Bigots obstruct Ahmadiyya burial

Bigots under the banner of Khatme Nabuwat Movement tried to dig out the body of an Ahmadiyya man after he was buried at the graveyard of Roads and Highways at East Nakhalpara on Friday afternoon.
The bigots earlier obstructed the family of Rafiq Ahmed, 55, when they went to bury him at the Rahim Metal’s graveyard where his ancestors were buried.
Facing obstruction, the family went to Roads ad Highways’ graveyard in the afternoon and buried him there, said Mahmud Ahmed Sumon, an Ahmadiyya missionary.
Soon afterwards, some Khatme Nabuwat zealots, including some imams of mosques located in the surroundings, went there and attempted to dig out the body, said Bulbul Ahmed, a local businessman.
The local ward councillor, Sheikh Mojibor Rahman, went to the spot and persuaded the bigots to refrain from digging out the body, he said.
Tejgaon Industrial Area police officer-in-charge Omar Faruk told New Age that the police had visited the spot.
‘We will take legal action if anyone tries to dig out the body,’ he said.
Rafique died in his house at Nakhalpara in the morning. His funeral prayers were held at the central mosque of the Ahmadiyya community at Bakshibazar.


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