Banning of the Ahmadiyya monthly Misbah and the daily Al-Fazl

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 19


The DCO Chiniot issued an order in February 2012 to cancel the ‘Declaration’ of the Ahmadi women’s monthly Misbah, and initiated similar action against the Ahmadiyya daily Al-fazl, on instructions from the provincial capital, Lahore. The ‘Order’ conveyed that it was triggered by a recommendation of the Ulema.

            Ahmadiyya press is one of the prime targets of the anti-Ahmadi legislation promulgated in 1984 by General Zia. As a result of this, prosecution of leading figures of the Ahmadiyya press reached figures that could be entered in the Guinness Book of World Records. For example, more than 400 Ahmadiyya periodicals have been proscribed by the authorities. Mr. Nasim Saifi, an editor of the daily Al-Fazl, faced charges in 40 different cases untill his death. Qazi Munir Ahmad the printer faced charges in more than 90 cases, while Agha Saifulla the publisher faced charges in over 25 cases. Both of them had to flee abroad to rid themselves of endless court appearances. But there is an element of mockery to all this.

            The authorities while initiating a police case or a ban against the pressmen or a periodical often accused the target of containing objectionable material; but they never pointed to or specified that material. In fact, they knew that if they did, they risked being ridiculed in the country as well as abroad. It is for this reason that rarely a charge could be pressed in a court to ensure conviction.

            However, this way, harassment and persecution was amply inflicted by the rabid mullas and the unscrupulous authorities. They raided the press, offices and residences of the press staff to make arrests. The victims had to flee to avoid incarceration. They tried to seek bails from courts, which occasionally did not grant the bail or delayed their decision. Thus it was not rare that old, even octogenarian pressmen ended up in prison.

            This year the Punjab Government indulged in the same exercise against two publications, despite the fact that the country is otherwise praised for its freedom of press. The authorities took this action as dictated by the mullas. If this is not ‘theocracy’ what else is? The ruling Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) is not worthy inheritor of the name of the party whose founding father, Mr. Jinnah, gave a commitment that Pakistan would not be a theocratic state.


Colossal violation of Ahmadis’ fundamental rights by the Government of the Punjab

Ahmadiyya women’s monthly magazine Misbah’s publication is banned on demand of mullas

Ahmadiyya daily Alfazl similarly threatened

The District Coordination Officer (DCO) Chiniot issued an ORDER NO. 2182-86/DCO-C dated February 15, 2012 banning the Monthly Misbah, a women’s magazine published by the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan for decades. The DCO did not point out any objectionable material contained in any specific issue. Extracts from the said ORDER are reproduced below:



Briefly stating Mutehida Ulema Board Punjab in its meeting held on 27.06.2011 has recommended cancellation of declaration of Monthly Magazine Misbah for publishing objectionable material. This information was received through letter No. SO (IS.III) 6-15/201 dated 27.10.2011 of Home Department, Government of the Punjab. It has also been informed that propagation of Qadianiat is a crime Under Section 298-C of PPC. The monthly Misbah has been declared as propagating Qadianiat and as such recommended to be banned by Mutehida Ulema Board Punjab constituted by the Chief Minister Punjab. Therefore, declaration of Monthly Misbah may be cancelled.

Mr. Tahir Mehdi Imtiaz Ahmad Warraich appeared before the undersigned on 6.2.2012 and his statement was recorded accordingly. He has contended that no objectionable material is being published in Monthly Misbah. He has further prayed that the declaration of Monthly Misbah may not be canceled.

… It is observed that: …

4.        Mutehida Ulema Board Punjab constituted by the Chief Minister Punjab has recommended banning the Monthly Magazine Misbah.

In the light of the above mentioned observation, I am convinced that Monthly Magazine Misbah is being published in contravention of Press, Newspapers, News Agencies and Books Registration Ordinance 2002. Therefore I Dr Irshad Ahmad, District Coordination Officer Chiniot hereby cancel the declaration in respect of Monthly Magazine Misbah authenticated by the then District Magistrate Jhang with immediate effect. The printer of Monthly Misbah is directed to stop circulation of the Monthly Misbah forthwith under information to this office.



