Breach of Faith Persecution of the Ahmadiyya Community in Bangladesh

NOTE: This report is published long ago but can’t publish on time. Now it is being published here for information.

An unprecedented climate of fear now pervades Bangladesh’s minority Ahmadiyya

community, a heterodox religious group that considers itself part of the larger Muslim

world. Ahmadis have been the target of deadly violence and organized and widespread

intimidation. Extremist Muslim groups have organized mass political rallies calling for an

official declaration that Ahmadis are not Muslims and for a ban on their publications

and missionary activities. Ahmadiyya mosques have been attacked, individuals have been

beaten up or killed, and others have been denied access to schools and sources of

livelihood. While the police have generally provided protection to Ahmadis against mob

violence, the current Bangladeshi government has aligned itself politically with groups

and individuals inciting violence against Ahmadis.

Download complete report here: Breach of Faith


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