The Mulla – 2011


 Call for massacre in Faisalabad

 In a pamphlet issued jointly in June 2011 by Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat and All Pakistan Students Khatme Nabuwwat Federation, Faisalabad, Muslims were urged to kill Ahmadis in the open as a pious act of holy war (Jihad), that would entitle the killers to the status of martyrs and ensure them a place under the Holy Prophet’s flag on the Day of Judgment in the Hereafter. The pamphlet provided a list of approximately fifty Ahmadi prominent persons and business houses giving their addresses. The pamphlet gave the names of the issuing organizations, their cell phone numbers and e-mail address. These people are well-known to authorities. Translation of the front page of the pamphlet is placed here.

            The issuance and distribution of this pamphlet caused great anxiety and sense of insecurity among the local Ahmadis and deep concern among the community in general. The track record shows that religious extremists at Faisalabad tend to follow up their threats to Ahmadi individuals, and commit murders. Faisalabad has been a hotbed of anti-Ahmadiyya activities for some time. Authorities have rarely acted vigorously against local perpetrators of hate and promoters of bloodshed. As a result, during the past years, well-known Ahmadis were targeted and murdered here only for their faith. These were:


Dr Abdul Qadir                                                         Sheikh Ashraf Pervez

Mr. Wasim Ahmad Butt                                           Sheikh Masood Javed

Mr. Hafeez Ahmad Butt                                           Sheikh Asif Javed

Dr Shamsul Haq Tayyab                                          Mr. Nasir Ahmad

Sheikh Nazir Ahmad                                                           

Mr. Maqsood Ahmad                                                          

Mr. Abdul Waheed  

Mian Laiq Ahmad                                       

            The four mentioned above in the second column were killed in 2010. The city administration and police are well aware of the organizations that promote and organize anti-Ahmadiyya sectarian vigilantism.

            Subsequent to the distribution of this pamphlet, Ahmadiyya central office conveyed its text and the community’s concern to high political and administrative authorities. Elders of the local community met senior police and administration officials in Faisalabad. The Commissioner expressed sympathy but advised the community delegation to arrange self-protection.

            It is relevant to mention that only a few weeks earlier, two Ahmadis of Zubair Colony, Faisalabad were sent identical threat letters by the same organization, signed by its Amir, Maulvi Hafeez Turabi (Copy here) The letter requires the addressees to recant, accept Islam, or face death. The Amir wrote that their families and children were also on the hit-list. “Your names and addresses have been forwarded to Lashkar Jhangvi, Taliban, Jaish-e-Muhammad and other religious organizations for further action if you do not accept Islam. You have our open permission to show this letter to any intelligence agency or police station to obtain security. You will not be spared. We hope that you will quit Ahmadiyyat and accept the shield of Islam to save you from all the hazards of this life and the Hereafter;” the letter elaborated. The letters carried the following address:

Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat

22-Co-operative Bank Building inside Circular Road, Faisalabad: Phone 2633522

‘Law and order’ is a provincial subject, however, the federal government’s high offices and agencies are also in a position to actively engage the district and regional authorities and require them to take effective action.

            The Faisalabad police registered an FIR regarding the pamphlet. They detained one person although he was little-known. The FIR, however, was registered under a diluted clause PPC 295-A which is relevant only to insulting religious beliefs, it does not deal with incitement to murder – a major serious crime. Compare this to how they proceed against Ahmadis; last year, in response to the demand of a raucous crowd, the administration in Kotli, AJ&K registered a case against seven Ahmadis under eight PPCs, 295A, 341/342, 147/148, 149/337A and 296 in FIR No. 79, and arrested them. The Khatam-e- Nabuwwat leaders in Faisalabad seem to have powerful sympathizers who come to their help promptly and effectively.

            The media took notice of this event. Some of their actions are listed below:

  •  The Express Tribune printed the news prominently on June 9, 2011.
  •  The BBC broadcast ‘Live’ interview of an Ahmadi on June 9, on this subject.
  •  The daily Dawn published this news in some detail on June 12.
  •  The News International published a big article on this issue on June 19, 2011.
  •  The Daily Times wrote an editorial on June 15, 2011: “Hate-crimes against Ahmadis”, and urged “strict measures against the bigots”.
  • A day before, on June 14, 2011, the Daily Times published an op-ed by Afnan Khan titled: Terrorists chalk out plan to target Ahmadis.

            The Asian Human Rights Commission issued a statement as Immediate Release, AHRC STM- 077-2011 on June 11, 2011 and gave it the heading: Pakistan: Extremists openly plan to kill hundreds of Ahmadis – government turns a blind eye.

The incident received mention as far as Sweden where a question was raised in the Parliament to its Foreign Minister.

            Despite this open and serious threat to an entire community, of which the print media took ample notice, the political authorities did not come forth with a response in public, as if threat to Ahmadis is kosher in Pakistan

            The authorities registered an FIR in this case which enabled them to indict one or two individuals only. But what about their organization? In what way is it different than other terrorist organizations? If others are banned for promoting and supporting terror, why not the Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat?

            Sure enough, a few weeks later, the religious bigots struck and murdered an Ahmadi, Mr. Naseem Butt, in his home in Faisalabad at about 1 a.m. on September 4, 2011. Mr Butt had no personal vendetta against anyone; he was killed only for his faith. The casual attitude of the police towards the leadership that initiated the pamphlet in June must have encouraged them to commit murder. The Express Tribune commented on this murder the next day, “The Punjab government’s record of protecting Ahmadis has been dismal”.            Three weeks later, another Ahmadi a teacher was target killed in broad daylight in his school in Farooqabad, not far from Faisalabad.

            The politicians in power do not run short of words in support of human rights and peace, however. See, what they say in public:

CM (Chief Minister Punjab) wants genie of extremism bottled.

                                                                        The daily Dawn, Lahore; May 15, 2011

The fight against terrorism cannot be fought without a battle against extremism, and we will have to reverse this tide from all sides, not just by military means – Rehman Malik (The Federal Interior Minister)

                                                            The Newsweek Pakistan, January 13, 2011

Foreign Powers are not responsible for terrorism in the country, it is religious extremists. Khurshid Shah (Federal Minister of Religious affairs)

                                                                        The daily Din, Lahore, April 21,2011

Well, if they mean what they say, what action did the provincial and federal authorities take against those extremists who openly instigated murder of Ahmadis in Faisalabad – and committed murder, for faith only? None.

            The felons printed their identity, address and phone number on the pamphlet. They threw down the gauntlet to the state, and the authorities wilted.

