Introduction to Section PERSECUTION ARCHIVES and Index

This section contains a Chronology of important events that involved persecution, a sub-section of facts and figures in a tabulated form, a file of official documents relevant to persecution, a repository of other important documents and another one of hate material. Also, the section has major sub-sections where incidents of persecution are attributed to 1) politics 2) administration and police 3) mullas 4) the judiciary 5) the media and 6) the society. There is a sub-section on NGO and foreign reports. At the end of the section, picture, video and press galleries are included.

Not all incidents of persecution are mentioned in this Section; those that can be conveniently placed in categories like murder, imprisonments, loot and arson, defiling of mosques, problems in the field of education and jobs, etc. are mentioned in another section: CATEGORIES OF PERSECUTION.

Furthermore, only incident reports since 1997 are included in various sub-sections here. Selected material is available in another book, Plight of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan 1989 -1999. Some earlier reports are found in a book, Persecution of Ahmadi Muslims and their Response. These two books are available in the PUBLICATIONS section.


  1. 1. Introduction to this Section and Index
  2. 2. Chronology of Events
  3. 3. Official Documents
  4. 4. Repository of other Documents
  5. 5. The Hate Campaign
  6. 6. The Administration and the Police
  7. 7. The Mulla
  8. 8. The Judiciary
  9. 9. The Media
  10. The Society
  11. Politics of Persecution
  12. NGOs and Foreign Reports
  13. Press Gallery
  14. Picture Gallery
  15. Video Gallery