No. 2182-86/DCO-C, Dated: 15.02.12

A copy is forwarded for information to:

  1. The Secretary, Government of the Punjab, Home Department, Lahore
  2. The Commissioner, Faisalabad Division, Faisalabad

5.  Mr. Tahir Mahdi Imtiaz Ahmad Warraich, Printer of Monthly Magazine Misbah, Chenab Nagar, Tehsil Lalian, District Chiniot for information and compliance

A few days later another Notice from the DCO Office Chiniot dated February 27, 2012 was received by the publisher and printer of the Ahmadiyya community’s daily Al-fazl for the same purpose, quoting the same law. An extract from the said letter:

“You are informed again that you present yourself in (my ) office at 11:00 on 03.03.2012 along with the declaration of the daily/weekly Alfazl and state reasons as to why the said daily/weekly Alfazl’s Declaration should not be cancelled. In case of your absence, further action will be taken as per rules.”    District Coordination Officer Chiniot

This action by the Government of the Punjab against the fundamental rights of the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan is perhaps the most offensive and unjustifiable overt act of any government since the dark days of General Zia. Following is clear in this case:

  1. The Chief Minister Punjab has constituted a Mutehida Ulema Board (a board comprising mullas).
  2. This Board initiated action against the Ahmadiyya women’s magazine. It is reasonable to assume that the imminent action against the Ahmadiyya daily is also on their demand.
  3. The high officials in the provincial government are complying with Ulema Board’s recommendations without due inquiry regarding the merit of its recommendations.
  4. The Ulema Board, the Home Secretary and the DCO all failed to pin-point the ‘objectionable material’. A general statement was the only excuse that the magazine ‘preached Qadianiat’.
  5. A magazine for Ahmadi women would of course guide the readers in Ahmadiyya teachings, not Deobandi or Salafi doctrines. The magazine carries a bold notation on its cover: “For the education of Ahmadi women”.
  6. The Ulema Board has been allowed to interfere viciously, unjustifiably and inappropriately in the affairs of a community whom they do not accept Muslims, thereby opening wide the door for the mullas to have a powerful voice in the affairs of Non-Muslim communities like Christians, Hindus etc.
  7. The government of Punjab has violated the laudable policy of freedom of press and expression without putting up a fight or even resistance to its self-created religious robots. The provincial authorities have indeed expressed their disrespect to the well-known international standards of human rights and freedoms.
  8. By not pointing out objectionable material, the authorities have boarded the bandwagon of religious bigots in pursuit of religious and sectarian prejudices.
  9. The mere fact that the authorities are unable to describe the Al-Fazl as a daily or weekly points to the absolute void in investigating the alleged complaint of mullas mustered on the official Board.
  1.             It makes no sense that while the dailies and periodicals published by the banned Jihadi       organizations are allowed to enjoy freedom of press in Pakistan, the Ahmadi          women’s magazine is banned for little reason.

It was decades ago that the infamous military regime of general Zia banned the publication of Ahmadi daily and periodicals; it is bizarre that the present day democratic government of the Punjab should undertake similar retrogressive action when the world, and indeed Pakistan itself, has moved on to greater freedom.

This action of the Sharif government has supported those who accuse PML (N) of being inheritors of General Zia’s regressive ideology and policy.

Two years ago Mr. Sharif requested the terrorists not to target the Punjab as Taliban’s stance on foreign dictation was the same as the PML (N)’s view. In this the prestigious daily Dawn noted a serious deviant tendency in governance and made the following comment on March 16, 2010 in its editorial, titled: Sharif and the Taliban:

Even by the wretched standards of the cesspit of lies and cravenness that can be the Pakistani political establishment; the comments made on Sunday by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif are extraordinary and demand the most vigorous condemnation possible.

A few weeks later, on June 7, 2010 the same newspaper commented: Something is rotten in Punjab administration.


Update:       The management of the threatened periodicals lodged an appeal with Lahore High Court and engaged a renowned attorney to present their case. The good judge has held in abeyance the DCO’s order against the monthly Misbah and issued a stay order in favour of the two publications.

The ugly threat has been neutralized – at least, for the present. In view of the stay order the publication of the targeted periodicals goes on. However, the Post Office Department has decided to continue with their bit of the outrage – they now refuse to accept the daily Al-Fazl for postal delivery to the readers. This has caused great inconvenience to the daily’s management as also to its readers; this is what the mullas assembled on the Board constituted by the Chief Minister wanted, in the first instance.


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