Assaults and Attempts (2015 – 16)



Assault on an Ahmadi

Karachi; January 27, 2016:               Mr. Javed Ahmad Khokhar and Rana Iftikhar Ahmad, Ahmadi residents of the County Garden were returning home at night when some unknown assailants fired three shots at them. Mr. Khokhar was hit in his arm near the shoulder. He was immediately shifted to a hospital. He survived as a result of effective treatment.


Assault on an Ahmadi for his faith

Hafizabad; March 2016:        Mr. Muhammad Ashraf, Ahmadi was going to his farm when a mulla intercepted him and slapped him powerfully. In the second attempt Mr. Ashraf held his hand, and the attacker withdrew. Mr. Ashraf’s eye got sore and his ear got hurt due to the impact of the slap. He suffered severe ear ache for days.

When Mr. Ashraf’s uncle came to know of it, he went to the house of that mulla, whose relatives then hid him inside. Later at night the mulla’s relatives came to see Mr. Ahsraf’s uncle and sought pardon. They were forgiven.

It was learnt later that the mulla was following Mr. Ashraf for some days to harm him.



Three Ahmadis of a family targeted

Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi; October 11, 2015:              Three members of a family were shot at brutally when they returned home at night. As a result two of them got seriously injured.

Mr. Saleem Rafaqat along with his two nephews, Mr. Moaaz Ahmad and Mr. Shamir Ahmad aged 20 and 17 years returned home after offering evening prayers. When they reached in front of their house, two unidentified men opened fire at them. They were immediately shifted to a hospital. One bullet was found stuck in Mr. Rafaqat’s neck touching the back bone, which disturbed the movement of his feet. The other bullet fractured the bone of his arm and damaged his hand. Another bullet grazed past the head of Moaaz. He was discharged from the hospital after first aid.

Shamir Ahmad was critically injured. A bullet pierced through his abdomen from right to left, which damaged his vital organs. His stomach and liver were badly damaged. He remained on ventilator and got stable only after several operations.

BBC Urdu reported the incident on October 12, 2015. It reported that the police declared it an incident of robbery but the spokesperson of the Ahmadiyya community refuted this suggestion. Another Ahmadi, Mr. Noman Najam was target-killed earlier in Karachi on March 21 for his faith. In 2012, 50 percent of all Ahmadis killed for their faith in Pakistan were from Karachi.

An Islamist organization claimed credit for this attack. The claim was widely circulated in the social media. Its original is reproduced here along with its translation:

Lion-hearted Mujahedeen of the Islamic Kingdom of Khurasan targeted three Qadianis (apostates) even in the tough conditions of Karachi, thanks to God.

Operations by intelligence agencies are on the increase in Karachi. Mujahideen are being arrested daily. Despite that, praise be to God, they targeted Qadianis and Rawafiz (Shia) who are the biggest supporters of Kafirs. Mujahedeen have presented a sample to the Qadianis through this successful action. We warn them to

stop their proselytization and close down their worship places. Otherwise, we will keep on killing the blasphemers, by the will of God.

Spokesperson of the Ahmadiyya community stated that anti-Ahmadiyya hate literature is published and distributed frequently. It is a threat to the lives of Ahmadis. It was clearly mentioned in National Action Plan that action will be taken against such literature and speeches, but no action is taken against promoters of hate against the Ahmadiyya community. Terrorists take great advantage of this propaganda and attack Ahmadis. He demanded that authorities arrest the attackers and bring them to justice.

 Lethal attack on an Ahmadi

Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi; November 18, 2015:                      Two unknown pillion riders opened fire on Chaudhry Munir Ahmad, an Ahmadi, when he came home in car at about 11 pm. A bullet hit Mr. Ahmad in his right upper arm and got stuck in the shoulder. Other three bullets hit the car. Mr. Ahmad managed to drive his car into his house. He was immediately taken to Liaqat National Hospital by his neighbor where bleeding was stopped through first aid. He was discharged from the hospital a few hours later.

Doctors removed the bullet on November 21, 2015 in a successful operation.

 Ahmadi roughed up by religious thugs

Nankana; August 20, 2015:              Mr. Farhan Saleem S/O Malik Muhammad Saleem went to the local coaching centre to prepare for C.S.S. examination. Two men came to the centre and asked for Mr. Farhan, the Qadiani. At the time approximately 20 students were present in the classroom. The intruders got hold of him, dragged him out and started beating him. One of Mr. Saleem’s non-Ahmadi fellows tried to intervene. The assailants called him insane for supporting a ‘blasphemer’. Mr. Saleem saved himself by fleeing.