Note:  Copies of the pamphlet, its translation the listed Ahmadis are available in the Monthly Report of June 2011 at

An Ahmadi educator under threat

Township, Lahore; July, 2011:                    Syed Farrukh Ahmad is an Ahmadi educator in Township, Lahore. He has been harassed by mullas for the last two years. The bigots of the Pasban Khatme Nabuwwat wing are on his trail. “Your case has reached a high level. A plan is ready to take care of you. Pamphlets will be distributed to every student and in every home against you and your school after the summer vacations”, a mulla told him. Mullas are known to have discussed his case in a meeting.

            Mr. Ahmad was very upset in the face of all this.

Harassment of a school teacher

Chak no. 55 GB, Jaranwala; September, 2011:                   Ms. Naheed Akhtar is serving as a PTC school teacher in Government High School in her village. There are anti-Ahmadiyya elements in this village among Ahle-Sunnat, Ahle-Hadith, Jamaat Islami and Tablighi Jamaat. Members of the Tablighi Jamaat are especially active against her. Anti-Ahmadiyya posters and stickers are pasted on walls in the village. A disfigured photo of the founder of the Ahmadiyya community is also pasted at a prominent location. The miscreant has displayed his phone number on it.

            In response to baseless complaints against Ms. Akhtar, an investigation team comprising the police staff from Faisalabad and Jaranwala came over to the school and made enquiries about Ms. Akhtar. They asked students and other staff members whether she teaches them about the advent of any new prophet. They claimed to have been sent by the DCO Faisalabad. They did not disclose the name of the complainant(s).

            Ms. Akhtar feels this is a threat to her job and career.


Rallies and conferences

Public rallies are another tool of the mullas to spread hatred against Ahmadis, here is a brief overview of this activity, specific stories on some of the bigger events can be found in Chapter 7 of Annual Report of 2012.  These events are organized to inflame base communal passions and motivate extreme actions.  Rallies are usually followed by processions that can quickly turn violent.  Surprisingly, despite their clear threat to law and order, authorities readily grant permission to clerics to hold such conferences.  Rabwah, which is the headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Community and has ninety-five percent Ahmadiyya population, is not a place where the mullas can claim any natural right to assemble.  Yet they are permitted to hold a number of rallies there every year.  Unable to draw on any local support, crowds are transported from neighboring districts.  At times, these events continue for two or three days.  Clearly all this involves great cost, but then who is counting when the petro-dollars are plentiful!

The speakers at these rallies are adept at rousing crowd passion.  They use this rhetoric to further other agendas as well, as evident from this sample of statements made at a conference held at Rabwah on October 13 and 14, 2011, taken from various reports in the press:

  • Pakistani government should reply ‘Do More’ with ‘No More’(to US demands in the war on terror).
  • The country’s security is at risk by Qadiani network, not by Haqqani network.
  • Mumtaz Qadri (murderer of Governor Salman Taseer) is not the name of an individual; he represents the religious emotions of the Muslim world.
  • Friendship of Qadianis is more dangerous than their animosity.
  • Qadianis are destroying the pillars of Islam in the whole world under the guise of Islam.
  • Qadianis are liars and hell-bound.
  • The only cure for Qadianis: Al-Jihad, Al-Jihad
  • The future of Pakistan is linked with Khatme Nabuwwat.

            This is based mostly on stories published in the Urdu press, in particular from the daily Jang of October 14 and the Nawa-i-Waqt of October 14 and 15.  The mullas also made the following demands, inter alia:

  • All Qadianis should be dismissed from the armed forces.
  • All literature published in Chenab Nagar (Rabwah) should be confiscated forthwith.
  • Qadianis should be forbidden to use the Islamic creed (Kalima) and other Islamic epithets.
  • Qadianis should be removed without delay from government services like CBR (revenue), embassies and education.
  • Minarets and niches in Qadiani places of worship should be demolished.
  • Entry forms to educational institutions should have an affidavit concerning Khatme Nabuwwat and denouncement of the founder of Ahmadiyya community.
  • Qadiani students declare themselves Muslims on the entry forms of educational institutes, which is against the law.  Action should be taken against them.
  • The declaration about the ‘End of Prophethood’ should be included in the forms for national identity cards.
  • All auxiliary organizations of Qadianis should be banned.
  • Qadiani religious endowments should be taken over by the state.
  • All barriers (installed for security purposes) should be lifted from Chenab Nagar.
  • The Islamists (Islamian) of Pakistan will powerfully resist any change to the blasphemy laws.
  • Shariah penalty for apostasy (death, according to the mulla) should be implemented.
  • The respected ulama are urged to deliver Friday Sermons in support of Khatme Nabuwwat and against Qadianism once every month.
  • Mumtaz Qadri should be set free respectfully.

            Conferences like this are held all over the country.  Clearly, these are threat to law and order and the Government should stop them, yet in its calculus of compromises it finds it preferable to let them happen.  Not all rallies are reported, but this year there were rallies reported in Faisalabad, Lahore, Rabwah, Layyah, Muzaffargarh, Jhelum, Nawab Shah, Larkana, Sargodha, Kharian, Chicha Watni, Nagar Parkar, Pachnand, Jamke Cheema, Chak 20, Ahmadpur Sharqia, Nabi Sar Road, Data Zaidka, Chak No. 170/10-R, Badomalhi, and Daddial AJK.


The anti-Ahmadiyya lobby is quite well-organized.  Most sectarian parties have their Khatme Nabuwwat wings whose sole purpose is to advance anti-Ahmadiyya propaganda and do their bit in spreading the hate campaign.

            Some of these organizations are:

○        Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat

○        International Khatme Nabuwwat Movement

○        World Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat Council, Lahore

○        Majlis Ahrar Islam

○        Shubbane Khatme Nabuwwat, Lahore

○        All Pakistan Students Khatme Nabuwwat Federation

○        Tajdar-e-Khatme Nabuwwat

○        Mutahiddah Khatme Nabuwwat Rabita Committee

○        Tehrik Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat

○        Pasban Khatme Nabuwwat

These organization have an elaborate grass roots structure.  Most of their dirty business is carried out by local and city branches.  The threatening letters sent to several Ahmadis in Faisalabad, mentioned earlier, was the handiwork of a local leader.  At this time, the World Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat Council of Lahore leads in producing bulk of the circulating hate material.  They have an inventory of 111 different brochures and pamphlets for distribution.  They collaborate with Shubban-e-Khatme Nabuwwat to produce lists of Ahmadi names and addresses.  This is done openly and while claiming full credit, with their addresses and phone numbers proudly displayed on all printed material.  Donations are solicited through advertised bank accounts.

