Destruction of property (2016)

Destruction of property


An Ahmadi’s factory torched

Sheikhupura; September 12, 2016:   A factory owned by two Ahmadi brothers, Mr. Nasir Mahmood and Mr. Zafarullah S/O Mr. Mukhtar Ahmad Jutt was set on fire. Plastic wares were manufactured in the factory.

The factory was closed for the Eid holidays from 11 – 16 September, 2016. All sui-gas units and valves were shut. A guard of the factory informed Mr. Zafarullah on September 12 that there was fire in the factory. He rushed to the factory and called the fire services. It took them two hours to extinguish the fire. All the manufactured items, the machinery and the raw material were burnt. The police arrived at the scene and initiated an investigation.

Mr. Mahmood and Mr. Zafarullah are facing religion-based hostility and a virtual boycott at their place of residence, and the factory is located nearby. Nobody came to condole with them the recent death of their father. Again, no one came to sympathize with them after their factory was burnt down. The fire was most likely lit by someone motivated by religious hostility.