Burial problems, and graveyards (2016)

Burial problems, and graveyards


 Ahmadiyya graveyard under threat

Peshawar; January 2016:      The police came over to the local Ahmadiyya graveyard, inspected it and met the district president of the Ahmadiyya community. They informed him that some people wearing black turbans had come to the police station and told them that they intended to remove the Islamic inscriptions written on some gravestones in the Ahmadiyya graveyard. The police stopped them from doing that. At this they threatened to gather the locals to remove the inscriptions.

Also, anti-Ahmadiyya hateful literature has been distributed in the city. Its copies have been provided by local Ahmadis to the police, the administration and the Army office.

Ahmadi dead denied Ahmadiyya burial

Lahore:           Mr. Nur ul Mustafa, an Ahmadi died in an accident on July 11, 2016. His family and the mullas denied Ahmadis give him an Ahmadiyya burial.

Mr. Mustafa and his wife and children joined the Ahmadiyya Jamaat 9 years ago. His brothers knew about this. He was running a school. He had got himself enlisted in a special group of Ahmadis who, under special provisions, are entitled to burial in Bahashti Maqbarah (a graveyard) in Rabwah.

After his death, the community officials visited his wife who stated that as per the deceased’s will, he should be buried in the specified graveyard in Rabwah. His brothers, however, were opposed to that.

Non-Ahmadis assembled in the house supported Mr. Mustafa’s brothers in opposing the burial at Rabwah. The situation became tense on account of this difference of opinion regarding the burial. It could have resulted in a clash.

The Ahmadi elders on the spot telephoned the Deputy Amir for advice and instructions. He was of the opinion that Ahmadis, as per policy, do not indulge in clash and violence. He instructed the Ahmadi delegation to withdraw and let the non-Ahmadis handle the deceased as they wished.

 Attempt to misappropriate an Ahmadiyya graveyard

Workshop 109RB, District Faisalabad; February 2016:  Ahmadis were allocated a plot at this location in 1992 to bury their dead. The plot has been used as such for the last 24 years.

An Ahmadi woman died on February 1, 2016 and they dug a grave in this graveyard to bury her. Anti-Ahmadi elements resisted the burial and arranged for the local police to intervene. The police arrived and told Ahmadis to seek permission from higher police officials for the burial. The superintendent of police allowed the burial to be undertaken.

The next day the opposition was again noticed by the Ahmadis to be in the trespassing mode in the graveyard. Ahmadis informed the police, who sent for both the parties. The opposition did not turn up for the meeting, but sent an attorney instead.

Having failed in their attempts to win favour with police, the opposition is now looking for some legal excuse to misappropriate land of the Ahmadiyya graveyard.