            Many political parties also engage in anti-Ahmadi campaigns to promote their wider interests.  These include Jamaat Islami, Jamiat Ulama Pakistan, Jamiat Ulama Islam, Jamaat ud Dawa, Jamiat Mashaikh Pakistan, Sunni Tehrik, Hizb ut Tehrir, Tehrik Minhaj ul Quran, Jamiat Ahle Hadith, Tanzim Islami, Markaz Sirajia, Al-Rahmat Trust etc.  It is noteworthy that some of these parties are officially banned, but continue their activities in spite of the ban.

            Other active anti-Ahmadi organizations include the Islami Jamiat Talaba, Anjuman Talaba Islam, Shubban Khatme Nabuwwat Students etc.  Some organization trade their wares behind false names including Mirzai Mukao Tanzim, Mutahidda Muslim Movement, Tehrik Fidayan Pakistan etc. The authorities are well aware of who they really are.

Friday sermons

Fridays provide mullas with the convenient way to spread the message of hate against any group or individual.  The religious obligation of attending the Friday prayer service is taken seriously by Pakistanis in general.  They dutifully head to a mosque at least once every week and patiently listen to whatever sermon is delivered from the pulpit.  This provides the mullas, who lead these services, with a ready audience comprising vast majority of the male Muslim population of the country every week.  This is a huge opportunity for mullas, and they use it to their maximum advantage.  What they speak about is entirely up to them.  While they should really be concerned with the moral reformation of the masses, it turns out that is the last thing on their minds; they prefer narrow sectarian and political themes with a view to creating social unrest such that their fief and power may get enhanced.  Ahmadis are a usual target of their ire.

            This year the leadership of the Khatme Nabuwwat organization urged all prayer leaders to deliver at least one Friday sermon per month on the issue of End of Prophethood.

Fresh policy initiatives in the hate drive

Although this campaign has been going on for decades, its intensity tends to fluctuate.  The religious leadership has decided in the recent past to intensify it and to take it to the next level.  Anti-Ahmadi propaganda is on the rise with a vast number of new and reprinted hateful literatures being produced.  The amount of material consulted in making this article can be measured literally in kilograms.  One of the referenced brochures mentioned a print run of 8000 copies in two editions within two months.  This gives some idea of the quantum of hate-material published and distributed.

            While the Quran makes no mention of any punishment for a blasphemer, the medieval prescription of death penalty has been so strongly championed by the present day mullas that it is accepted by the common man as completely Shariah authentic.  Furthermore, the clerics have successfully devised and implemented the strategy where the controversy of the End of Prophethood has been linked with the issue of blasphemy against the Holy Prophet.  This has been repeated so often that against all logic the two issues have become inseparable and thoroughly confused in the mind of the common man.  It is a very clever trick.  They hope that through this device they will justify the murder of Ahmadis.

       Ahmadis are frequently described as Wajib-ul-Qatl by the mullas, which is troubling indeed, but more recently this ready threat to Ahmadi lives has taken a more dangerous turn.  There is a nationwide effort by the mullas to identify Ahmadi individuals to the public.  Printed leaflets now give their names, home and work addresses so that any freelancer who is seeking ‘Paradise and its seventy virgins’ may haply do the needful.  Those who make this call for murder do not shy from identifying themselves on these leaflets.  Authorities take no notice of this outrage.

            This drive has even reached schools, colleges and universities.  Ahmadi students, boys and girls, have been targeted and forced to leave their institutions under duress; a sample case can be found in Chapter 2B of Annual Report 2012.


Two letters

Translated below are two letters, one from a mulla and one from the head office of the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan.

a.         Open letter of a cleric


Open letter to the Devotees of the End of Prophethood (PBUH)

Muslim Believing Brothers,

Assalamo Alaikum

I hope that you are all preparing for death in this transitory life, with complete faith.  Differences exist among people at all levels in the human society.  People are divided on the basis of social, economic, cultural, religious and moral norms. Likewise, there are stark differences in beliefs and modes of worship.  However, despite all these differences there is one dogma and practice that amounts to worship, that forms the foundation of our faith, that is common among all Muslims; and that is our faith in the finality of Prophethood of Hadrat Muhammad the Crown of the Universe, the Pride of Existence, the Cause of the Universe, the Leader of Prophets, the Pride of Humanity, the First and the Last Light, the End of Prophets and Messengers.  The true faith is, after the recitation of the Kalima, to be ever ready to sacrifice your life for the sake of our master Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) in total disregard of our life, property and honour, and rising above all considerations of worldly constraints, and organizational opinions and decisions.  There is need to accelerate this drive; therefore this humble self has undertaken the audacity to write this letter.

            These days, it is very difficult to notice the difference between Muslims and Mirzais (Ahmadis) because Mirzais recite the same Kalima (Islamic creed), and they worship and say prayers the same way as Muslims.  However, they consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian as their prophet, while we Muslims consider Muhammad the Prophet of Latter Days (PBUH) to be our last prophet, and have full faith in that.  Mirzais offer heavy sums, beautiful wives and running businesses to mislead Muslims who are simple and weak in belief and mind.  A Muslim who becomes an apostate through their trickery, turns into a traitor to Islam, an enemy of Allah, and unfit to show his cursed face to Hadhrat Muhammad (p.b.u.h.). As per the law of Pakistan, he becomes a part of (non-Muslim) minority, and as per Quran he becomes an apostate, heretic and Wajib-ul-Qatl (must be put to death).  It is a pity that all mischief-mongers, miscreants and enemies of Islam stand united while we Muslims the true lovers are in disarray.  In fact, we revile those who tell the truth and persecute them by calling them miscreants.  Laws are formulated to hang those who tell the truth.  As per the law in force, Mirzais are not allowed to, 1. Call their places of worship ‘Masjid’, nor are they allowed to construct one, 2. Call for prayers (Azan), 3. Call themselves Muslims, 4. Term their religion, Islam, 5. Preach their faith.

