Kidnappings 2015



Johar Town, Lahore; December 18, 2014:   Mr. Umair Riaz went to see a business acquaintance who offered him juice to drink. The juice was mixed with some sort of chloroform. Umair immediately became unconscious, and the villain helped by two men drove him to an unknown location. There, they prepared a video of Umair and demanded Rs. 5 million from his family as ransom. Later at one time, only one individual was left there to watch him. Availing the occasion Umair escaped. The kidnappers chased him but he took lift from a motor cyclist and reached home safely.

The incident was reported to the police.


Ahmadi doctor kidnapped

Satellite Town, Quetta; December/January 2014/15:                       Dr Muhammad Aslam was kidnapped from his clinic by unknown people on December 30, 2014. He was released later in January 2015. Mr. Aslam is an active member of the community and was facing severe opposition from his relatives.


Another Ahmadi kidnapped

Hazara, KPK; October 5, 2015:         Mr. Abdul Aziz Bashir was kidnapped on October 5, 2015   from the front of his house. He is head of the local Ahmadi youth organization and is in the final year of a medical college. There were six kidnappers; four of them were apparently Afghans, while two spoke the local language. They blindfolded Bashir, tied his hands and took him to an isolated place. There they beat him up with belts, sticks and iron punches. They called him a Qadiani and an infidel. Mr. Bashir recited them the Kalima but they did not accept that. He recited them the Namaz (ritual prayer). They were not receptive.

Mr. Bashir got a chance to flee when they were waiting for another party to hand him over to them. He fled from there and jumped down from a height. He made hue and cry; this attracted attention of a few people working there in the field. Seeing this, the kidnappers fled. Bashir contacted his brother on phone, who arrived in company and rescued him.

Mr. Bashir reported the incident to the police.