Brief Reports on Urdu Press and Ahmadiyyat



Ahmadiyya annual report on persecution and press overview

Rabwah; April 13, 2015:        Press Section of the Directorate of Public Affairs of Ahmadiyya central office in Pakistan released its annual Urdu Press Overview Report 2014 and Persecution of Ahmadis Report 2014. The text of Press Release is reproduced below:

Jamaat Ahmadiyya Pakistan has issued its annual report on persecution and Urdu press review

Rabwah: (PR) The spokesperson of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Pakistan Saleemuddin issued the annual persecution report for 2014 and said that in 2014 the hatred and persecution against Ahmadis increased, and violence took a new shape. 11 Ahmadis lost their lives because of their faith, and this year more deaths were in the Punjab. In Punjab’s city of Gujranwala a vigilante mob burnt the properties of Ahmadis and killed three innocent humans including a woman and two children. The worst part but a norm in such crimes against Ahmadis was police presence that stood there doing nothing to protect the Ahmadis. As usual the police and state of Pakistan failed on many occasions to protect Ahmadi lives.

Saleemuddin said that the campaign to boycott Ahmadis socially has moved from the mosques and conferences to common man. More and more stickers and posters are visible now across Pakistan where increasing number of shops and public transport vehicles such as taxis have such stickers to stop Ahmadis from coming to their businesses. Such stickers openly claim that Ahmadis are not allowed to enter these shops and taxis and it is wrong and forbidden to do business with them. It’s happening right under the nose of government in Islamabad and Lahore and many other cities and towns of Pakistan. The hate campaign against Ahmadis is spread across Pakistan but the government is doing nothing to even address the issue, let alone do something. It’s not just limited to the living, but even dead Ahmadis are not spared as in Chak 96-GB in Jaranwala district Faisalabad where uniformed police took hammers and broke tomb stones of Ahmadi graves and desecrated their graves. We have yet to see iron hand of law and its enforcement agencies in curtailing and curbing miscreants on the other hand.

The spokesperson said that Pakistan media’s attitude towards Ahmadis is seriously questionable where it is their responsibility to give true and accurate news to its readers and viewers but it fails to do so. It is also their responsibility not to publish any hate material or news based on bias and hatred of a community. Yet around 2000 news stories and articles were published against Ahmadis in 2014, some of them containing grave threats. This is just an estimate from the newspapers that are accessible to Jamaat’s press office. The real number is much higher and threats are very serious.

The electronic media’s bigotry is visible from the fact that Pakistani news channel “Aaj TV” that airs BBC Urdu’s TV program Sairbeen refused to air the program on 31 July 2014 that had a report about the Gujranwala incident in it. It has also refused to air another program that contained a report about Ahmadis during the same year.

When the government of Pakistan and all its political and military leadership unanimously decided to lift the moratorium on death penalty and there was consensus against terrorists, the apologists of such terrorists were given free airtime on a morning show on Geo TV. The host of this program, a so called religious scholar allowed the participants to spew hatred against Ahmadis and encouraged them to opine that Ahmadis were behind all this, and then endorsed their views clearly. Yet nobody raised an eye brow and the media regulator PEMRA did nothing whatsoever to even send a forceful show cause notice to the channel or this host.

The spokesman said that Ahmadiyya-specific discriminatory laws are against basic human rights and international agreements that Pakistan is a signatory to. They are also against the Pakistan that its founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah created. These laws are increasingly becoming a tool in the hands of miscreants and militants. It’s high time that government should end this bigotry and discrimination.

After the notorious 1984 anti-Ahmadiyya ordinance till 31 December 2014, 249 Ahmadis have been killed because of their faith. 317 Ahmadis were target of assassination attempts, 27 Ahmadi places of worship were destroyed, 31 were sealed illegally by authorities and construction of 52 places of worship was stopped. 39 Ahmadi dead bodies were desecrated after their burial when the graves were dug out. 65 Ahmadis were not allowed to be buried in common graveyards that are for everybody.

Rabwah was named by the government as Chenab Nagar against the wishes of its 95 per cent population who are Ahmadi, who cannot hold a gathering in the city but the miscreants and militants are allowed to openly bring all sorts of rallies into town and hold gatherings without any consultation and regard of its majority Ahmadi residents. The participants and speakers of these rallies openly abuse the respected elders of the community and the police give them full protection. Ahmadis on the other hand are not even allowed to organize sports events, let alone religious gatherings.

Ahmadis face problems in their businesses and work places where there is constant harassment, abuse and sometime naked violence. The same situation is at educational institutions where Ahmadi students have to live with constant bullying and harassment because of their faith.

