Evil brain-washing of minors through school homework

Dogri Ghumnan, District Sialkot; July 2020: Schools were closed in District Sialkot, and students of 7th grade of The Educators School, Umar Campus Bun Bajwa, were given vocational homework. The homework given to students by a teacher, who is more of a bigot than an educationist, included a questionnaire on Khatm-e-Nabuwwat (End of Prophethood) with derogatory and insulting language about the holy founder of the Ahmadiyya Community. Following questions were included (translation from vernacular):

  • What is the name of the village of the false claimant to Prophecy, the ‘cursed’ Mirza Ghulam Qadiani?
  • Where is this place located?
  • From what city was this ‘cursed’ person transfered to hell (die)?
  • In which city of Pakistan, these infidel Mirzaees are found in majority?
  • Do you know that Mirza Qadiani was one-eyed?
  • What do we call a denier of Khatam-e-Nabuwwat in Islam?
  • What is meant by “La Nabi-a-Baadi”?
  • Translate, “Bad az Khuda buzurg tui qissa mukhtasar”
  • What is meant by Khatam-e-Nabuwwat?

Almost unbelievable and perhaps the only such school in the whole world, with such low moral and ethical level!

Faced with this situation, parents of Ahmadi students of the school decided not to send their children to this school anymore. When this decision was conveyed to the principal he asked Ahmadi parents to tear up the questionnaire. In fact, he should have first fired the felon as unfit to be a teacher.

This questionnaire for teenage students, in its vernacular original, will remain in Ahmadiyya archives as a sample of depth to which certain elements in Pakistan’s education system had sunk in the year 2020.

We provide copy of the original vernacular homework in the Annex with a heavy and distressed heart.

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