It is learnt that some members of a Khatme Nabuwwat organization had visited the coaching centre earlier and told the professor to stop teaching Mr. Saleem and forbid him coming there.

 Assault on security detail of an Ahmadiyya mosque

Taunsa Sharif, District DG Khan; July 11, 2015:    Two unidentified armed men attacked the local Ahmadiyya mosque at the time of morning prayers. At the time Ahmadis were coming to the mosque, approximately 10 Ahmadis were inside the mosque, and the gate was closed from inside for security reasons. A policeman and an Ahmadi were on security duty outside the mosque. Two men, wrapped in sheets, came from the side street and tried to disarm the policeman. The policeman resisted, at which the assailants opened fire at both of them. The Ahmadi remained safe while three shots hit the policeman, one in his abdomen and two in his leg. The assailants snatched his gun and ran away.

The policeman was immediately shifted to the nearest hospital and then driven to Nishter Hospital in Multan. Fortunately he survived.

The police acted promptly against this terror attack and arrested the main culprits. According to the daily Pakistan of July 16, 2015, they had links with Taliban, Al-Faruq group. A written guide to make suicide jackets, jihadi literature, a Kalashnikov, two hand grenades and one 9 mm pistol were also recovered from them.

It appears from this incident and the follow-up report that the main anti-Ahmadiyya Khatme Nabuwwat organization has operational links with TTP. It is worth mentioning that during the attack on the two Ahmadiyya mosques in Lahore in May 2010 the assailants raised the slogans of Khatme Nabuwwat Zindabad (Long live the end of prophethood) during the attack.

Approximately a month after this attack, the Ahmadi witness, Mr. Ikramullah was killed by two unidentified men on August 19, 2015.

Acid attack on an Ahmadi doctor

Mayo Hospital, Lahore; December 29, 2014:           Dr. Qazi Munawwar Ahmad was walking towards the parking lot from his clinic at around 6 p.m. The visibility was poor due to fog and darkness. At a street corner somebody threw acid on his face which injured him severely and burnt his jacket. He was rushed to the hospital. He was in great pain as the quantity and acidity was ample, resulting in damage to his face.

Acid was thrown on him in the past as well, but he did not shift his clinic; the locals requested him to continue his practice there.

Gulshan Park, Lahore; January 18, 2015: The house of Mr. Arshad Ali Dogar, an Ahmadi, is located in front of the Ahmadiyya mosque here. On 18 January 2015, two unidentified men came there on a motorbike at about 3:15 a.m. They fired 4-5 gunshots at Mr. Dogar’s gate and moved ahead. On the way they fired some gunshots in the air. Then one of them walked back and again fired 4-5 shots at the gate. They departed but came back half an hour later to check the street. The police were informed but they arrived very late and collected the shells from the location.

The policemen asked Mr. Dogar to come to the police station to file a report. He, however, opted to exercise discretion.

Guldasht Town, Lahore; January 11, 2015: A retired Superintendent of Police, Zubair Sara held a religious get-together (Milad) at his house. Opponents of the Ahmadiyya community used loudspeaker at the occasion and bad-mouthed the community. They propagated hate and violence against the community and told the participants to pull Ahmadis out of their homes and kill them.

Update of case against attackers in Gujranwala riot

Gujranwala:   It would be recalled that an anti-Ahmadi riot was precipitated last year in Gujranwala on July 27, 2014 by extremist elements, on the accusation that an Ahmadi youth allegedly defiled the picture of Holy Ka‘aba on Facebook. In this riot three Ahmadi females, including a 7-month old infant were killed in arson attack. Ahmadi homes and properties were looted and gutted by mob in police presence. All the Ahmadi residents of the neighborhood had to flee from homes for safety, and remained dislocated for months. None of the criminals who committed grave crimes or initiated the riots were arrested initially even though some of them were named in the FIR. The Ahmadi youth who was falsely accused of blasphemy was arrested and was not granted bail despite the fact that investigation did not find him guilty.

The Ahmadi youth suffered prosecution for over a year from the prison. Eventually he was acquitted of the false charge.

The mullas, led by Zahid-ur-Rashidi of Gujranwala and others of Khatme Nabuwwat factions formed a Joint Committee to defend the attackers, created a Legal Committee and met the authorities to pressurize them to act in favour of the criminals involved in the riots. They had success, and no serious action was taken by the administration for months – till the religious terrorists attacked the APS in Peshawar, and there was a consensus to move against extremists under the policy outlined in National Action Plan.