            Mirzais are worse than apostates; they are Zindique (heretics).  The Shariah does not permit any social relationship, greeting, business dealing, political relationship, matrimony, dining together, keeping company with them etc; it is all Haraam (forbidden).  All food items

prepared by Shezan, an entirely Qadiani enterprise, and distributed all over Pakistan, should be forbidden in Pakistan.  OCS courier service is also owned by Mirzais; all dealings with them should be forbidden.  The state should be mindful of its obligations to the Faith and should issue such orders that restrict Mirzais’ activities, their preaching should come to an end and their products should cease to come to the market.  Thereafter they should be officially invited to Islam.  If they sincerely recant, well and good; otherwise a disputation should be held with them and if they decide not to come to the right path, they should be dealt with according to the (Shariah) law.  This can be undertaken by the faithful district level officials. This will be indeed a novel initiative.  The DCOs and DPOs should get lists prepared of the Qadianis, by the Agencies and call them to their offices to invite them to Islam.  They can seek the help of a local ‘Alim (cleric) in this undertaking.  They can also issue orders to ban the supply of Shezan products in their districts, and the services of OCS courier company.  All that is needed is the power of Belief.  The following demands of Ulama Haq (the upright clerics) are as valid today as in the past:

○        Mirzais should be fired from all key posts, services and decision-making forums.

○        All social relations with Mirzais should be put to an end.

○        They should be forbidden to preach.

○        Their names should be entered in the minorities’ voter-lists.

○        An identity code should be entered for Mirzais in the national identity cards.

○        All denominations and religious parties of the Muslim Ummah should unite to destroy this mischief.

○        Politicians who support Mirzais should have their membership of the National Assembly, Provincial Assemblies and the Senate terminated.


Humble servant:

Syed Muhammad Azhar Shah Bokhari,

Devoted to the End of Prophethood (PBUH) Lodhran

b. Letter to all the concerned high officials in the Punjab and in Islamabad, from the Director Public Affairs of the Ahmadiyya Head Office Rabwah, written on August 20, 2011


Nazarat Umoor E Aama

Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya Rabwah (Pakistan)

Ph: 047-6212459                 Fax: 047-6215459       E-mail:



Subject:           Request to stop circulation of provocative hate literature

            Jamia Usmania Khatme Nabuwwat, Muslim Colony, Rabwah (Chenab Nagar) has issued a folder containing a time table for fasting during Ramadan. It contains numerous anti-Ahmadiyya provocative writings. The writings urge Muslims to undertake extreme action against Ahmadis. Hate and prejudice is spread in the fair name of religion through this baseless written material. Ahmadis are thereby exposed to attack and aggression.

            The folder also calls for financial support to the monthly organ of their organization, which is committed to anti-Ahmadiyya propaganda.

            It is relevant to mention that the head of this organization, Qari Shabbir Ahmad Usmani is placed in the Fourth Schedule of the police record. He was General Secretary of the Sipah Sahabah, a banned organization. He is facing prosecution in court on criminal charges in FIRs 580 of 31 October 2006, 255 of 20 September 2002, 734 of 21 December 1994, 279 of 14 November 1986 and 245 of 26 October 1985, all registered in Police Station Chenab Nagar / Rabwah.

            The monthly Sada-i-Khatme Nabuwwat that has been published for years is neither officially registered nor has permission from the authorities for its publication.

            The time-table folder solicits contributions from the general public while according to government rules organizations are forbidden to collect funds without due permission.

            We have kept the authorities repeatedly informed of this delicate situation but unfortunately no action is taken against these elements. This results in grave consequences.

            It is a pity that these extremist blood-thirsty elements avail of the sensitive national situation and exploit religion to target a specific community, harming the country thereby. Such literature plays pivotal role in this scheme. Although all the decent folk condemn such activities, the negative role and support of the print and electronic media encourages these elements.

            Since the promulgation of the anti-Ahmadiyya Ordinance XX in 1984, two hundred and six Ahmadis have been killed through religious hatred. The serial killing goes on in 2011. A number of Ahmadis have been attacked this year.

            Publication of this provocative literature (copies attached) despite the official ban calls for special attention of the authorities and corrective action by them.



Director Public Affairs

Rabwah (Chenab Nagar) District Chiniot

Attack on Ahmadi community worker

Faisalabad; June 2011:         Some unknown armed persons entered the residence of Rana Nasim Ahmad after midnight on June 1. Mr. Ahmad fired a few shots in the air. The intruders jumped over the wall and fled. It is relevant to mention that a few months earlier the Shoba Nashar-o-Ashaat Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat had issued a pamphlet that urged people to murder Ahmadis in the open and mentioned Rana Nasim Ahmad by name as one of the two prominent Ahmadis.

            This leaves no doubt about the identity of the criminal elements who plan and sponsor violence that was attempted on June 1 against Rana Nasim Ahmad.

Another murder attack in Rachna Town, Lahore

Rachna Town, Ferozwala, District Lahore; September 7, 2011:  Khatme Nabuwwat organization considers 7 September an important date and celebrates it every year, because in 1974 on this date Ahmadis were declared a non-Muslim minority by the state. This year, religious bigots chose this day to make a murder attempt in Rachna Town where last year they had murdered Professor Muhammad Yusuf and got away with it – thanks to intervention of a local political heavy-weight of PML (N).

            Unknown pillion-riders fired pistol shots at Mr. Basheer Ahmad the local secretary of public affairs of the Ahmadi community, at about 11 a.m. He was hit by four bullets in the neck, shoulder and stomach. Three of these remained embedded while the fourth shot to the shoulder came out at the other end. Mr. Ahmad was rushed to Mayo Hospital where he was attended by a competent surgical team in the ‘emergency’ room. They took out the bullets from the stomach and the neck. His vertebrates and entrails were damaged. They had to undertake a colostomy. It took them many hours of surgical operation, and they had to use four bottles to replenish his lost blood. His state was precarious for hours, and they shifted him to the Intensive Care Unit after the operation. Fortunately he survived.

            Days later he was shifted to another hospital for medical care and recovery. He had to be provided an armed guard to ensure that he was protected against a repeat attempt.

            As the local Khatme Nabuwwat chapter of TAKN (Tajdar Anjuman Khatme Nabuwwat) is intensely involved in anti-Ahmadi activities, a number of activists reportedly fled from the area to avoid arrest.

            Ten days after this incident the local leaders of the TAKN in Ferozwala filed a dacoity complaint with the police against unnamed accused, reportedly as ‘FIR insurance’ against an accusation of involvement in the murder attempt on the Ahmadi. Humayun Akhtar, younger brother of TAKN Ferozwala president Afzal Tahir, was the complainant of the dacoity case. The Express Tribune reported the following on September 20, 2011, ‘Sources in the police said that Tahir, Qari Muhamamd Ahmad Faridi and two other prominent TAKN members contacted the police and asked them not to allow TAKN people to be named in the FIR. They said that PML (Nawaz) MPA Ashraf  Rasool, who is also a member of TAKN, had also approached the (police) station house officer on this matter.’