The spokesperson of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Pakistan has appealed to sane voices in Pakistan to urge the government to end the prejudice and persecution on the basis of faith and do something to end this vicious cycle of violation of basic human rights. So the country could prosper and rid itself from this menace of extremism and terrorism.




Year 2013 Report on anti-Ahmadiyya campaign in the vernacular press

Rabwah: The Press Section of the Ahmadiyya central office issued its annual report on the above subject. The report shows no improvement in the policy and conduct of the Urdu press in its anti-Ahmadi drive. In fact, some newspapers have printed more hostile `news` and op-eds as compared to the preceding year.

This year again, the daily Ausaf (Editor: Mr. Mehtab Khan) is in the lead for printing anti-Ahmadi ‘news`, however it has beaten its own total of last year by printing 20 percent more news this year; these news are mostly hostile statement of mullas, leading as well as petty. The daily Nawa-i-Waqt (Editor: Mr. Majeed Nizami) stood first in printing the maximum op-eds, 48 in number. The daily Jang (Editor: Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman) was second by publishing 37 op-eds. It printed statements of mullas in headlines like, “Qadianis are traitors not only of the faith but also the country: Khatme Nabuwwat Conference.” (Jang; January 27, 2013). Very recently when accused in the same terms by their detractors, the Jang protested against the damage done to its prestige: “Notice of 50 billion rupees damages to Ministry of Defense,  ISI and Pemra for calling Jang and Geo traitors.” (Jang; June 7, 2014.)

The daily Pakistan (Editor: Mr. Mujib-ur-Rehman Shami) matched the daily Jang in publishing anti-Ahmadi op-eds. For sample we quote headline of a news story from its issue of May 18, 2013: “Qadianis are rebels and traitors against the Constitution: Maulana Zahid ur Rashidi.”  Rashidi is the mulla who travelled all the way to South Africa last year to beat the drums of war against the so-called `Shia aggression`. On TV shows Mr. Shami preaches unity in the Ummah.

This annual report mentions theme-wise numerous baseless, incorrect and damaging news published by the Urdu press; photo prints of some such headlines are produced in that report. Here we give only a few samples:

Vile allegations

Imran Khan is a Jewish agent and a colleague of Qadianis: Ilyas Chinioti (a PML-N mulla and an MPA)

The daily Jang; May 7, 2013

Qadianiyat is the greatest danger for Muslims: Maulana Irshad

                                                                                    The daily Pakistan; June 5, 2013

Building Qadiani residential areas near sensitive locations is cause of concern: Ulama

                                                                                    The daily Din; December 27, 2013

The Jewish lobby is using Qadianis for its condemnable objectives: Qari Shabbir Usmani

                                                                                    The daily Ausaf; September 11, 2013

State support to Qadianis!

Whenever Nawaz Sharif comes (to power), Qadiani lobby becomes active: (Mulla) Ajmal Qadri                                                            

The daily Jang; September 2, 2013

Najam Sethi has promoted the Qadiani mischief; caretaker governments should exercise restraint: Khatme Nabuwwat

                                                                        The daily Nawa-i-Waqt; April 6, 2013

Note: Such headlines have always proven effective in inducing the rulers to prove their credentials by further distancing themselves visibly from the marginalized Ahmadiyya community.

Baseless charge of being anti-Pakistan

Qadianis are busy undoing the roots of Pakistan: Ulama

                                                                        The daily Nawa-i-Waqt; September 9, 2013



Sensitive issue of blasphemy

Qadianis should desist from their hostility towards the Prophet of Allah: Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat

                                                                                    The daily Jasarat; September 6, 2013

Hate promoting statements

Qadianis have done irreparable damage to Islam and the country: Khatme Nabuwwat Conference Chenab Nagar

                                                                        The daily Jang; November 9, 2013

Qadianis deserve no human sympathy: Majlis Khatme Nabuwwat

                                                                                    The daily Jasarat; May 23, 2013

Qadianis trigger their conspiracies; the youth should remain prepared to annihilate them: Raja Zafarul Haq (a top PML-N leader)

                                                                        The daily Ausaf; August 29, 2013


Sharia punishment of apostasy (death) should be imposed: Haji Abdul Ghafur Rehmani

                                                                                    The daily Khabrain; June 3, 2013

Military wing of Qadianis should be destroyed: Ilyas Chinioti (PML-N mulla, an MPA)

                                                                                                The daily Dunya; May 25, 2013

The phantom Qadiani lobby

Qadianis holding key posts are busy conspiring against national security: Khatme Nabuwwat Conference

                                                                                    The daily Dunya; October 26, 2013

The Kashmir issue

Kashmir became a problem because of Qadiani manipulations: Speakers

                                                The daily Nawa-i-Waqt; Sept 8, 2013

Qadiani generals are the hurdle to resolution of Kashmir problem: Majlis Khatme Nabuwwat

                                                                                    The daily Jasarat; April 6, 2013

(Note: These liars know that there is no Ahmadi general in Pakistan Army.)

