Featured Reports

Introduction and List of Featured Reports


Most of the events mentioned in the Monthly and Annual Reports are generally described very briefly. However, every year two, three or four events are selected, in view of their importance, gravity and availability of information, and are described in essential detail. These reports are listed below and are made available in this sub-section.


List of the Featured Reports


Year Topic
2019 Freedom of worship denied, obstructed or threatened
2019 Another Awesome Verdict from a High Court—by Justice Shujaat Ali Khan 
2019 An Ad for anti-Ahmadi Publications and Donations in a leading Daily
2019 The Mullah demeans the Administration
2018 Justice Shaukat Siddiqui of IHC unjust verdict against Ahmadis
2018 Attack, gross desecration and severe damage to Ahmadiyya mosque
2017 Anti-Ahmadiyya conference in Ahmadiyya headquarters town
2017 A portentous and telltale ‘All Parties’ conference
2017 A new Act to deny ‘forever’ the right of vote to Ahmadis
2016 A hideous, unwarranted and unlawful raid on Ahmadiyya central Offices in Rabwah
2016 Sealing of still another Ahmadiyya mosque after an attack by a hostile mob
2016 Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority and Ahmadis
2016 Almost unbelievable harrying tale of an Ahmadi in District Khushab
2015 Is the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) trying to incite genocide of Ahmadis?
The Government of Punjab bans Ahmadiyya books and publications
2015 3A. Brutally punished for being Ahmadi – in Jhelum
2015 A praiseworthy judgment of Supreme Court – revisited on its first anniversary
2014 The Gujranwala riot
2014 Problems in Education
2014 Murder in Rabwah of Dr Mehdi Ali Qamar, a Canadian-American cardiologist
2014 Persecution of Ahmadis in Lahore, Capital of the Punjab
2013 National Elections - 2013
2013 General Pasha’s extraordinary disclosure concerning 2010 twin- attack on Ahmadiyya mosques in Lahore
2013 Ahmadiyya press and printing under savage attack
2012 Spate of murderous attacks in Karachi
2012 Police torture to death Mr. Abdul Qadoos, an innocent prominent Ahmadi in Rabwah
2012 Freedom of worship severely curtailed in Rawalpindi
2012 Banning of the Ahmadiyya monthly Misbah and the daily Al-Fazl
2011 The on-going anti-Ahmadiyya hate campaign
2011 Education sector and Ahmadis – in 2011
2011 Call for massacre in Faisalabad
2010 Massacre in Lahore mosques
2010 A provocative conference in Rabwah by sectarian mullas
2010 Azad Kashmir – suppression of Ahmadis
2009 Layyah case – School children accused of blasphemy
2009 Punjab Government supports extremism and sectarianism
2009 A story of torture
2008 Punjab Medical College – rustication of all Ahmadi students
2008 AJK – Tyranny in Kotli
2008 Ramadan timetables
2007 Desecration of Ahmadiyya graveyard
2007 Parliamentary Elections – Ahmadis barred
2007 Non-return of nationalized Ahmadiyya educational institutions
2006 Riots in Jhando Sahi
2006 Ahmadiyya press – under attack
2006 Rabwah as a safe haven!
2005 Religion column in the machine readable passports
2005 Death sentence to three Ahmadis – gross miscarriage of justice
2005 Imprisonment for life to Mr Mansoor Ahmad
2004 Mr Muhammad Iqbal sentenced to life imprisonment
2004 Joint Electorate – except for Ahmadis
2004 Rabwah Police Post mosque
2003 Murder of Mian Iqbal Ahmad
2003 Chak Sikandar: mass arrest of Ahmadis
2003 Dera Ismail Khan: ordeal of Suleman Ahmad, an Ahmadi youth


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