            The same newspaper quoted a local as, “The TAKN is very strong here. They have renamed the crossing where Chaudhry Basheer was attacked and are calling it Khatme Nabuwwat Chowk. The bazaar is being called Khatme Nabuwwat Bazaar.”

            A few days earlier mulla Muhammad Ahmad Faridi, the Khatib of the local Khatme Nabuwwat mosque issued a poster titled: “Khatme Nabuwwat doctrine is the foundation of Islam,” Its contents include, inter alia, “These people (Ahmadis) call Mirza Qadiani a Prophet (Nabi), and a Messenger (Rasul); they consider his diabolic inspirations holy revelations and call his nonsense ‘Hadees Rasul’. They call his cursed colleagues Companions of the Messenger, and call the corrupt family of the cursed Mirza ‘Ahle Bai‘at’. Hence Mirzais are not only Kafir (infidels), they are also guilty of blasphemy against the Prophet, the Quran, the Companions and the Holy Family. Mirzais call themselves Muslims despite all their nonsense, trash and bull. … They are traitors to Islam and the country.”

From: Muhammad Ahmad Faridi, Khatib Jame Masjid Khatme Nabuwwat, Rachna Town, Ferozwala, Street No. 26

Contact # 0322 48 67977

            Such propaganda can only lead to incidents of murder and assault, as those in Rachna Town. If the authorities do not take notice of the criminals who give their addresses and phone numbers on posters, it only shows that they support such crimes and lawlessness against Ahmadis.

            Mr. Riaz Ahmad of Rachna Town, a friend of Mr. Basheer Ahmad the victim of the attack, has received serious threats from unknown men. He has little option except moving elsewhere – a painful choice.


Manpower provided by madrassahs

Mughalpura, Lahore; June 3, 2011: Three young men were found distributing anti-Ahmadiyya pamphlets and stickers at about noon in Mughalpura. They moved from door to door, knocked and offered literature. They posted stickers on doors etc. They were students from Madrassah Manzur ul Islam, Sadr Bazaar.

            A report of their activity was made to the police, and the SHO detained the three men. Later in the day at the intervention of Haji Ejaz an MPA of the Peoples Party the police released the miscreants. The MPA gave in writing that the accused would not indulge in such activities in future.

            It is rather undesirable that an MPA should so readily come to the help of criminals who indulge so brazenly in sectarian activities. It is also unbecoming for the police to release such criminals on the personal assurance of an individual.


Unbridled mullas

Mirpur Khas, Sindh; February 10, 2011:     The trial case of the murder of Dr. Abdul Mannan Siddiqui and two other cases are heard in the sessions court/anti-terrorism court. Mullas gather in the courts in large numbers at every hearing of the case. The same happened on February 10. They made a video of the Ahmadis present. They did not stop when told not to do so. This was brought to the notice of the police officer on duty but he took no action. It is worth mentioning that one of the accused in the murder of Dr. Abdul Mannan Siddiqui was also present in the court at that time; his plea for bail has already been rejected by the sessions court and the high court. It is a high-profile case.

Disturbance averted

Kang Chanan, District Gujrat; June 2011: Mirza Khan, Ahmadi died on June 17, 2011. Mullas attempted serious disturbance at the occasion of his burial. However, this was averted by peaceful and generous moves of the Ahmadis and co-operation of the local population.

            Ahmadis and non-Ahmadis have a common graveyard in Kang Chanan. So, Ahmadis dug a grave there to bury Mr. Mirza Khan. Early in the morning, at about 7:30 a.m. a police contingent arrived and inquired if a riot was brewing. The village folk told them that they were not aware of any. The police intimated that they had received an application from a non-resident mulla that there was a threat to law and order over the burial of an Ahmadi. The villagers told the police that they had no problem with the burial, and the mulla was not relevant.

            In the meantime another police contingent arrived led by a senior inspector. The inspector was in contact with his superiors on phone. He conveyed his concern over the possibility of a sectarian back lash by mullas from outside. He told the village folk to divide the graveyard among Ahmadis and others.

            In view of the police intervention, the two communities divided the graveyard land among themselves. It was done amicably. Ahmadis voluntarily accepted a smaller portion of the land than their due share. Although non-Ahmadis offered that the deceased may be buried in the grave already dug, Ahmadis buried him in their own area to avoid any follow-up attempt at disinterment.

            The burial was accomplished peacefully. The village folk condemned the disruptive intervention of the outsider Qari Mazhar Jangi Tarar and his backers. These people did not come to the village, but pulled strings remaining covert.

Two-day provocative conference in Rabwah by anti-Ahmadiyya mullas

Rabwah; October 13 and 14, 2010:   Mullas of the Aalami Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat, (an anti-Ahmadiyya organization) held their two-day annual conference in Rabwah instead of holding it at their headquarters in Multan which is 260 kilometers away from here.

            Such conferences are permitted regularly in Rabwah where the non-Ahmadis population is only 5% of the total.

            This conference at Rabwah poses a great threat to the law and order of the town. The administration allowed the conference despite the fact that the Ahmadiyya central office wrote a letter to all the concerned local, provincial and federal authorities requesting them to disallow this sectarian conference in Rabwah by outsiders.

            Mullas from all over Pakistan gather here annually. Mostly Deobandi and Wahabi mullas and a few Brelvis participated. Mulla Ata-ur-Rahman of JUP (brother of Maulvi Fazlur Rahman) also attended the conference. Maulvi Muhammad Hussain, Mohibullah, Azizur Rahman Jalandhri, Allah Wasaya, Zahid ur Rashdi, Ahmad Mian Hamadi, Mufti Muhammad Hassan, Alam Tariq (of the banned SSP) etc were among the speakers; most of them are otherwise forbidden to leave their districts during Muharram when the government shows zero tolerance to any threat to law and order.

            As usual, the speakers made abusive and slanderous speeches against the founder and leaders of the Ahmadiyya community. They spoke even against Ch. Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, an Ahmadi and the first Foreign Minister of Pakistan, who was very close and dear to the Quaid-e-Azam, the founder of Pakistan.

            In these conferences, the mullas are free to say what they like, regardless of facts. Later, the press-release by their publicity men repeats the rhetoric for public consumption in the country. For example, the following statements were published in the vernacular press:

  • Pakistani government should reply ‘Do More’ with ‘No More’.
  • European countries should also declare Qadianis a non-Muslim minority.
  • The country’s security is at risk by Qadiani network, not by Haqqani network.
  • Mumtaz Qadri (murderer of Governor Taseer) is not the name of an individual; he represents the religious emotions of the Muslim world.
  • Friendship of Qadianis is more dangerous than their animosity.
  • Qadianis are destroying the pillars of Islam in the whole world under the guise of Islam.
  • Qadianis are liars and hell-bound.
  • The only cure for Qadianis: Al-Jihad, Al-Jihad
  • The future of Pakistan is linked with Khatme Nabuwwat.

