Fake and malicious news on official PTV

Fake and malicious news on official PTV

Rabwah:  Pakistan’s state television PTV aired a 6-year old fabricated and malicious anti-Ahmadiyya statement of an Indian leader. This malign, hurtful, and unwarranted act by the national broadcaster was strongly and appropriately rebutted by the central office of the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan. We reproduce below its press release; this explains adequately the issue:

Press Section, Nazarat Umoor Aama Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan Rabwah


Press Release

The state broadcaster PTV News aired fake news based on a 6-year old statement to malign a persecuted and peace loving community.

How come no one at PTV News did not verify the six year old statement of the Indian Gujrat’s Congress leader Shankar Singh Vaghela against Ahmadiyya Community?

This action is condemnable and provocative: spokesperson Jamaat Ahmadiyya, Pakistan

Chenab Nagar (PR) The spokesperson of the Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan, Saleem ud Din, strongly condemned the state broadcaster PTV News for airing false and baseless accusations made by a Congress leader of Gujrat, Shankar Singh Vaghela. The comments, actually made 6 years ago, were categorically false and baseless but still PTV News decided to air those on 6 Oct 2019.

Saleem ud Din said that associating the Ahmadiyya Community with the Hindu extremist outfit RSS was contemptible and abhorrent. Over the past 100 years the community has a track record of promoting peace and harmony. It is also a non-violent and not-political community that has endured persecution and terrorism both in India and Pakistan. The motto of the community is Love for All, Hatred for None, and the community stands by it.

Saleem ud Din added that in the age of digital development and modern means of communication, the slightest bit of research, even simple google search would have shown to anyone willing to seek the truth that the statement in question was made in 2013 and the community asked the politician in question to apologize for what he had said. The statement can be viewed at the following link:


The spokesperson said that the community has been a constant target of extremism and violence for many years now. Ahmadis believe in peace, justice and equality, and the history of the community is testimony to this. Broadcasting this statement now on PTV and other channels, in the context of the recent unrest between Pakistan and India is reckless and irresponsible. He further said that airing this statement without any background research is a preplanned scheme and then broadcasting it on TV suggested that this was an act of mischief. The spokesperson called on the Ministry of Information to investigate the matter.


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