Discrimination and social restrictions against Ahmadis in District Okara

32/2R, District Okara; June 2020:  Hate campaign against Ahmadis has picked up tempo here with return from Karachi of a Madrassah graduate Aman Ullah. He has mobilized the villagers against Ahmadis. The farm house of pirs (religious leaders) is now being used for meetings and gatherings against Ahmadis. The main mosque of the village has been made the source to spread anti-Ahmadi propaganda. A few incidents that happened in the recent past are mentioned below:

  • Rao Muhammad Ashraf died during Ramadan. His funeral prayer was denied by the local mulla because he had once attended funeral of an Ahmadi.
  • Rana Nasar Mehmood has been distributing relief packages and cash among needy persons of the village during Ramadan for years. This time the mulla announced from the mosque that people should not accept relief packages from Mr. Mehmood. Those in need paid no attention to him. Then the mulla started to threaten the villagers that their nikah would be annulled if they received any kind of help from Ahmadis.
  • Rana Nasar Mehmood had hired a worker to look after his lands and livestock. Opponents coerced the worker to leave the job. His entire family was made to convert to Islam through reciting the Kalima, once again.
  • An Ahmadi farmer provides milk to the locals on payment. The opposition has devised a plan to forbid the buyers from buying milk from the Ahmadi.

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