Denial of right to higher education

Denial of right to higher education on fabricated grounds

Faisalabad; September 26, 2018:      Ms Atika Shahid, an Ahmadi young lady, an M.Phil. student at National Institute of Bio-technology and Genetic Engineering was expelled by the administration from the course on September 26, 2018 without formally giving a reason. The Institute is linked with Pakistan Atomic Energy Council.

On Ms Shahid’s insistence, she was told verbally by the staff that she had not been cleared by the security agencies, and they had not intimated the reason to the Institute. It was however mentioned that she had visited her relatives in Qadian (India) in 2014. She had gone there, in fact, to attend the traditional annual gathering of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat.

The above is a poor excuse to deny higher education to an Ahmadi. A human right has been denied to a bright student for her faith. Ms Shahid has done her MSc in Bio-technology and was awarded Gold Medal.

Pakistani bigots seem to know how to deprive the country of its brilliant and gifted scholars.

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