No, Hamza Ali Abbasi, you cannot shame us for talking about Pakistan’s minorities too!

They say charity begins at home. But for many right-wing Pakistanis, it seems as if home is not Pakistan; it is the Muslim Ummah – just the Sunni-identifying part to be precise. Like the rest of us, these fellow Pakistanis seem to be rightly concerned about the current plight of the Rohingya Muslim minority in Burma.

However, they don’t seem to bat an eye on the treatment meted out to our own minorities on home soil. Tell them the Rohingya Muslims identify as Shia Muslims or Ahmadi Muslims, and the fury and passion will magically dissipate in an instant. Some might even start justifying the persecution. For these right-wing Pakistanis, hypocrisy and double standards continue to be prominent themes even in issues related to human persecution.

Sadly, some celebrities and televangelists aid in promoting these same double standards. Mr Hamza Ali Abbasi is one such character. In a social media post from yesterday, he rightly praised the media and government on talking about “our Rohingya Muslim brothers and sisters”. Indeed, the Rohingya Muslims are one of the most persecuted minority communities worldwide and deserve our voice.

However, Mr Abbasi’s duplicity showed in the very next part of his statement. He cautioned readers not to start a “rant”, referring to the voice against the persecution of Pakistan’s own Ahmadi, Shia, Christian and other minority communities. He went on to shame those who condemn the persecution of minorities in Pakistan alongside the persecution of the Rohingyas.

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