Destruction of Property (2011-2012)


Business of Ahmadis disturbed

Mardan; September 21, 2012:           The Government of Pakistan declared a day off on September 21, 2012 in protest to a blasphemous film produced in the USA. At this occasion a procession was taken out in Mardan too. They turned to rioting and damaged private business and burnt down the office of OCS, a courier company, and broke into the shop of mobile phone accessories owned by Mian Abdul Basit, an Ahmadi, and looted it. They also broke into a shop of Sheikh Javed Ahmad, Ahmadi.


Plight of an Ahmadi headmistress

Badomalhi, Narowal; November 2011:        Mullas are very active against Ahmadis in Badomalhi, Narowal. They spare no opportunity to harass Ahmadis. People are instigated against the Ahmadiyya community through Friday sermons and leaflets. Education sector has also been affected by this drive.

Ms. Bushra Latif the headmistress of Government High School is an Ahmadi. She is the only science lady teacher of repute in Badomalhi. She is a noble, sober, intelligent teacher, and a devoted Ahmadi. She was targeted by mullas. Two hoodlums forced entry to her house on November 1, 2011. They harassed her and her two daughters at gunpoint for half an hour and looted some gold jewellery and cash. Previously in 2004 there was a robbery at her house, and in 2008 some unknown persons indulged in firing shots in the air outside her husband’s shop.




Incidents in Lahore, the Punjab capital

Township, Lahore; February 21, 2011:                    Mr. Maqsood Ahmad owns a hardware shop in Township. Some unknown persons tried to set his shop on fire with kerosene oil. A timely warning saved the situation. Miscreants also conveyed him written threats: “Qadiani Kafir are Wajib-ul-qatl (must be killed)”. Other threatening messages were also dropped at his shop. The police were informed.

Township, Lahore; February 2011:  Mr. Irshad Ahmad also owns a shop, Shaheen Electric in Township, Lahore. Unknown persons tried to set his shop on fire too, but the attempt failed. Miscreants threw threatening pamphlets in his shop with the inscription: “Qadianis: must be killed.” Mr. Irshad opened the shop in the morning and found the threatening messages and called the police. The police registered his complaint.

Other Ahmadi homes also remained under surveillance by extremists in this area.


Arson in Badin

Badin; February 2011:          District Badin is one of the numerous hot spots for Ahmadis in Sindh. Mullas remain active and free here to keep the communal tension at a high level.

Mr Rafiq Ahmad, a local Ahmadi is a farmer. The sugarcane crop was nearly ripe in his farm. His inquisitors set fire to his crop. It was noticed when the flames went up, and a huge crowd assembled at the location. They were mostly non-Ahmadis, but were sympathetic, and helped in fighting the fire. It was finally brought under control.

Mr Rafiq Ahmad was being harassed and threatened by one man in particular, Bashir Rind. Earlier, he had seized two truckloads of Mr. Ahmad’s cotton and demanded half a million rupees as ransom. The police arrested him, but he obtained release on bail. Subsequently he was shot dead by the police in an encounter on February 17, 2011.

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