            This report is based mostly on stories published in the vernacular press, in particular from the daily Jang of October 14 and the Nawai Waqt of October 14 and 15. The mullas made the following demands, inter alia:

  • All Qadianis should be dismissed from the armed forces.
  • All literature published in Chenab Nagar should be confiscated forthwith.
  • Qadianis should be forbidden to use the Islamic creed (Kalima) and other Islamic epithets.
  • Qadianis should be removed without delay from government services like CBR (Revenue), embassies and education.
  • Minarets and niches in Qadiani places of worship should be demolished.
  • Entry forms to educational institutions should have an affidavit concerning Khatme Nabuwwat and denouncement of the founder of Ahmadiyya community.
  • Qadiani students declare themselves Muslims on the entry forms of educational institutes, which is against the law. Action should be taken against them.
  • The declaration about the ‘End of Prophethood’ should be included in the application forms for national identity cards.
  • All auxiliary organizations of Qadianis should be banned.
  • Qadiani religious endowments should be taken over by the state.
  • All barriers (installed for security purposes) should be removed from Chenab Nagar (Rabwah).
  • The Islamists (Islamian) of Pakistan will powerfully resist any change to the blasphemy laws.
  • Shariah penalty for apostasy (death, according to the mulla) should be implemented.
  • The respected ulama are urged to deliver Friday Sermons in support of Khatme Nabuwwat and against Qadianism once every month.
  • Mumtaz Qadri should be set free respectfully.

            One can get a fair idea of the motives of these mullas in the light of above demands.

            The maximum attendance was recorded on Friday – approximately 8000. The audience were transported from out of Rabwah in buses, wagons, cars and rickshaws. Meals were served lavishly. One wonders about the source of funds for all these huge anti-Ahmadiyya rallies.

             Such conferences are a great disturbance for Ahmadis in Rabwah. As precautionary measures the schools were closed, women were advised to remain at home, markets remained closed, and hundreds of citizens remained alert to defend the town and its people against a possible attack by participants of this conference. The authorities also had to remain vigilant. The state and society were exposed to great risk by allowing the mullas to assemble at Rabwah where they have no rational claim to converge.

            Following mullas participated:

Akram Toofani, Abdul Latif Ashrafi, Muhammad Amjad Madni, Mumtaz Ahmad Kalpar, Muhammad Ismail Shujjabadi, Qazi Ihsan Ahmad, Ziauddin Azad, Azizur Rahman Sani, Faqirullah Akhtar, Abdul Hakeem Naumani, Muhammad Ali Siddiqui, Muhammad Hussain Nasir, Tajammul Hussain, Muhammad Ishaq Saqi, Muhammad Tayyab Farooqi, Muhammad Zahid Waseem, Mufti Muhammad Khalid Mir, Abdul Naeem, Muhammad Arif, Ghulam Mustafa, Ghulam Rasool Deen Poori, Abdul Sattar Haidri, Abdul Sattar Gormani, Abdul Khaliq, Muhammad Khubaib, Muhammad Iqbal, Abdul Wahab Jalandhri, Abdul Razzaq Mujahid, etc.


Anti-Ahmadiyya conferences at other places

Lahore; January 2011:          Tahaffuze Khatme Nabuwwat group (Safeguarding the End of Prophethood) became very active and bold after the murder of Governor Salman Taseer. They held anti-Ahmadiyya courses in different parts of Lahore. In some places they held three-day courses while at others one-day courses. These courses were held at the following places, inter alia; Jamia Usmania Macload Road, Idaratul Furqan Shadi Pura Band Road, Jamia Siddiqia Frooqia Township, Idaratul Furqan Lilbinat Shadipura Band Road, Jame Noor Hakeema Wali Muslimabad Tariq Shaheed Road.

            These courses were advertised through banners and stickers. All concerned authorities were informed of this by the Ahmadiyya Jamaat.

Dar-uz-Zikr, Garhi Shahu; May 15, 2011:   A number of mullas came over in a rickshaw to the Dar-uz-Zikr in Lahore, the Ahmadiyya mosque where terrorists mounted a murderous attack last year. These clerics walked around the mosque, and pointed at various locations. They were monitored on CCTV cameras.

            When they departed, they were followed discreetly. They went into a burger shop where they were joined by another colleague. It was learnt that they were attending a Hifz class at Jamia Naeemia in Garhi Shahu. Their leader was Yasin Sabiri, a resident of Aiman Ahad Sabiri Darbar, Gujranwala. These men had attended this Jamia for eight years.

            All this information was passed to the police for necessary action.

Shershah Colony, Raiwind:   An anti-Ahmadiyya course was conducted here. It had been advertised through banners and posters in Wapda Colony.

Mugalpura; May 2011:                      The mulla of the local mosque instigated people against the Ahmadiyya community. He violated the loudspeaker act repeatedly. As a result anti-Ahmadiyya sentiments were noticeable in the youths of the area. Anti-Ahmadiyya stickers were found pasted at several places here.

            Two young men came to a shop owned by an Ahmadi. They tried to engage him in a religious discussion but he wisely avoided it. They urged the people sitting in his shop to boycott him for his faith. It was learnt that those two men had come from Madrassah Manzoor Islam, Sadar Cantt. They were 25 – 30 years old.

Rachna Town; May 2011:     Anti-Ahmadiyya members of Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat dropped provocative pamphlets inside the houses of Ahmadis in this area.

Mughalpura, Lahore:            The mulla of the Jame Masjid Usmania spoke on the subject of Raymond Davis and Qadianism in his Friday sermon of February 18, 2011. He asserted that Qadianis talk of peace but they are the terrorists, they are lackies of the U.S. and are funded by Americans, they are Wajib-ul-Qatl (must be killed) etc. “If the government takes no action against them, we’ll dispatch them ourselves,” he warned.

Mugalpura, Lahore; September, 2011:         The mulla of the Masjid Hanifa Jhalar Wali, Shah Kamal Road, Mugalpura remained very active against Ahmadis. He spoke against the Ahmadiyya community at prayer times, especially in Friday sermons. He delivered a venomous sermon on “The Doctrine of Khatme Nabuwwat and rebuttal of Qadianiat (Ahmadiyyat)” on September 2. He provoked the audience against Ahmadis and used abusive language against the leaders of the Ahmadiyya community. He declared Ahmadis infidels, apostates and Wajibul Qatl (must be killed). Ahmadis informed the authorities of this. The mulla however did not abide by the police advice, and kept on violating the Loud Speaker Act.

