathway, but he won the case. All such acts are personal vendetta but are given a religious base to persecute Ahmadis. People have been agitated in the area in general against members of the Ahmadiyya community.


Ahmadi assaulted in Gujranwala

Gujranwala; July 16, 2011:   Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad S/O Mr Basharat Ahmad of Amir Park, Gujranwala city received some threatening letters written in Punjabi. He was threatened with attempt on his life. Sure enough, on July 16, when he left the mosque after the evening prayer two persons fired at him twice in the nearby square. He was hit on his right thigh. The bullet entered the flesh and emerged from the other side. Fortunately it did not fracture his bone. He was rushed to the hospital where he recovered.

A report was made to the Civil Lines police station for registration of a police case.


Youth roughed up badly

Baghbanpura, District Lahore; August 31, 2011:    Aziz ur Rehman, Ahmadi went to a restaurant along with 8 non-Ahmadi friends. There, Tuti, a religious zealot, seated with a dozen of his pals, expressed anger at the sight of this Ahmadi and raised anti-Ahmadi slogans. Aziz’s friends tried to dissuade Tuti from agitation, but the miscreant decided to escalate the fuss. He is a younger brother of the powerful political theologian, Tahir Mahmud Ashrafi who was a religious affairs minister in the Punjab in the recent past.

Tuti led his colleagues out of the restaurant and started shouting slogans in the street. He managed to assemble a big number of sympathizers. Aziz and his friends decided to leave the spot, but the miscreants held Aziz and two of his friends, and beat them up.

Someone informed the police who arrived and rescued the three detainees. Tuti, supported by a local mulla of the Khatme Nabuwwat faction, accused the three victims of blasphemy and made sworn statement in support of their false accusation.

By this time the people from Baghbanpura approached Tuti’s brother Maulana Ashrafi, and asked him to intervene and dowse the deliberately ignited fire. The mullas insisted that at least the Ahmadi should be charged of blasphemy. Then they suggested that the non-Ahmadi friends of Aziz should agree to accuse him of proselytizing and of arranging visits to Rabwah. They did not agree to the fabrication. Efforts for reconciliation went on till morning when the police obtained a peace-deal from the two parties.

Aziz was advised by his elders to exercise care and not go out after sunset.


Ahmadis – narrow escape

Sheikhupura; September, 2011:        Mr. Tariq Mahmood Bhutto is the president of his local Ahmadiyya community. He was returning home from his factory, Serena Dying, when he was chased by two men on an unregistered motorcycle. The man sitting at the back fired a shot in the air and signaled to stop the car. Mr. Bhutto stopped the car and slouched to save himself from the second shot. The second shot got jammed in the pistol and the villains decided to flee. They went towards Sheikhupura city. Mr. Bhutto had a complaint registered in the police station against the unknown persons.


Sialkot; August 25, 2011:       Mr. Abdul Hameed Gondal is an office-holder of the local Ahmadiyya community. He owns a shop, Gondal Electronics in Urdu Bazaar, Sialkot. He was in his shop along with his son and brother when a youth, approximately 25 years old, entered the shop, pointed his pistol at his son and said, “You have been given three warnings, and now your time has come.” He demanded twenty-five thousand rupees. At that time a vehicle of Elite Force (a law-enforcement agency) pulled up outside his shop by chance. Two of his accomplices who were on guard outside the shop alerted him and they ran away. This saved the situation. A few days earlier two mullas had come to Mr. Gondal’s shop and threatened him in loud voice. Mr. Gondal felt vulnerable.


Kotli, AJK; September, 2011:            Raja Muhammad Iqbal was returning home when some religious bullies abused and harassed him. He did not respond to their provocation. Some nearby shopkeepers intervened and helped him out of this ordeal.


Firing outside Ahmadi’s house

Tehal, District Gujrat; June 25, 2011:          Dr. Mubashir Ahmad is the president of the Ahmadiyya community in Tehal, district Gujrat. He was watching TV at home when someone fired several gun-shots outside his house. The attackers fled and could not be traced. It is worth noting that some assailants forced entry to his house a few months ago on December 23, 2010 and fired several gun-shots. Fortunately he and his family survived the attack. The situation got tense once again in an area which has a history of anti-Ahmadiyya incidents.

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