Call to Kill Ahmadis

Peshawar, KPK: Call in a pamphlet to kill Ahmadi doctors; (translation followed)



Peshawar, KPK: Call  in a pamphlet to kill Ahmadi doctors (translation)

O Muslim brethren, the slaves of the King of Medina the Khatam an Nabiyeen, Shafi ul Muzannbeen Hazrat Muhammad, the Arab (peace be upon him) – Has your sense of shame for Faith gone dormant? 

This infidel cobra of the false Prophethood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani continues to swallow the faith of the new generation. How can a Muslim remain calm by shutting his eyes and sealing his lips over these soul-tormenting heretic creeds and crimes?

Who will rein in the out-of-control tongue of Qadianiyat?

O Muslim brethren! Today there are some people in our ranks whose identification is necessary as they are misguiding you. They are trying to destroy your faiths through fake healing. In reality, their punishment is death. It is Jihad to shoot such people in the open.


They (the listed doctors) and their Qadiani infidel ilk are actively preaching their despicable heretic creeds under the cover of virtuous profession of medical treatment. They are corrupting the faith of our new generation – day and night. O Muslim brethren! Wake up to your obligations.

Try your level best to come under the savior flag of the Prophet (PBUH) by completely boycotting them and their products.

Guarding the End of Prophethood and the Muhammadan Intercession (PBUH)

If you need Muhammad, the Arab’s intercession (peace be upon him) on the Doom’s Day and if you would like a place under his (PBUH) flag, you will have to work for Safeguarding the End of Prophethood, and will have to confront the clique of Mirza Ghulam Muhammad (sic) Qadiani. Are you prepared for that? (Saying of the Sage of the Age, Martyr of Islam Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianwi RA)