Do Gaij Town, District Lahore: A mulla indulged in anti-Ahmadiyya propaganda on loudspeaker in Dars after the morning prayer in Shah Madina mosque, Bismilla Block, Zarrar Shaheed Rd. He also urged the worshippers to implement a social boycott of Ahmadis.

Mulla exposed

Jhang; February 26, 2011:    Intelligence team from Islamabad came to Jhang and arrested a mulla, the Imam of Bilal Masjid (mosque) in Ayub Chowk, Jhang. It was learnt that he was involved in the latest bomb attack in Faisalabad. He belongs to Derra Layyah, and got his education from a madrassah. Mobile SIMs and ammunition were found in his custody. This mulla was also active on the anti-Ahmadiyya front.


Mounting hostility in Narowal

Narowal; March 2011:          Mullas instigated the public against Ahmadis here. They threatened the district president of the Ahmadiyya community. Someone left at his door two books and three magazines, one of the Ahle-Hadith and others of the Ahle-Sunnat wal Jamaat.

            Similarly they distributed anti-Ahmadiyya pamphlets and posters with imprints of caricatures of the founder of the Ahmadiyya community. Some stickers were published by the Shubbane Khatme Nabuwwat. Some of these call for boycott of Ahmadis. Mullas also visited educational institutes to promote hatred against Ahmadis.

Ahmadi businessman harassed by mullas

Quetta; June 22, 2011:          Mr. Muzaffar Ahmad, a well-known Ahmadi businessman here, became the target of local Khatme Nabuwwat mullas. He was threatened in many ways. Some mullas took him forcibly to their office and made him sign a statement on oath to deny Ahmadiyyat. “Your business will be set on fire and you will be killed if you maintain relations with Ahmadis or go to their place of worship”, they threatened him.

            Mr. Ahmad is at great risk at the hand of these religious gangsters.


A ‘Course’ in Mughalpura

Mughalpura, Lahore; June 17-19, 2011:      On June 15, 2011, a few young men from a madrassah were seen distributing anti-Ahmadiyya pamphlets issued by the Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat. They were calling on each shop in the bazaar. The pamphlet invited people to join a “Three-day course, Fehm Khatme Nabuwwat.”

            This course was held on 17-19 June, 2011 in Masjid Khulafa-e-Rashidin, Jaafari Pul, Mughalpura in Lahore.

Visit by a religious thug

Nilkot, District Multan; September 5, 2011:  At about 5:00 p.m. a stranger knocked at the door of Rana Muhammad Akmal, Ahmadi. Akmal’s elderly father opened the door. The visitor who did not introduce himself poured out venom against the founder of Ahmadiyyat and read out from a leaflet fatwas (edicts) against Ahmadis. On inquiry, he stated that he is back from Afghanistan and is a resident in the nearby Naqshbandi Colony.

            At that time, an Ahmadi cousin arrived and intervened. The visitor did not relent and threatened, “It is for you to choose the right path, otherwise we’ll show it to you. Quit Ahmadiyyat.” The unpleasant visit lasted many minutes. The visitor departed without disclosing his name.

            Later enquiries disclosed that the man was Arshad Khokhar S/O Qari Ghulam Rasul Khokhar of Naqshbandi Colony. He was away in Afghanistan for two years where he received some training in militancy. He had been in prison for eight months for his crimes. He has bullet wound mark on his hand.

Khatme Nabuwwat mullas’ malign power

Mirpur Khas:              Ahmadi women were riding a taxi which hit a pedestrian girl. As the locals assembled, the taxi driver fled from the scene of the accident, and left his passengers to fend for themselves. The crowd blamed the passengers. In the meantime two Ahmadis Mr. Irfan Ahmad Cheema and Mr. Aamir Ahmad Gondal arrived at the scene, and in order to calm down the angry crowd offered to take the injured girl to the hospital.

            The doctors at the local hospital referred the patient to Karachi, so these gentlemen took her to Karachi where they paid a heavy amount on her treatment. Later the girl’s family became more demanding and asked for Rs. 37000. They referred the dispute to an MQM Unit. The arbiter decided that Mr. Cheema and Gondal should pay Rs. 30,000, and in case follow-up treatment is required it should be availed at the Civil Hospital while the cost would be shared equally. Ahmadis paid up, accordingly.

            Later on, the girl’s father came over and declared that the arbitrator’s decision was not acceptable to him. He will have his daughter treated at the Liaquat National Hospital and the entire expenses should be paid by Mr. Cheema and Gondal. This was not acceptable to them.

            The girl’s party mustered a few bullies and visited Mr. Cheema and Mr. Gondal’s homes. They precipitated a brawl there and even took to firing. The next day the girl’s father applied to the DSP to register an FIR, but he refused.

            At this, the girl’s father approached mulla Siddiqui, a cleric of the Khatme Nabuwwat faction, and persuaded him to telephone the Ahmadis. The mulla telephoned and threatened that in case they did not yield to his demand, the issue would be raised as a religious and sectarian issue.

            Eventually an FIR was registered by the police against the taxi driver and the two Ahmadis, Mr. Cheema and Mr. Gondal.

A Report from Lala Musa

Lala Musa, District Gujrat: Lala Musa is a town, not far from Chak Sikandar which has been mentioned in anti-Ahmadiyya news for a long time. In 1974, religious extremists occupied the Ahmadiyya mosque here. They have formed a new group in this town and given it the name of Tanzim Tehrik Tahaffuz Islam (Organization of Movement to Protect Islam). Its leader is Ghazi Muhammad Shakil Jalali, an employee in the Kharian City police station.

            This group remains busy in propaganda against Ahmadis. It accuses them maliciously of blasphemy. On May 20, 2011three men attempted to enter the Ahmadiyya mosque in Lala Musa, but Ahmadi duty personnel did not allow them entry. At this the constable on duty refused to be posted there on the plea that Ahmadis do not allow others to enter their mosques. Obviously he was in league with the three intruders.

            Ahmadis in Lala Musa received threats on phone and by SMS. Mr. Farooq Zia, an Ahmadi was told by a member of the Jalali group that they were on the lookout to kill 5 or 6 Ahmadis in a single attempt. A few days earlier, Ghazi Shakil Jalali came over to a mosque and declared: “I have heard in Kharian that Mirzais have committed blasphemy in Lala Musa. How come you guys are sitting idle over it and take no action?” He showed great anger against his workers.