The Israeli connection

 One thousand Pakistani Qadianis are employed in the Israeli army: Report

                                                                                    The daily Ausaf; November 9, 2013

Qadianis are supported by the U.S., Israel and India: Abdul Ghafur Rehmani

                                                                        The daily Pakistan; December 30, 2013

(Note. Mulla Rehmani and the daily Pakistan obviously have no concern with the `truth` in the statement; the aim is only to incite hate among the ordinary readers.)

The report mentions that during 2013 seven Ahmadis were murdered for their faith, while 16 others were subjected to assaults. In all fairness, more than the attackers, it is their religious and press leaders who should be held responsible for these heinous crimes.

Special editions

Almost all the vernacular dailies issued anti-Ahmadi special editions on various occasions. They never published a rebuttal sent to them by Ahmadi writers.

Ahmadiyya response

Ahmadiyya `Press Section` often sends its versions, explanations, protests to these papers but most of them simply ignore these or occasionally spare space, the size of a postage stamp, for such rebuttals.

The report, in its foreword, urges the vernacular press to stand by its own policy guidelines adopted by their various organisations, APNS, CPNE and PFUJ. What is the use of laying down a `code of conduct` if it is not to be followed, the report asks? Such violations infringe Article 19 of the Constitution, reminds the Report.

This report makes the following statement in the concluding para:

“Will the media in Pakistan ever use its pen freely and sans religious prejudice? May it happen soon that our media follow high principles so that truth reaches the people and all aspects of an issue become visible to them. May Allah bring it about. Amen”





Ahmadiyya press report released for the year 2011

Rabwah:         The Ahmadiyya central office in Pakistan released its annual press report for the year 2011 in early 2012. It is an 18-page report in Urdu. Its summary and salient features were mentioned in a Press Release issued in English as well as Urdu. The English version is produced below:

Press Section

Nazarat Umoor E Aama

Sadar Anjuman Ahmadiyya Rabwah (Pakistan)

Ph: 047-6212459   Fax: 047-6215459   Email:



The open hate campaign against Ahmadis reached new heights. Even innocent children were not spared. 6 Ahmadis murdered because of their faith and 31 survived assassination attempts.

After the promulgation of 1984 anti Ahmadiyya Ordinance 210 Ahmadis have been murdered because of their faith. There are 1008 cases pending in various courts throughout Pakistan.

In 2011 the Pakistani Urdu press continued the publication of baseless news stories. During the year more than 1173 news stories were published against Ahmadis.

Jama’at Ahmadiyya has published the report on persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan and the press report for 2011 about Pakistani Urdu press propaganda against Ahmadis.

Rabwah (Press Release): Jama’at Ahmadiyya Pakistan has released the Persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan report for 2011. The spokesperson for Jama’at Ahmadiyya Pakistan Mr. Saleem ud Din said, “There was an open hate campaign against Ahmadis in Pakistan and young children studying in nursery grade classes were not even spared from this horrific discrimination and hatred”. Six Ahmadis lost their lives because of the fact that they were Ahmadis and more than 20 were targets of assassination attempts. Mr. Saleem ud Din also informed that hate filled posters, stickers, fliers and calendars were openly distributed across Pakistan. He specifically mentioned the hate campaigns faced by the Ahmadis in Faisalabad where fliers and leaflets were openly distributed calling anyone to kill Ahmadis in open. The government and security agencies failed to take any concrete action against such actions. Punishing the culprits behind these leaflets and hate material is a far cry.

The extremists have increased efforts to isolate the community, and the campaign to encourage people to boycott Ahmadis and Ahmadi products was also a major issue. Expelling children from educational institutions also increased where young kids studying in nursery level classes were not spared. Ahmadi children faced expulsion from schools or outright refusal by the educational institutions to admit them. The government seemed to succumb under the pressure from extremists and decided to look other way while these acts of hate and terror were carried out.

