Closure of another prayer centre

Closure of another prayer centre

Rawalpindi; January 2019:   Ahmadis have a prayer centre in Tench Bhata, where they assemble for congregational prayers and Friday prayers. The location is used for community meetings and get-together.

A policeman came over to the location and said that the Assistant Commissioner (AC) had sent for the administrator of the centre. Accordingly Mr Abdul Ghani, the local president called on him.

The AC told Mr Ghani that Ahmadis were using this building in a residential area for worship. This was objectionable. Mr. Ghani told him that the building is registered as a property of Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya and the documents convey that it was meant to be used for religious purposes; hence there should be no objection.

The AC told Mr Ghani to obtain a No Objection Certificate from the Deputy Commissioner, and till that is provided, the location cannot be used for worship.

Thereafter the police obtained an affidavit from Mr. Ghani to that effect. So, now there is no place for Ahmadis of this area for congregational worship.

This is still another case where district authorities have deprived Ahmadis of their place of worship without providing an alternative.

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