High-level probe in Ahmadiyya printing presses on orders of LHC on demand of a mulla

High-level probe in Ahmadiyya printing presses on orders of LHC on demand of a mulla

Rabwah; November 29, 2018:           Mulla Hasan Muaviya had applied to Lahore High Court that, despite the official ban, Quran was being published in Rabwah; he demanded action. The court ordered the concerned authorities to carry out a fresh inquiry and report results.

Accordingly, the DC, the DPO and the Chairman of Quran Board, Punjab accompanied by a number of mullas came to Rabwah on November 29 and inspected the printing presses. The team was escorted by a sizeable contingent of police. Muaviya demanded his own presence as well, but rightly was not allowed by the police for his hostile and malicious attitude.

First the group went to the Ziaul Islam Press. Maulvi Ghulam Muhammad Sialvi, the Chairman of the board not only inspected the press, he posed penetrating questions to obtain information regarding printing of the Quran, the periodicals, as also Ahmadiyya books and literature. The team found in office records a letter from the Ahmadiyya Private Secretary office with Bismillah ir Rehman ir Rahim written on top, and they took it along. They also inquired about any imported Qurans. The mullas wanted to visit Ahmadiyya offices, mosques and educational institutes but the administration told them to refrain from improper scrutiny.

Thereafter the team visited Nusrat Art Press and made similar inspection. They were told that ever since the government has issued orders, the presses are not printing any Qurans, periodicals or Ahmadiyya literature.

At the Ziaul Islam Press they found a receipt-book of Ansarullah under print, so they took away a few of these sheets as also some printed forms ordered by a hospital.

Next hearing of this case is on December 24, 2018 when this inspection report will be presented by the high government officials to the LHC judge.

All this is taking place in response to the stipulation of Mulla Hasan Muaviya. No wonder such mullas thereafter morph into the like of Khadim Rizvi and Pir Qadri who pose serious threat and existential challenge to the state.

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