All the acts perpetrated after the 1984 anti-Ahmadiyya Ordinance are against the fundamentals of the constitution of Pakistan. The post-1984 era for Ahmadis is marked by an increasingly difficult period for Ahmadis. Mr. Saleem ud Din urged the government to consider these Ahmadiyya-specific laws and ensure that Ahmadis in Pakistan are given equal rights as any other citizen. Ahmadis are facing legal, social, cultural and political discrimination because of these laws and these are against the very base of our society where equal rights of individual are prime. Mr. Saleem ud Din said, “There have been 210 deaths after the imposition of these discriminatory laws in 1984, 254 assassination attempts on various Ahmadis. 23 Ahmadi places of worship were demolished and 28 were sealed by the administration. 16 places of worship were forcefully taken over, 29 graves of deceased Ahmadis were opened and desecrated and 57 Ahmadis were refused burial in common graveyards.”

Mr. Saleem ud Din further added that during 2011 Ahmadis were not allowed to build place of worship anywhere in Pakistan. At many places police forcefully stopped the construction of places of worship. As a matter of fact according to the constitution of Pakistan every citizen is free to practice their faith and build their places of worship. Just because of prejudice, Ahmadi businesses are targeted and Ahmadi officials in government and private sector are victimized.

According to Saleem ud Din, in 2011 as well, Ahmadis were not allowed to hold any convention in their centre Rabwah, where 95% population belongs to Ahmadiyya community. Sports events were not spared either and the community was not allowed to hold any type of sports events openly. On the other hand those against the Jama’at Ahmadiyya were given a free hand to hold rallies whenever, wherever and however they wanted. They were also given a free hand to abuse and slander revered Ahmadi figures.

The spokesperson of Jama’at Ahmadiyya Pakistan called upon the moderate and conscientious circles of Pakistani community to urge the government to take effective measures to curtail the prejudice on the basis of faith so that Pakistan could be rid of sectarianism and prejudice and Pakistan could become a prosperous and peaceful country.###

The contents of the press release were adequately reported by the English press generally. The Urdu press ignored it mostly; one of the dailies spared for it only one inch space in single column. The electronic media also opted not to mention it. The Express Tribune of May 7, 2012 printed the story with the appropriate headlines and highlighted a figure in a square as follows:

State of the nation

Urdu press seen complicit in Ahmadi baiting

Report on Ahmadis reveals victimization and harassment




Anti-Ahmadi stories were published in the Urdu Press in 2011







Ahmadis’ human rights and the national Urdu press

Rabwah:         Press Section of the Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya issued its annual report: Anti-Ahmadiyya news published by the Urdu newspapers – 2010. It makes harrowing reading.

The report was restricted to the major Urdu national dailies. During the year 2010, it was a matter of routine again for the Urdu papers to print anti-Ahmadiyya statements and hate-promoting news in bold headlines. However, no paper had the courage to print the Ahmadiyya viewpoint. In 2008, one thousand and thirty-three such news items appeared in the press; these increased in 2009 to one thousand, one hundred and sixteen items, and in 2010 these increased further to one thousand four hundred and sixty-eight. Almost all of these were prejudiced, hate-promoting and some even fabricated. The daily Nawa-i-Waqt (Editor: Majeed Nizami) printed the most news at 237 i.e. one almost every other day. The daily Ausaf (Editor: Mahtab Khan) stood second, and the daily Pakistan (Editor: Mujib ur Rahman Shami) was in third position.

Mullas are in the habit of making slanderous statements. These are published without any verification. As a result, common folk get agitated and inflict physical and material harm upon Ahmadis. As a result of such provocation and hateful propaganda ninety-nine Ahmadis were murdered last year for their faith.

A few of these headlines are translated below:

Qadianis are rebels of the country and the millat (Islamic society).           Ilyas Chinioti

                                                The daily Ausaf, Lahore; Jan 14, 2010

Qadianis and Blackwater are responsible for terrorism in Pakistan.                  Ataul Muhaiman

                                                The daily Jang, Lahore; Oct 24, 2010

Qadianis should be expelled from the country.      Maulvi Faqir Muhammad

                                                The daily Aman, Faisalabad; Jun 10, 2010

Qadianis are our enemies and rebels of the country and the Millat (Islamic society).                 Abdul Latif

                                                The daily Express, Faisalabad; June 24, 2010

Qadianis holding key posts are responsible for discord between the army, the judiciary and the democratic forces.       Khatme Nabuwwat conference

                                                The daily Pakistan, Lahore; Oct 16, 2010

Country-wide processions against blasphemous caricatures. America and Qadianis are the greatest blasphemers.              Ulama Karam (respected clerics)

                                                The daily Ausaf, Lahore; Jun 13, 2010

Qadianis are heretics, apostates and must be killed.                      Allama Abdur Rasheed Bilal

                                                The daily Islam, Lahore; June 19, 2010

The penalty of death for apostasy should be imposed.                  Maulvi Faqir Muhammad

                                                The daily Nawa-i-Waqt, Lahore; Sep 7, 2010

etc. etc.