The authorities eventually did become active to apply law to the criminals involved in the riot; however, the hidden psych of Ahmadis being ‘they’ and the Muslims being ‘ours’ betrays itself in the cutting edge actions, for example:

  • From the big mob comprising hundreds, only 8 men were named. The police let three of these off the hook by declaring them innocent.
  • Thirty-four of the accused, who were eventually named after a police inquiry, are free on bail. Mulla Zahid Qadri who incited the mob on megaphone was arrested in September 2015, but is now free on bail.
  • Samiullah, one of the accused had become an absconder; he was arrested on December 10.
  • None of the leading religious bigots who unabashedly and publicly decided to stand in solidarity with killers and arsonists has been detained by the police for investigation.

Ahmadi suffers violence at the hand of mulla

Sadhoki, District Gujranwala; December 29, 2014:             Opponents of the Ahmadiyya community often hold rallies and conferences here and incite the people. They call for the social boycott of Ahmadis. Mr. Faheem Ahmad works here in a medical store. On 29 December 2014, a mulla Ikramullah Rizvi of the local mosque went to the store and asked for a drug. When Mr. Ahmad was asked by the store owner to pass the medicine, the mulla said, “I have told you that I am not going to take medicine from the hand of this Mirzai dog.” Mr. Ahmad replied that he was not going to give him the item either. At this the mulla got furious and started beating Mr. Ahmad. The store owner intervened and the mulla went back only to come back with a gang of acolytes. The shop-owners didn’t allow them entry in the store at which they went back threatening Mr. Ahmad for life.

The incident was reported to the local police. The SHO called both parties to the police station and held the mulla responsible for the disturbance and warned him against a repeat.

In view of the hostile situation and probable violence, Mr. Ahmad decided to shift from Sadhoki.

15 months on, Ahmadi families await return

Lahore:           The daily The Express Tribune published the following story on October 9, 2015.

Three of the six Ahmadi families displaced in Gujranwala after an infuriated mob torched their houses in Arafat Colony have not been able to return home despite the passage of over 15 months.
 The mob had attacked houses belonging to members of Jamaat-i-Ahmadiyya in the colony on July 28, 2014 after asserting that 20-year-old Aqib Saleem, an Ahmadi, had shared a blasphemous post on Facebook. A case was registered against Saleem and police had nabbed the blasphemy suspect. His case was later heard at an anti-terrorism court. Five-year-old Hira Tabassum, three-year-old Kainat Tabassum (sic) and their grandmother Bushra Begum were burnt alive in the incident. The mob had torched another five houses in the locality. The residences were pillaged before being set ablaze.
 Saddam Hussain, Iftikhar Ahmed,

Arson attack in Gujranwala

Khurram, Asif Butt, Asif Dhobi, Tariq Sindhu, Maulvi Hakim Khan and Muhammad Noor had been nominated in an FIR of the incident filed on the complaint of Muhammad Boota, the father of the deceased girls. Police had declared Khan, Hussain and Butt innocent. Khan had been accused of inciting the mobsters by making provocative announcements at a local mosque in the FIR. The other suspects have been imprisoned.
Lahore High Court had dismissed Sindhu’s bail application last week. The Supreme Court had turned down bail applications of Noor and Khurram on September 2, 2009.
 On the other hand, the court trying Saleem had acquitted him on August 15, 2015. The counsel for the petitioner had informed the court that his client had been accused of sharing the post in question on July 27, 2014. He said a probe had established that his Facebook account had not been used from July 20 to 28.
 Local Ahmadi leader Iqrar Ahmed told The Express Tribune that three of the affected families had returned to the locality. He said locals had not allowed the remaining families to return. Ahmed said Boota, Fazal and Saleem’s families had not been allowed to return. He said they had returned to the locality but had vacated their residences once again after being threatened. Ahmed said the families in question were directly involved in the attack.
 He said Boota’s mother had been killed by the mob and Saleem was accused of blasphemy. The community leader said families that had returned were not related to them. Ahmed said police had been patronising the suspects instead of nabbing them earlier. He said they were arrested following the introduction of the National Action Plan against terrorism. Ahmed said police had informed the community that the department would ensure the safe return of the remaining families when the time was right.

Note: It is learnt that the police eventually arrested in September one Qari Zahid who was a riot leader in that he incited the rioters on a megaphone; a court has released him on bail.