Hate material in text book

Hate material in text book

Peshawar:       In 2016 Mr. Asad Qaisar (then Speaker of the KPK provincial assembly) of PTI made a special effort to have the precept of ‘end of prophethood’ (KN) included as part of school syllabus in Islamiat. He knew very well that mullas use the KN as a theme and an excuse to bad-mouth Ahmadis. However Mr. Qaisar, now Speaker of the National Assembly, called an official meeting in October 2016 of ulama and officials of the Education Department, and directed them to proceed with the task of inclusion of KN in school syllabus and also produce text for inclusion in the prescribed text books.

This was done. As apprehended by Ahmadis, the text includes hate material and derogatory remarks against the holy founder of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. Also, only one-sided aspect of this dogma is shown, other arguments put forward by past ulama of great standing that support the Ahmadiyya view have been deliberately denied to the students.

The sub-chapter Khatme Nabuwwat is placed at pages 43-46 of a book titled “Islamiat for classes IX and X”, issued by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Textbook Board Peshawar. This book is published for academic year 2018-19 and is approved by the federal Ministry of Education (Department of Syllabi) Government of Pakistan, Islamabad.

On page 45, it is mentioned in this context that Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian “made a fake claim in 1901 to be exactly the same person (aine) Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah,” and has termed his claim to be a great mischief (fitna). Also, it is asserted that, “Anyone who, after the Holy Prophet (pbuh) claims to be a prophet, is a liar, a great liar (kazzab), an apostate and outside the pale of Islam, according to the Quran, Hadith and the Consensus of the Ummah.” Here the sources have been falsely quoted, as according to the Holy Prophet the future messiah, Isa, to appear in latter days, will be a Prophet of Allah (Sahih Muslim).

The text also mentions violent moves against historical figures like Aswad Ansi and Musailma who claimed to be prophets; however it fails to mention that these individuals had rebelled against the nascent Islamic state, raised armies and undertaken slaughter of Muslims. So the reason of fighting them was not religious, it was the political revolt involving bloodshed.

At the end, on page 46, the article quotes Imam Abu Hanifa as, “One who asks a proof from a fake claimant to Prophecy, will himself be expelled from the Islamic community (Dairah Islam).” We are not sure if the Imam is correctly quoted because he left behind no self-written text, however it is bizarre that KPK children are being taught to be deaf to arguments and proofs of competing theories.

Original clippings of KPK Text Book Board

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