            A few days later, two men came over to the work-place of Mr. Fahim Iqbal, an Ahmadi. They told him that Ghazi Shakil Jalali would like to see him in the police station. Iqbal refused to go. At this the visitors attempted to take him forcibly, which he resisted. The manager had to intervene and tell the strangers to leave.

            These are disturbing developments for the Ahmadis of Lala Musa. The instigator is a mulla who is a government employee. That makes it highly objectionable.

Banned organization openly active against Ahmadis in District Hafizabad

Dahranwali, District Hafizabad; September/October 2011:             Mullas of the Ahle Hadith faction, supported by activists of the banned SSP and Jamaat Da‘wa were very active in fanning the fire of sectarian hatred, in Dahranwali and some other villages where Ahmadis reside.

            Mullas had slogans written on walls in Dahranwali concerning blasphemy and Ahmadis being Wajib-ul-Qatl (must be put to death). They announced it on loudspeakers that killer of an Ahmadi will have direct access to paradise. They disfigured a portrait of the founder of the Ahmadiyya community and dropped copies of this leaflet in streets and inside Ahmadis’ homes.

            Ahmadi elders therefore approached district administration and police authorities and requested intervention. The police sent for both the parties and told them to exercise restraint and pose no threat to law and order. Ahmadis readily accepted, while their opponents were not sure. They held a rally on September 16, but refrained from using sound amplifiers.

            On September 22, 2011 the Ahle-Hadith mullas held a rally in their central mosque in Dahranwali. They had obtained official permission to hold this rally which continued till 23:00 hr. A number of audience had come from neighboring villages. Maulvi Asad of Gujranwala, Maulvi Usama from Lahore, Maulvi Wahab from Hafizabad and Maulvi Faisal of Dahranwali addressed the crowd. The police were present in strength. This assured peace on that day, but the hate and prejudice preached that evening was sure to breed its violent cubs in the near future.

            The day before, the religious bigots agreed on joint enforcement of ban on Ahmadis’ burial in the common graveyard. They demanded of the administrations of private schools to oust Ahmadi children. Some children have accordingly been expelled from those schools.

            Anti-Ahmadiyya elements sent a letter to the District Co-ordination Officer accusing Ahmadis of the unrest in the area and demanded that Ahmadis be stopped from practicing their religion in the village. They demanded that the minarets be removed from the Ahmadiyya mosque and that Ahmadis be banned from burial in the common graveyard.

            Ahmadiyya delegation met the administration, rebutted all the charges, and proposed solution to the communal issues.

             A women’s  conference was also held in Dahranwali, Hafizabad on October 14, 2011 in which anti-Ahmadiyya hate speeches were made.

            On October 30, announcements were made on loudspeakers in the mosques that the 30-year old problem will be solved that day as the minaret and the niche in the ‘Qadiani’ mosque would be demolished. To that end, the mullas urged all ‘Ahle-Islam’ to assemble so that the issue of the graveyard could also be settled. Accordingly approximately 200 men assembled. Ahmadis informed the police who arrived in the village.

            At that occasion, a wise man offered the opinion that the issue of graveyard should not be settled by force and destruction of Ahmadis’ graves but by division of the graveyard land among ‘Ahle-Islam and Qadianis’. The police supported the idea and a part of the graveyard land was set aside for Ahmadis.

            The police later visited the Ahmadiyya mosque for its minaret and niche. This mosque is growing old and Ahmadis intend its renovation and raising its ceiling and parameter walls. The police told the two parties to present themselves before the District Police Officer where the following agreement was made in writing:

  1. No compromise is made on the expulsion of school children.
  2. All the anti-Ahmadi inscriptions on the village walls will be scrubbed off.
  3. Qadianis’ share of the graveyard land has been set aside.
  4. Ahmadis may raise the ceiling of their place of worship but will not construct a minaret thereupon.

            This agreement, especially clauses 1 and 4 were imposed on Ahmadis with the help of the police. Both these are outside the law of the land. Ahmadis had no choice but to agree under the circumstances. Both these clauses violate fundamental rights of Ahmadis.

            In Dharanwali, all the denominational communities have lived in peace and harmony for decades. However, these agitational activities of mullas have seriously disturbed that peace, and sown seeds of discord and hate which will grow and bear their bitter fruits for years to come.

            Anti-Ahmadiyya agitation has also been reported in Kot Hasan Khan, Thatha Shamsa and Kot Shah Alam.

            The sectarian situation in District Hafizabad is a cause for great concern to Ahmadis.

Hafizabad; October 30, 2011:            A mulla from Kot Shah Alam came here three months ago and has been very active in agitating the people against the Ahmadiyya community. He scheduled a big anti-Ahmadiyya rally on October 30, 2011.

A report from south of Punjab

Bahawalpur; January 2011:  The south of Punjab is regularly in the news and is mentioned in dispatches for its radicalization and as a contemporary cradle of religious extremism. Ahmadis are targeted there routinely by the banned organizations, Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat and politico-religious parties.

            According to a recent report, mullas were active this year in Chak No. 9/BC in fomenting agitation against Ahmadis. They undertook a campaign against a private school run by an Ahmadi, Mr. Muzaffar Ahmad.

            Pasting stickers and posters was also a part of their program. When on 21 January the mullas wanted to put up a poster on a non-Ahmadi’s shop he protested. The mullas insisted and became violent. They hit him on the head, and he had to be hospitalized. The police registered a case against them. The shop-keepers co-operated with the police against the violent bigots.

            The poster was issued by the Khatme Nabuwwat Committee Bahawalpur. The Committee, conscious of its unlawful activities, took care not to publish its address on the poster. Instead they printed their mobile phone numbers on the poster: 0301-7757602; 0300-6812976; 0301-7756983.

          The mullas issued another poster calling for a rally against the ‘Qadiani’ Muzaffar Public School, Chak No. 98C Baghdad, Bahawalpur. They programmed the rally for 10:00 a.m. on 24 January 2010 at Hussaini Chowk to DC Office Chowk, Bahawalpur. They accused the school of “Urging the youth to rise in revolt, subconsciously, against the Holy Prophet (saw)”. The call for the rally was made, according to the poster, by the following:

–                      Anjuman Tulaba Islam

–                      Shubban Khatme Nabuwwat Students Bahawalpur

–                      Sunni Tehrik Bahawalpur

–                      Al-Muhammadiyya Students Bahawalpur

–                      Shola Students Al Rahmat Trust Bahawalpur

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