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Official Documents

Affidavits regarding faith, by Nadra An official sectarian ad Clipping from KPK text Book Board Theisis competiton of Gov. on End of Prophethood

NGOs and Foreign reports

Persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan has implications for the rest of the world. Ahmadiyya communities are found in almost 200 countries, and they all feel concerned about what happens...

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Repository of Other Documents

Introduction to Repository   This site has a number of documents that have a direct or indirect bearing on the subject of this website. These may not be all...

Official Documents

    This Sub-section contains primarily various notifications, orders, letters, documents etc. issued by government and semi-government organizations, that have a bearing on the human rights situation of Ahmadis...

Hate Campaign

  Brief on Anti-Ahmadiyya Hate Campaign in Pakistan 

Press Gallery

News Headlines – by category Op-eds extracts Exhibits from print media Survey Reports of the Urdu press Brief Reports on Urdu Press and Ahmadiyyat

The Society

    Pakistan’s population is ninety-five percent Muslim. Social indicators place the nation squarely in the middle of the third world. Literacy is under 50% and income per capita...

Politics of Persecution

In this sub-section, those stories that originate at the policy and political level are mentioned. As political deliberations, policy formulation and planning against Ahmadiyya community is undertaken in closed-door...

The Media

  The vernacular print media has played an ugly role in the anti-Ahmadiyya movement. Some Urdu newspapers publish anti-Ahmadi news almost daily. On occasions they may carry three, even...

The Judiciary

The judiciary is one among other pillars of the Pakistani state. It has failed to strengthen and stabilize Pakistan. It has provided only occasional relief to Ahmadis in the...

The Mulla

In Pakistan, mullas symbolize obscurantism, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, prejudice and uncontrolled violence against the weak. They use the Minbar (pulpit) to their great advantage to promote their personal agenda. Mullas are no...

Administration and Police

Administration and Police   Civil servants and police officials in Pakistan, as in most third world countries, are generally careerists; their chief goal is self-preservation. Human rights, absolute justice,...

Chronology of Events

Chronology of Events

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Interviews with families of Martyrs Allegation and Persecution CNN: Pakistan’s only Nobel laureate, a physicist, helped lay the groundwork for the discovery of the Higg’s Boson.  

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Introduction to this Section and Index   This section, “INTRODUCTORY ESSENTIALS”, as its title implies, contains folders and files that provide an introduction, opening narrative and an overview of...