Introduction to this Section and Index


This section, “INTRODUCTORY ESSENTIALS”, as its title implies, contains folders and files that provide an introduction, opening narrative and an overview of the contents of this website. The contents of these folders and files are briefly introduced below:

Opening Narrative.         This is a 4-page summary that gives the background and historical development of the persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan.

Relevant Laws.                                 This folder contains the laws that are specific to Ahmadis and the Blasphemy laws that are often applied wrongfully against Ahmadis. Amendment No. II to the Constitution is also made available. Other relevant laws have also been provided.

Briefs.                   Briefs on a few important issues concerning the Jamaat Ahmadiyya are available in this folder. A general brief on persecution is also there. Briefs on some earlier issues are also placed here.

Facts and Figures.            Important facts and figures are available in these files. Most of these are available year-wise. A description of these files is available in the Index given below.

Primary documents.       Briefs about the introduction of the Ahmadiyya community are placed here.



Folders and Files in this Section

  1. Introduction to this Section and Index


  1. Opening Narrative


  1. Relevant Laws
    1. Amendment No II to the Constitution
    2. Anti-Ahmadiyya clauses (of Ordinance XX) PPC 298-B, PPC 298-C
    3. Blasphemy laws: PPC 295-C / Act III of 1986
    4. PPC 295-B
    5. Religious laws: PPCs 298-A, 295-A, 295, 153-A
    6. Clauses from the criminal procedure code: CrPC 156-A and 156
    7. Articles of the Constitution of Pakistan
    8. Oaths of President and Prime Minister


  1. Briefs
    1. Opening Narrative
    2. General Brief on Persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan
    3. Blasphemy Laws and Ahmadis
    4. Ahmadis and Elections in Pakistan
    5. Anti-Ahmadiyya Hate Campaign
    6. Rabwah: A Place for Martyrs
    7. Nationalisation of Ahmadiyya Educational Institutions
    8. Change of Name of Rabwah
    9. Chak Sikandar: Three Innocent Convicts
    10. Earlier Briefs on Persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan
    11. Earlier Briefs on Blasphemy laws and Ahmadis
    12. Earlier Briefs on Ahmadis and Elections in Pakistan


  1. Facts and Figures
    1. List of Ahmadis Murdered in Pakistan for their Faith
    2. Yearly record of particulars of Police Cases registered on Religious Grounds against Ahmadis
    3. Yearly updated Statistics of the Police Cases, Yearly updated Summary of other Violations
    4. Persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan – Some Statistics and Information – year-wise
    5. Ahmadis implicated Wrongfully under the Blasphemy law, PPC 295-C
    6. Ahmadis implicated wrongfully under PPC 295-B
    7. Criminal Cases registered against Ahmadiyya Periodicals and the daily Alfazl
    8. End of the Year statements from the Annual Reports (chapter: Conclusion / Executive summary)
    9. Spotlights – Year-wise


  1. Primary Documents
    1. Abbreviations and Glossary
    2. Brief Introduction of Ahmadiyyat
    3. Ahmadiyya Beliefs
    4. Ahmadiyyat is True Islam
    5. Khatme Nabuwwat and Ahmadiyyat
    6. Khatme Nabuwwat and Islamic Ulama
    7. A Prophecy of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) about Mullas

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