Difficulties in employment, business (2011 – 2012)


Livelihood of an Ahmadi at risk

Gulshan Park; October 22, 2012:     Mr. Mahmood Ahmad Tahir owns a business of stickers and printing. A few months ago some mullas came to his shop and tried to engage him in religious talk. Mr. Tahir avoided the talk and the mullas departed. Now it is learnt that an anti-Ahmadi lawyer applied to a court to order the police to register a case against Mr. Tahir. He stated, “I went to Ahmad Sticker House to buy some stickers. The owner of the shop started talking with me on religious issues and told me that all this mischief is because of mullas. They call us Kafir (infidels) … etc” It is learnt that this fabrication was pushed by M. Badar Alim, an advocate, who also offered testimony in this case too. Previously he was the instigator of erasing the Kalima from Daruz Zikr (Garhi Shahu) and demolition of its minaret.


Miscreants remain active against Ahmadi employees in Neelam Jhelum Hydro Project

Muzaffar Abad, AJK; April 2012:  Sectarian mullas opposed the presence of the Ahmadis in this project. Mr. Jameel Ahmad, a senior official in the management team was targeted specifically.

A cook, employed by the company, telephoned Mr. Ahmad, accused him wrongfully and threatened him of grave consequences. Another mulla-type member of the labour union sent Ahmad an SMS message and used foul language therein.

Mr. Jamil Ahmad reported the matter to the Project Manager and demanded an inquiry offering that he could not continue to serve unless cleared of false allegations. The Project Manager sent for the mulla, heard him and told him that he was indulging in imagined wrongs, false accusations and indiscipline. He later told his boss to relieve him from service.

The Deputy Manager, a local, was a discreet supporter of the agitators. The cook was their latest front man, and they used him to convey threats to Ahmadis, foment unrest and create problems for them.

Mr. Jamil Ahmad and other Ahmadi employees had to exercise caution and remained on guard against any harm, including physical.


Livelihood of an Ahmadi family destroyed for its faith

Jaranwala, District Faisalabad; September 17, 2012:                      Here, Khawaja Qaiser Rasheed, an Ahmadi is facing life-threats to him and to his children. Some unknown persons came to his house and threatened him of murder on August 26, 2012. They again visited his house on August 30, 2012 and told his wife to convert to Islam or face harm to her children. On being informed of this, Mr. Rasheed felt greatly upset and hurried to bring his children back from school. He decided to shift his family elsewhere in the face of the threat. He informed the community officials of the situation. Later he reckoned that he had been followed by unknown men.

Mr. Rasheed is an old resident of this town, people are well aware of his religious denomination. He runs a shop here. The landlord of his shop came to him on September 17, 2012, took him to the shop and told him to open it. Then the landlord told his companions to move out all the stock from his shop. Thus Mr. Rasheed lost his business and the means of livelihood. He considered leaving his town – a tough and problematic undertaking.


Faith-based denial of jobs

Lahore:           Following was reported in the daily ‘The News International’, Lahore on February 10, 2012:

Interviews of non-Muslims for Islamic Studies posts stopped

The Lahore High Court has temporarily restrained the Punjab Service Commission from appointing 17 non-Muslim lecturers for teaching Islamic Studies and sought a reply from the Commission on February 28.

Justice Yawar Ali issued the order on the petition filed by Maulana Azizur Rehman. He, through his counsel Ch Ghulam Murtaza, pleaded that the PPSC had advertized posts of lecturers and for the post of lecturers in Islamiat 18 non-Muslims had been short listed for interview. He challenged the move of the Commission, requesting the court to set aside the PPSC order regarding selection of non-Muslims for interviews.

The court adjourned hearing until February 28.

Who else but Ahmadis that are qualified to teach Islamic Studies and must be deprived of the jobs on faith-based pretence?




Livelihood of an Ahmadi ruined

Nawab Shah; October 1, 2011:         Mr. Muhammad Ahmad Bhatti is an Ahmadi who used to sell watches and small electrical gadgets on a cart in Nawab Shah. To his bad luck, a boy came to his cart and picked up a piece of newspaper lying on the ground near his cart, on which some verses of the Holy Quran were written. He told Mr. Bhatti that he had desecrated these verses of the Holy Quran. Mr. Bhatti tried to take that paper from him, but he created hue and cry and gathered a lot of people and accused Mr. Bhatti of blasphemy. People attacked him but he managed to escape and went home. Mr. Bhatti’s younger brother was attending his cart in the afternoon when the police came and detained him.

Later, the provoked mob set Mr. Bhatti’s cart on fire. All his valuable merchandise was destroyed depriving him of livelihood. Mr. Bhatti was thereafter unable to make a living in Nawab Shah and had to move elsewhere.


Hostility in government job

Rawalpindi:    Mr. Rizwan Munir, an Ahmadi, was employed in the Holy Family Hospital, a public facility in Rawalpindi. He was in-charge of the angiography section. His section was closed for two holidays. When he opened the section on 27 December, 2011 he found it flooded. It seemed that during the holidays the pipe broke down and water accumulated in the room. The departmental inquiry was influenced by his faith. The doctors and ward-boys made statements against him, and the case was referred to the Principal of Medical College Rawalpindi.

Mr. Rizwan has a history of religious prejudice against him. In 2001 he was implicated in a false case and was dismissed from his job. Later the Supreme Court reinstated him. After reinstatement, he was attacked twice. He had to take long leave and earn his living elsewhere. Two years later, he rejoined his governmental job, but again faced the difficulties – primarily for his faith.


Hostility at job

Dhuddi Wala, District Faisalabad; February 2011: Mr. Naeem Ahmad Tahir worked at a sanitary shop owned by a non-Ahmadi, Mirza Muhammad Saleem. Mullas of Khatme Nabuwwat faction visited his shop and gave him a slanderous anti-Ahmadiyya pamphlet to read. Mirza Muhammad Saleem, himself was also hostile to the Ahmadiyya community. He told Mr. Naeem, whose belief was not known to him, “I am against Shiites and even more so against Qadianis, and would like to kill them all.” This faith-based controversy lasted a month, and resulted in loss of job to Mr. Naeem. He also lost Rs. 4500 outstanding against the owner.

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